Daily Happenings 10-20-20

Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Missing: A woman working for the National Rendezvous and Living History Foundation says proceeds from a 2019 event were never turned over to the group, Thursday. Based on her records, she said about $850 is in question.

Honking: Deputies were called to Island Creek Township in regards to a family member’s ex-girlfriend creating a disturbance, Friday. According to the report, the caller said the female sat in her vehicle at the bottom of the driveway and honked the horn for 30 minutes. The caller said the female eventually exited the vehicle and began yelling at her and her husband, calling him “obscene names.” She then got back in the vehicle and held the horn down again, before driving by several times. A deputy called the female in question, who said it was in regards to a custody dispute. He advised her to pursue further custody disputes through the court.

Flying soap: The sheriff’s office was called to Dillonvale in regards to a dispute between spouses over a child not wanting to take a shower, Friday. The woman said her husband was “being mean” so she threw a bottle of soap at him. The man did not wish to pursue charges, and deputies stood by while the woman left the residence for work.

Arrested: Christopher Grimm, 53, 90250 county Road 4, Hopedale, felony warrant out of Wintersville county court, Saturday.

Steubenville police

Indoor voices: A caller in the 1500 block of Roosevelt Avenue complained of a loud party, Thursday. When police arrived on scene, they found several Franciscan University of Steubenville students on their porch talking. Advised of the complaint, they moved indoors.

Irritated: A woman who’d reported a family member borrowed her car and never returned it said when she finally got it back, he came and took it again without her permission, Thursday. She told police she’s ready to press charges.

Arrested: Torrie Felton-Elder, 29, 1413 1/2 Wellesley Ave., Toronto, bench warrant for receiving stolen property, Friday.

Stolen: A caller from a local nursing home reported 12 wheelchairs stolen, Friday. According to the report, the wheelchairs were left outside and discovered to be missing the next morning.

Stabbed: Police responded to Franklin Avenue at Eighth Street in regards to a stabbing, Friday. According to the report, while en route, an officer observed a man with blood on his face on N. Seventh Street, then observed a man matching a description given by the first individual walking west on Franklin Avenue. That man went inside a residence on N. Eighth Street when approached and talked to officers through a window. He said there was an altercation over stolen marijuana and a stolen wallet. Neither man wished to pursue charges and both were taken to the hospital for observation. The man who was stabbed was eventually transported to a Pittsburgh-area hospital.

Brawl: Officers responded to a report of a fight involving 20 people on the 2900 block of Linda Way, Saturday. According to the report, officers observed at least 10 people scatter when they arrived and did not locate anyone involved in the alleged fight.


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