Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Anger issues: A 13-year-old from Wintersville was taken to the Jefferson County Juvenile Detention Center after a series of expletive-laced threats to the safety of a younger girl and her family, Wednesday. The diatribe apparently was triggered by a fight several weeks ago between the younger girl and a friend of the 13-year-old.

Assault: A Bergholz woman covered in blood walked into a store and told the owner her estranged husband had beat her with a pipe, then left when the man said he was calling 911, Wednesday. The woman told deputies she left because she was scared. She said her husband had been throwing things in the yard, and when she went out, he was gone so she got in the car to find him to talk it out. After he was in the car, she said he punched her with his closed fist before jumping out. She returned to the residence and a short time later her estranged husband showed up, this time wielding a pipe that he used to bust her rear window and taillight. She told deputies he took a swing with the pipe at her head, striking her hand when she put her arm up to protect herself. A few minutes after the woman told deputies she’s in fear for her life, she contacted them again to say he’d sent her a text warning, “I’m not done with you or the car. I will get you, (expletive).” Deputies conducted an extensive search for the man, who already has active warrants out of Wintersville County Court 2 for domestic violence against her, but couldn’t locate him.

Upset: A Smithfield area resident’s “highly intoxicated” boyfriend punched out the rear window of a car, Wednesday. When deputies approached him, they said the boyfriend tried but was unable to lock himself inside the house before they got in, but once inside he became combative. While in the police vehicle they observed him beating his head against the metal cage. His family said the man has been struggling with his grief at losing his father to COVID-19 and didn’t wish to pursue charges, but deputies feared the family would be at risk if he remained there in his current state. The man had to be treated for a hand laceration and a hairline fracture to his right radial bone caused by him punching the window, deputies said.

Booked: Richard A. Johnson II, 53, 2338 Chestnut St., Apt. 3, Steubenville, menacing and possession/sale/disposal of hypodermics, Wednesday; Justin M. Reese, 26, 307 Sherwood Ave., Smithfield, domestic violence, Wednesday.

Steubenville police

Complaint: A George Street resident told police her neighbor was shooting pellets even though they were in her own back yard, Wednesday. She told police she heard a noise and saw the dogs running around the yard as if they were bothered. Police approached the neighboring residence, where they encountered a “highly intoxicated” woman sitting on her front porch who told police she didn’t want the neighbors on her property. Police told her the neighbors weren’t on her property, but she insisted she wanted them charged with trespassing.

Sisters: Callers reported three females fighting Wednesday, but police said the women were sisters and two of them were concerned about the third’s well-being. The women told police that while they were talking to their sister, she began to yell and act strange and they felt they needed to restrain her to keep her from hurting herself. Police said in speaking to the woman, it was obvious she was “having a bad reaction to some type of narcotic” though she told them she hadn’t used any in four or five days.

Troubled: A Weirton woman and her daughter trying to get a family member to return home with them said the girl punched both of them outside a Rosswell Avenue location and then fled, Wednesday. The homeowner said she came out of the residence to assist the two women because she no longer wanted the girl in her home, telling police the girl was dating her son and she thinks she’s been using meth. The girl couldn’t be located.

Hooked: A tall, thin male with tattoos and a light-colored buzzcut caused a disturbance at TEAM Ford, Wednesday. The man demanded to speak to the owner, then walked to the front of the store and bent down behind some vehicles and appeared to be damaging them, TEAM personnel said. The man fled toward Kendall Avenue when employees confronted him. Police said tow hook covers appeared to have been removed from two used vehicles, but otherwise they did not appear to have been damaged. A half-hour later, police were told a male had removed tow hook covers from vehicles in a hotel parking lot on University Boulevard, scratching one of them in the process. Surveillance video showed a slender male with tattoos and facial hair wearing black pants and white shoes, with a grey shirt on his head.

Slasher: A Ridge Avenue resident told police someone slashed a small inflatable pool on his property and removed two floats, which he found behind a house near his, Wednesday.

Booked: Robert J. Smith, 45, 1488 state Route 43, Richmond, aggravated menacing and possession of hypodermic needles, Wednesday. Police were told Smith was upset and had threatened employees at a North Sixth Street location, allegedly telling them he would return with a gun, and said he’d threatened someone else with a knife earlier in the day. Officers said when they took Smith into custody at Sixth and Madison streets he had a white sock in his right hand, which turned out to contain numerous bags of costume jewelry.

Code issues: Notices of violation were sent to owners of properties at 431 Union, litter and garbage; 1321 Plum St., bags of garbage on the back porch attracting animals, 232 Cunningham Lane, 2416 Sunset Blvd., 433 Union, 3953 Argonne Ave., 1415 Plum St., all for high grass.

Cited: Hilary J. Batenburg, 39, township Road 152, Rayland, driving under suspension following a one-car accident Wednesday in the 2400 block of Crabbe Boulevard. Batenburg told police she was eastbound when her brakes failed. She said she managed to navigate the vehicle through two turns but eventually struck a shed behind a residence in the 2400 block of Sunset Boulevard.

Cited: Ja-Martay Anthony Nickwann Wise, 24, 1130 Lincoln Ave., Apt. D, Steubenville, driving under suspension.

Wells township police

Booked: Christopher Gulan, 49, 1202 county Road 56, Toronto, possession and driving under suspension, Wednesday.


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