Police Reports

Brooke County sheriff

Arrested: Reva A. Yost, 30, 110 Hedges Drive, Wellsburg, domestic battery, July 14.

Arrested: Shane M. Gillespie, 37, RR 3, Colliers, domestic assault and possession of a controlled substance, July 15.

Arrested: Seth A. Vargo, 22, 1900 Charles St., Wellsburg, threats by computer and failure to appear, July 16.

Jefferson County sheriff

Be nice: A divorced couple gave conflicting accounts of a custody exchange, Thursday. The husband said after loading his child into his truck his ex blew up when he asked her where they would be meeting for the return and started yelling at him, then tried to grab the child by the arm and yank him out of the vehicle. He said he tried to pull her away because she was hurting the child so she dug her nails into his arm instead, then keyed his truck as he drove away. The woman told deputies she’d reached in to give the child a kiss when her ex-husband grabbed her and told her to get out, at which point she told him not to touch her and pushed him away. She said he hit her with the truck door, leaving a bump on her arm, though deputies noted she had no visible injuries. She blamed a bruise on the child’s arm on his rough play with his dog.

Booked: Riva Marie McIntyre, 30, 115 Ward Dr., Wintersville, domestic violence and possession of drugs, Thursday. McIntyre allegedly attacked a family member who tried to prevent her from using her phone to contact someone she had described as her drug dealer as well as another relative who tried to separate the two of them to prevent serious harm coming to one of them, deputies said. McIntyre allegedly had a small bag of heroin concealed on her when she arrived at the Jefferson County jail, they noted.

Argument: A Tiltonsville woman told deputies she needed her fiance removed from her home so she could go to bed, Friday. She said she’d been at a dinner meeting for her work and was later than she’d expected getting home, and when she got there her fiance accused her of cheating and would not let her sleep. She said he started throwing her clothing around the residence. Her fiance said he’d accused her of talking to another man and claims he’d located text messages on her phone to support his claim and admitted throwing her clothes on the floor but claimed she clawed his abdomen.

Found: An abandoned vehicle registered to an individual in Alledonia, Ohio, was spotted by ATV riders in the woods near the river in Costonia, Friday. Deputies said the windows and sunroof had been damaged, parts were missing from the engine and the ignition had been removed. Various articles of clothing were strewn in bushes nearby.

Steubenville police

Persistent: A woman was pounding on her ex boyfriend’s door and refusing to leave his downtown apartment building, Thursday. The man has a new girlfriend but the woman says she’s pregnant with his child. He told police their relationship ended “a while ago” and advised police he doesn’t know who the baby’s father is. He said she’s threatened to slash his tires and destroy his vehicle and he just wants her gone, and building security advised he’s gone so far as to hide his car so she can’t find it and damage it. Police advised her not to return or she would be charged due to numerous incident reports.

Noisemaker: Callers reported a woman on a front porch of a residence in the 1300 block of Park Street, yelling, Thursday. Officers located the woman, who was sleeping. She told them she lived at the residence and had fallen asleep while she waited for a friend to arrive, adding she has night terrors “and may have been yelling in her sleep.” Officers believed she was under the influence but refused treatment.

Loud: A disturbance was reported in the 800 block of Oakmont, Thursday. Family members said a male started yelling when he found out he couldn’t have the car to drive to work.

Details lacking: A caller reported seeing three men beating a fourth person with a belt, then dragging that person into a residence in the area of Lawson Avenue and State Street, Thursday. The caller was vague on details and left the scene, and police said they were unable to locate the building or any individuals involved.

Code issues: Notices of violation were sent to owners of properties at 1809 Williams Place, 1533 Euclid Ave., 1301 Arlington Ave., 503 Union Ave., high grass, and 347 South Seventh St., garbage.

Found: A chain saw was found on the side of the road in the 600 block of Lovers Lane.

Booked: Ricki Saunders, 35, 47 township Road 311, Amsterdam, failure to appear and possession of drugs, Friday; Christopher Saunders, 44, 153 West Fifth St., Steubenville, disorderly conduct and menacing, Friday.

Ohio State Highway patrol

Charged: Jessica Horulic, 32, 227 Cantelours Blvd., Steubenville, operating a vehicle impaired, Thursday.


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