Daily Happenings 10-17-20


Oct. 17

Dorothy Marker, 9, Toronto.

Frank Wells, Mingo Junction.

Police reports

Steubenville police

Battered: A woman told police her boyfriend punched her in the face and arms several times before passing out because he didn’t want her leaving the house, Wednesday. Police said she had a large laceration, swelling and blood in the middle of her forehead, and her forearms and right tricep were bruised.

Dangling: A caller in the 700 block of Woodlawn reported seeing a woman hanging from a white van screaming that it was hers, Wednesday. Police said they were unable to locate the van or the woman.

Threatened: A Wildon Avenue resident who’d been arguing with a neighbor told police the other man threatened to stab him, Wednesday.

Jefferson County sheriff

Blocked: A Bloomingdale resident said a woman called her 14 times over a two and a-half hour period, harassing her and saying she’s going to “rip” into her, Sunday. Deputies said the complainant told them when the other woman gets drunk, she looks for a fight. She said she’d blocked the woman’s number, but said she must have gotten a new phone and is able to get around it.

Scammed: A Dillonvale man told deputies someone used his PayPal account to make a $1,200 purchase, Friday. The man said PayPal had refunded the money to the seller, but wants him to cover the loss.

Second thoughts: A Toronto resident said a man who purchased several items he had on his property took a 1974 Volkswagon Bug that wasn’t part of the deal, Wednesday. He said he’d agreed to sell the man two cars, a four-wheeler and a generator, but specifically told him the Volkswagon was not part of the deal. He said the man isn’t taking his calls, and when deputies checked the man’s last known address they didn’t see the missing vehicle. They called the man but he was at work and said he’d stop in at the sheriff’s department that night but didn’t.

Not so subtle: A Wilson Avenue property owner told deputies he’s seen an individual dumping trash on his property, Oct. 8. The property owner said the man left a “lot of trash on his property,” describing it as an ongoing problem. He said he’s spoken to the man’s son and he said he’d take care of it but hasn’t.

Arrested: Willy Grimm, 26, 1204 township Road 267, Amsterdam, voyeurism, Wednesday.

Arrested: Jason Carman, 37, 3982 county Road 754, Bergholz, failure to appear, Wednesday.

Arrested: Dylan Rice, 25, 1304 Park St., possession of drugs, Wednesday.

Arrested: Justin Davis, 33, 81 Prospect Ave., Irondale, failure to appear, Friday.

Arrested: Wayne Virgadamo II, 38, 4278 SE, Amsterdam Road, Carrollton, disorderly conduct, Saturday.

Arrested: Joey Francis, 33, 937 Potter Ave., Steubenville, criminal trespass and public intoxication, Saturday.


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