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Steubenville police

Wrong one: A driver pulling into a parking space at Dollar Tree accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake and bumped the side of the building hard enough to deploy the airbags, Friday. Police said her vehicle suffered disabling damage, but the structure appeared unscathed though the city building inspector was called to check it.

Mom’s day: A Commercial Alley resident told police her mother-in-law took her debit card and withdrew $80 from her account, Friday.

On the loose: Two dogs running loose in the 1400 block of Sunset Boulevard charged a group of workers and were chewing a tire on a vehicle belonging to Checkered Cab Co., Friday. Officers said the bumper was off the vehicle and one of the dogs was also chewing on it, then one of the dogs, a tan-colored pitbull, charged them before taking off across LaBelle Heights. An individual in the 1400 block of Oak Grove Avenue identified the owner, and police issued two citations for dog at large to Carrie A. Workman, 42, 1434 Oak Grove Ave., Steubenville.

Brazen: Walmart employees said a rotund female wearing a teal tank top and tight green pants with a large paw print tattoo on her inner right fore-arm scanned and bagged 78 items at the self-checkout terminal, pressed “pay now” and then walked out of the store without paying. The stolen merchandise was valued at $522, police said.

Striking back: A Wilkins Street resident said a man she told to leave because he’d overstayed his welcome came back and was “knocking aggressively” before he kicked the front door in, Friday. She told police he fled the scene when she punched him in the face. Police said the door sustained “substantial damage.”

Red-handed: A Rosswell Avenue resident showed police footage of a juvenile stealing an unknown item from his garage, Saturday. The officer recognized the youth, and accompanied the homeowner to the child’s residence where the youth initially denied entering the garage until he and his mother watched the surveillance footage. The youth then went inside his home and came out four times, each time with a different tool. The homeowner recognized three of the items as his, but none of the items was the youth was leaving with in the video. The homeowner was unsure if he wanted to pursue charges, though he did tell the officer he’s had “numerous issues with the youth removing bikes, tools and other items” from his property.

Pointed: A caller told the 911 dispatcher his girlfriend was throwing knives at him in the 700 block of Lawson Avenue, Saturday. The woman left prior to police arriving at the residence, but the male told them she got angry and started throwing things, including knives, at him. There was no apparent damage to him or the residence, but he told police she doesn’t live there and he doesn’t want her to return.

Walk this way: Callers reported a woman passed out in a field in the 300 block of South Fourth Street, Saturday, but when they located the woman, her boyfriend had loaded her into his brother’s vehicle and was preparing to take her home. Her boyfriend told police they’d been drinking and were walking home but she kept falling, so he’d called his brother to give them a ride, but when his girlfriend woke up and became argumentative, he told police he wanted her out of the vehicle. Steubenville firefighters took her to Trinity West for evaluation.

Booked: The driver of a vehicle reported as suspicious by residents in the 1400 block of Oregon Avenue was taken into custody after allegedly trying to get away from police, Saturday. Ray All Wellington, 50, 2997 County Road 47, Toronto, was charged with obstructing official business and failure to comply, and served with a bench warrant for failure to appear, police said. Wellington also was cited for stop sign violations and driving under suspension. The responding officer said the car initially stopped, but as he was approaching on foot, a passenger jumped out and took off running and Wellington tried to drive away. The chase took officers on Ohio Street to Maryland Avenue, then McDowell, before ending at the intersection of Ridge and Brady avenues.

Booked: Michael A. Everhart, 32, 1239 Tweed Ave., Steubenville, bench warrant, Saturday; William Robinson, 54, 1516 Maryland Ave., Steubenville, criminal trespass, Saturday; Raymond H. Pleise, 65, 133 Water St., Steubenville, bench warrant for failure to appear, Friday; Sarah L. Cramblett, 34, 350 High St., Hopedale, petit theft, Friday. Cramblett allegedly tried to leave Walmart with $461 in merchandise she hadn’t paid for, police said.

Cited: Donee D. Wallace-Jones, 23, 213 Christopher Ave., Wintersville, driving under suspension; Daniel L. Wilson, 29, 11 Johnson Lane, Toronto, driving under suspension; Christopher M. Swartz, 41, 1205 Jefferson St., Steubenville, driving under suspension and failure to signal.


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