Daily Happenings 10-27-20

Today’s birthdays

Lorren Rogers, Steubenville.

Donetta Clemons, Mingo Junction.


Trinity Medical

Center West

Tara and Jeffrey Shriver of Burgettstown, a girl, Oct. 6.

Michelle Snyder and Jordan Noviski of Steubenville, a girl, Oct. 7.

Cierra Barnhart and John Barnhart-Rothart of Toronto, a boy, Oct. 8.

Jennifer and Anthony Longo of Steubenville, a girl, Oct. 13.

Tiffany Stewart and Robert Gooding of Wintersville, a girl, Oct. 13.

Jessica and Bradford Fellmeth of Steubenville, a girl, Oct. 14.

Ruby Brown and Robert Little of Steubenville, a girl, Oct. 15.

Tara Thompson and Sean Fram of Steubenville, a boy, Oct. 18.

Police reports

Steubenville police

Assault: A woman in the 1500 block of Ridge Avenue told police her live-in boyfriend grabbed her by her hair and slammed her to the ground, then jumped on top of her and wouldn’t let her up, Saturday. The woman, who is pregnant, said he also threatened to kill her. Police said her neck and chest were red and she had scratches on her upper arm. Her assailant left the residence with his mother before police arrived, police said.

Surprised: A woman who’d left her vehicle parked in front of her home so a man could work on the brakes was notified later in the day it was involved in a police pursuit in St. Clairsville, Friday. The woman was at work, police said.

Attacked: A woman drove herself to the police station after being assaulted by another woman in the downtown area, Friday. Police said the woman’s mouth and nose were bleeding profusely. The woman was unsure of the address, but by questioning her about landmarks police said the assault appeared to have taken place in the 700 block of Dock Street. She told police her father owns property and she’d gone there to tell the other woman to stay away, but when she made contact with her she ran at her, punching her several times. Her female assailant and a large black male who was with her threatened to hurt the victim and her family, she said. The victim had a large bump on the back of her head, police noted.

Bad move: A vehicle parked in front of a security camera behind Walmart was keyed, Friday. An ex-employee was caught on camera walking along the driver side of the vehicle, which was scratched from the rear driver side door to the front so deeply the paint curled, police said.

Downed: An intoxicated man who fell in front of a residence in the 700 block of Rosswell Avenue required police assistance to get up, Friday.

On the roadway: Police spoke to a juvenile and his mother in the 400 block of Braybarton Boulevard about riding dirt bikes in the roadway, Saturday.

Reckless: A Woodlawn Road resident told police a woman in his apartment complex drives recklessly and speeds, Saturday. He told police when he reminded her small children cross the parking lot to play in a field, she told him, “If I kill a kid it’s the mother’s fault.” He said she also forced a female walking in the parking lot to jump out of her way.

Walk-ins not welcome: A man in the 400 block of South Fifth Street said he had to forcibly remove a woman who walked into his residence and refused to leave, Saturday. The man told police when she wouldn’t leave, he shoved her out his door. He told police he didn’t know who she was, but said their kids have been fighting and arguing for some time.

That’s gratitude: A woman who’d been drinking at a bar in Weirton caught a ride home with a man, but once she got there accused him of taking her keys so he took her to the police station instead, Saturday. The woman was “extremely intoxicated,” police said, and “was not making much sense of the situation.” They checked the man’s car to make sure she hadn’t dropped the keys in it, then gave her a ride to a family member’s home.

Arrested: Ernest Lacko, 43, 2215 Commercial Ave., Mingo Junction, possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia, Friday. Callers had reported a possibly intoxicated male bothering customers at Wendy’s. Upon arrival, police allege Lacko was slurring his speech and stumbled while looking for his wallet. Lacko allegedly had two Xanax bars and a straw in his pants pocket when he was taken into custody, police said.

Arrested: Maurice Antill West, 33, 137 McDowell Ave., Steubenville, failure to appear, Saturday.

Arrested: Albert Fletcher, 65, 361 Central Ave., Steubenville, failure to appear, Saturday.

Arrested: Otis Allen, 46, no fixed address, criminal trespass, Sunday.

Arrested: Brandon McLaughlin, 39, 100 Owings St., Weirton, possession of drugs and possession of a drug instrument, Sunday.

Arrested: Asaun Sanders, 18, 1311 Maryland Ave., Steubenville, failure to appear, Friday.

Arrested: Tierney Gilbert, 27, 401 Dresden Ave., Steubenville, burglary, Friday.

Cited: Lavonte Sanders, 35, 3801 S. Princeton Apt. 300, Chicago, Ill., expired plates; Paul J. Jones, 44, 429 Maxwell Ave., Steubenville, driving under suspension; Edward C, Santee, 34, 108 Lincoln Ave., Steubenvile, red light violation.

Jefferson County sheriff

Fish tale: A man identifying himself as a Londonderry resident said his ex-girlfriend had texted him that she was being held in Jefferson County against her will, Thursday. He gave deputies an address in Indian Creek township, but when deputies arrived on scene the homeowner allowed them to go through his home and there was nothing amiss. They also talked to neighbors, who said they hadn’t seen a strange woman at the property. When they tried to reconnect with the man who’d called in the complaint, deputies said the number he gave them was disconnected.

Ruckus: A man causing a commotion at an Island Creel Township apartment complex told deputies his girlfriend, with whom he shares a child, took his newly purchased van without permission, Oct. 20. Dispatch was able to contact the woman and advised her to return the vehicle. The man’s license is suspended so his mother came for him and the vehicle.

Sound sleeper: Callers reported two children got off a school bus at the same Island Creek Township address but were unable to get in their apartment and a baby could be heard inside, crying, Friday. Deputies said no one came to the door when they arrived on scene so they forced it open, breaking the security chain. The children’s mother was located in bed, sleeping, with an infant in its carrier crying. The woman did not appear to be impaired, deputies said, and told them she was exhausted.

Arrested: Clayton Michael Mayes, 32, 322 Eagle Court, Wheeling, two counts of failure to appear, Friday.

Yorkville police

Arrested: Cora Anderson, 40, 503 Union Ave., Steubenville, driving under suspension and speeding, Saturday.


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