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Police reports

Steubenville police

Stolen: A resident of the 700 block of North Sixth Street reported $20 in change and sunglasses stolen from their vehicle, Saturday.

Broke into: A resident of the 600 block of North Sixth Street reported four of their vehicles had been broken into with various items, including phone chargers and USB drives, stolen and a radio screen smashed, Saturday.

Fight: A man said he was “sucker punched” while using a self checkout a local grocery store, Saturday. An employee of the store told police he observed the men “rolling on the ground” for a short time. Neither man wished to pursue charges.

Located: An officer searching the 700 block of North Fifth Street in relation to car break ins located several items, including a stolen firearm, Sunday. The report said the officer found cell phone chargers on the ground and then located a 9mm handgun in a tree stump under leaves. According to the report, the firearm had a round in the chamber and the safety off, and was later discovered to have been reported stolen in West Virginia.

Jefferson County sheriff

Harassed: A Brush Creek Township woman reported being harassed by a man she has a restraining order against, Saturday. When she asked the man to leave, she said they began arguing and he reached under her car and “cut” something while leaving.

Fight: The sheriff’s office responded to a call about a fight taking place in Island Creek Township, Saturday. At first, individuals at the scene denied a fight taking place, but eventually gave the deputy the location of one of the individuals involved. The deputy observed that individual to have a “large hematoma” on the left side of his head and the area to be bleeding. The deputy was advised that the other individual was nearby. That individual was located and placed in handcuffs and said he intervened in a dispute between the injured man and another man over a female, the report said. He said he was pushed and swung at by that individual and placed him in a rear-naked choke to subdue him and advised the individual’s head hit the ground. The injured man was taken to hospital, where he became unresponsive. Eventually, he told the deputy he was in an altercation with the other individual, who he said hit him with a brick and caused him to lose consciousness, according to the report. The report noted there was a brick at the scene. David Locke, 42, 129 Reichart Ave., Wintersville, was arrested for aggravated assault.

Struck: The sheriff’s office was called about a man originally believed to have fallen having allegedly been struck with a tire iron in Smithfield Township, Friday. According to the report, the man said he had been drinking at an establishment that he walked to alone for several hours and got a ride home from a friend. The man said he and another individual he knew rode in the bed of a truck when the other individual started making “fake gang signs,” which the man said was offensive because he is “a former member of the Crips.” The man said this started an argument and an altercation, he turned to light a cigarette and was struck by a blunt object, turning to find the other individual holding a tire iron, the report said. Another physical altercation occurred, the driver eventually stopped the truck, and the man said he was thrown from the truck onto the sidewalk and the truck left, according to the report. The driver of the truck said he stopped and let both men out of the bed at their respective residences, and did not see anything occur because he was driving. Later, the man who said he had been struck was located walking in Cross Creek Township in a hospital gown, attempting to walk home. The man declined to give a written statement and advised he no longer wished to pursue charges.

Arrested: William Jackson, 29, 770 Brady Ave., Steubenville, operating a vehicle under the influence, Friday.


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