Police reports

Brooke County sheriff

Arrested: Daniel C. Walden, 36, 302 College St., Bethany, driving while license revoked for driving under the influence, March 17.

Arrested: Joshua A. Webster, 37, 65 McKinley Lane, Wellsburg, possession of a controlled substance, March 23.

Arrested: Linsey R. Siudak, 27, 885 Highland St., Follansbee, obstructing an officer, March 23.

Arrested: Sarah J. Clevenger, 37, Apartment 8, 13 Liz Place, Follansbee, domestic battery, March 24.

Arrested: Marc A. McGowan, 31, RD 3, Wellsburg, abandoning a vehicle on a highway and expired registration, March 25. According to police reports, McGowan left his vehicle, with the engine running, in a lane of U.S. Route 22 near its intersection with state Route 2 at the south end of Weirton at about 6:18 a.m. McGowan, who was found near the Burger King on Freedom Way, allegedly told deputies he had been drinking.

Arrested: Joel S. Schreiner, 34, 163 Miron Ave., Weirton, driving while license revoked for driving under the influence, March 31.

Arrested: Daicyn T. Adams, 24, 173 Garfield Way, Follansbee, home confinement violation, Thursday.

Arrested: Derrick A. Gibson, 19, 1 Valley Haven Drive, Wellsburg, reckless driving, speeding, driving under the influence, fictitious operatorás license, underage possession of alcohol and open container, Friday.

Arrested: Chloe N. Linkenheimer, 24, 200 Gladys Ave., Mingo Junction, driving under the influence, Saturday.

Arrested: Mark E. Trickett, 63, 116 Wilmar Ave., Follansbee, driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while license revoked for DUI and resisting arrest, Sunday.

Jefferson County sheriff

Intoxicated: An Island Creek township resident caused a disturbance at his home, Monday. Family members said the man had been “drinking moonshine all evening” and was agitated about something, pushing past his wife and getting into a physical altercation with another family member when he tried to pick up a grandchild, deputies said. When they tried to speak with the man, they alleged he was “too inebriated to speak rationally.”

Targeted: An Island Creek township woman reported nearly $3,700 missing from her bank account, Monday. The woman said someone used an ATM in New York to withdraw the funds.

Scam: An Adena woman told police a scammer convinced her to buy three $200 GooglePlay cards and give him the card numbers, Monday. She said the man claimed to be calling from Amazon customer service and said three people outside the U.S. were using her Discover card and promised to retrieve her card information back if she purchased $600 in Amazon anti-theft cards. She told deputies the caller stayed on the line with her, warning her not to tell anyone what she was doing, and when she couldn’t find the fictitious anti-theft cards told her GooglePlay would do. She said she realized it was a scam when the man asked her to buy more cards.

Harassment: Deputies are looking for an Amsterdam man who allegedly threatened to kill an East Springfield woman and her children, Saturday. The woman told deputies the man has been sending her threatening messages through a fake account on Facebook, but said she knows it’s him because she messaged him by name and he confirmed his identity. He allegedly said she’d better watch her back. the woman told deputies she thinks he might be climbing underneath her residence to listen to them at night.

Irritating: An Island Creek township woman said her neighbor is harassing her, flying his drone close to her skylight and pointing his trail camera at her gate, Sunday.

Booked: Gregory Bates, 46, 409 Prospect, Brilliant, probation violation, Saturday; Matthew J. Modra, 40, 301 Main St., Bridgeport, warrant out of District Court 1 for receiving stolen property, Sunday; Donald A. McPherron, 44, 33 Cedar Ave., Steubenville, failure to appear, Monday; Jerry Lee Taylor, 70, 139 Milton Lane, Steubenville, domestic violence, Monday; Brandon Robert Guyer, 32, 103 McLaughlin St., Adena, burglary, Monday; and William Stanley Horvat Jr., 54, 4729 Jacob St., Wheeling, failure to appear, Monday.

Found: A Springfield township resident found a gun in the middle of state Route 164 near his home, Sunday. The gun, a Ruger 9 mm gun had 13 rounds in the magazine and one live round in the chamber, deputies said.

Custody disagreement: Parents fought over custody of their child, Sunday. The child’s mother called deputies because her ex wouldn’t let her take the child, even though their custody agreement allows her to have the child on her birthday. The man said the document allows him to have the child on Easter this year. Both were advised the court will have to clarify those details.

Intruding: A Smithfield township resident showed deputies pry marks on her basement door, March 30. The resident has been complaining of people shining flashlights in her windows, and said at one point she thinks someone entered because she discovered an interior door ajar when she returned. Deputies said the trim work around the door appeared to have been pried off, but the door itself appeared undamaged.

Steubenville police

Wrong tree: A driver told police he thinks a woman driving a red car the wrong way on Fifth Street wanted him to give her drugs, Monday. The man said he’d flagged the driver down to let her know it was a one-way street and she asked if she could follow him, but when he pulled in his driveway she was still behind him. He said the woman asked him if he had “anything fun” for her to do, then left. Officers were able to locate the vehicle, stopping it after allegedly seeing the vehicle drift across the center line.

Happy feet: A caller reported a suspicious male wearing all camouflage and a black backpack dancing and pointing toward Harding School, Monday. Police checked the area but couldn’t locate the man.

Irate: A woman being evicted from a Ross Street residence caused a disturbance, Monday. The landlord was having items removed from the property when the former tenant approached her and began arguing, telling police the woman picked up a metal pole and threatened to “bust” her. The former tenant admitted arguing with the landlord, but denied threatening her. The landlord told police she noticed damage to the side of the garage and was fearful the woman would return to cause additional problems.

Violated: A Broadway Boulevard resident told police someone claimed unemployment benefits in his name, Monday.

Dog fight: A Rosemont Avenue resident claimed a neighbor is walking his pit bull without a leash, Monday. He said they argued when he asked him to leash the dog, and the other man directed profanity toward him and his wife. The dog walker told police he did have his dog on a leash and insisted the other man told him he was going to call police and would fight him if he came on his property.

Drugged: A man was found face down in the hallway of a local hotel/motel, unresponsive, Monday. Police said six mg of Naloxone was administered before the man resuscitated. He admitted using heroin, they said.

Testosterone overload: A fast food employee said a coworker threatened him, Sunday. He told police the coworker threatened to beat him because he wasn’t sweeping the floor the right way. The coworker told police he was irritated because the other kid was standing around instead of working, and when he told him to get back to work the youth said he quit. The coworker said he told him, “I hope your grandma beats your (backside) for quitting.”

Unnecessary: Police responded to the 900 block of N. Fifth Street after receiving a report of a juvenile lighting the playground area on fire, Sunday.

Two-sided: Neighbors in the 300 block of Wilshire Boulevard each accused the other of using profanity and causing problems, Monday. A male complainant said his neighbor keeps driving past his residence, yelling at his wife and him, and it’s caused an argument. The woman claims her neighbors screamed profanity at her and told her to have her husband come to his house if there was a problem. She denied harassing the other couple and claims their dog had attacked someone, though police noted there were no reports of any animal problems made in that area when she claimed.

Concerning: A caller reported a woman pushing a baby stroller in the 300 block of S. Fourth Street who appeared to be intoxicated, Monday. Police spoke to the woman, who said she hasn’t been felling well and hasn’t slept in days. The woman was unable to stand without losing her balance and wasn’t making sense when they asked her questions, the officer said, noting that he’d responded to a similar call involving the same woman last week. A family member arrived and took her to her house, but both were informed Children’s Services would be notified.

Booked: Michael Walnoha, 51, 661 Arden Ave., Steubenville, violating a protection order, Sunday; Ciera Boyd, 33, 1333 1/2 Euclid Ave., Steubenville, possession of drugs, Monday; Nicole J. King, 39, 1330 N. 4th St., Toronto, operating a vehicle under the influence, Monday. King also was cited for driving left of center.

Code issues: Notices of violation were sent to owners of property at 617 N. Fifth St., clothing and trash; 635-637 N. Sixth Ave., appliances, personal items and junk stored on both properties; 1622 State St., junk, cardboard boxes and personal items;

Cited: Terald J. Herring, 44, no fixed address, intoxication and an open container, a bottle of Kamchatka vodka.


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