Police reports

Steubenville police

Brazen: A man loaded a large, battery-operated child’s vehicle into a cart and walked through the checkout area and out the door at Walmart, Friday. The male, wearing gray sweats and a facemask, made no attempt to purchase the item, police said. Once in the parking lot store personnel said the man loaded the $400 toy into a beat-up green hatchback and left.

Unwanted: A man in the 300 block of Woodlawn Road was told he’ll have to go through the court to evict his long-time, live-in girlfriend, Saturday. Callers reported the couple was yelling at each other, and upon arrival the male told police he wanted her out of his house because he’d caught her cheating on him. He said she’d lived with him for 10 years.

Bad behavior: Residents complained of juveniles causing problems behind Holly Resurrection Serbian Cemetery, Friday. They said kids go into the cemetery as well as onto private property and set off fireworks, shoot pellet guns, yell and act unruly.

Bad move: Callers reported a man wearing a black hoodie and white mask walking around a bank drive-thru and knocking on windows, Saturday. The man said he was waiting for the bank to open but denied knocking on windows.

Suspicious: The staff at a check cashing business reported a tall, skinny male dressed in black had entered the building twice, looked at the cameras and then left, Saturday. An employee said the man parked his car behind the business and went to his car, a white Camry, both times. She said when she went outside for a smoke break, the man was out of his vehicle again but when he saw her, he left the area.

Easy riders: A group of kids was reported riding dirt bikes in the 400 block of Dresden Avenue, Saturday. The juveniles were gone when police arrived.

Pesky: Individuals soliciting in Steubenville without a permit have been advised to stop, Saturday. Two people were spotted Friday, and when they told police they didn’t have a permit to solicit they were advised to cease and desist until one was obtained. Two other solicitors were stopped Saturday, and while police were advising them they can’t solicit without a permit, four other workers pulled up. All said they worked for an energy company.

Gone: A caller reported seeing a male and female arguing, then said the male forced the woman into a silver car and left the area, Friday. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

Hack: A truck at the intersection of South 6th and Slack streets sheared off an AT&T pole, Friday. The truck could not be located.

Booked: Justin S. Hazelip, 34, 416 S. Fifth St., Apt. 3A, Steubenville, served with a warrant for failure to appear, Saturday. Hazelip also was cited for intoxication and possession of marijuana after police found him on the ground in a parking lot at Adams and Third streets. Police said he was “highly intoxicated” and was unable to stand or speak coherently. He was taken to Trinity West for treatment.

Booked: Donald L. Abshire, 35, 5085 County Road 10, Adena, bench warrant (theft and receiving stolen property), Jefferson County District Court 3, Friday; Nelson Best, 35, 15002 State Highway 152, Toronto, and Shannon Sturch, 34, 609 Dresden Ave., Steubenville, possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia, Saturday.

Cited: Terry M. Hall, 47, 2849 Pleasant Ave., Wellsburg, expired/unlawful plate; Isaac D. Cassidy, 18, 410 Dresden Ave., Apt. 6, Steubenville, no licensed driver.


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