Daily Happenings 9-25-20

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Rita Wigal, Wintersville.

Mark Gasser, Wintersville.

Police reports

Jefferson county sheriff

Risky business: A combative male who a caller said was armed and who’d had an interaction with police in two other communities earlier in the day had to be pepper sprayed after yelling threats and reaching for his waistband, Saturday. Deputies said the man ignored orders to sit down, continuing to walk away and at one point telling the officers if they came any closer, “we’re going to have a (expletive) problem.” They said the man resisted their efforts to put handcuffs on him, but once they had him under control he was checked for weapons and didn’t have any. Once he was under control officers said they flushed his eyes and face. Ambulance personnel attempted to do the same but he was uncooperative, they said.

Arrested: Jerri A. Strain, 49, 1014 Jefferson St., Bergholz, domestic violence, Saturday.

Suspicious: A Bloomingdale resident said her 9mm Taurus handgun is missing from her safe, Monday.

Bad break: A man who’d broken up with his girlfriend said he parked his father’s car in Mingo Junction but couldn’t remember where, Tuesday. The man, who deputies said appeared under the influence, said he didn’t want his ex driving his dad’s car anymore so he’d grabbed the car keys and drove off in it after the break-up. Deputies located the car in Mingo Junction, but said it had four flat tires and the driver’s side axle was broken.

Trashed: A bag of trash with mail bearing the names of a Steubenville couple was dumped on private property along county Road 78, Amsterdam, Monday.

Temporary inconvenience: A caller complained about the condition of a residence on township Road 242, Toronto, but the owner told deputies she was renovating the property, Sept. 15. The woman said she was waiting for a dumpster to be delivered.

Steubenville police

Keyed up: A man who’d spent the evenings with friends said he had too much to drink so he walked home, leaving his keys at the friends house, Monday. He said when he went back the car had been moved but he found it in an alley but it was heavily damaged.

Friends like these: A woman released from jail after serving 30 days says while she was in custody someone made about $800 in purchases on her Net Spend card without her permission, Monday. The woman said she’d left her wallet in the car with two acquaintances when she was arrested.

Missing: Two new bikes were taken from a residence on El Villa Way, Monday. The homeowner said a white and pink beach bike and a BMX with chromed blue coloring were taken overnight, and said a red and black bike with red spinners had been stolen from the neighborhood recently.

Not talking: Callers reported a disturbance in the 1400 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, and police said about a dozen people were at the scene when they arrived, Monday. A woman who’s arm was bleeding refused to say who she fought with, police said.

Lost: A woman told police she lost a wallet containing her credit cards, gift cards and about $200 cash at Hollywood Plaza, Monday. She told police she’d been in three stores but it hadn’t been turned in to any of them.

Don’t blink: A man who’d put a chainsaw down in the backyard of a residence on Oakmont while mowed the front said it was gone when he went to retrieve it, Monday. He said it was a yellow and black Poulon model.

Arrested: Lorenzo B. Herbert, 30, 733 Kendall Ave., Steubenville, failure to appear, Monday.

Arrested: Ketorah Kranovich, 48, 85152 Baker Ridge Road, Jewett, possession of cocaine, Monday.

Arrested: Brittany Michelle Cash, 36, 1500 Maryland Ave., Apt.8, possession of drugs, Monday.

Arrested: Jeremiah Irving Crenshaw, 26, Pickerington, Ohio, warrant for domestic violence (Columbus), Monday.

Cited: Janeigh Y. Davidson, 41, 153 Wildon Ave., Apt. 1. Steubenville, assured clear distance ahead; Vendela Pirozak, 27, 67580 Airport Road, St. Clairsville, marked lane violation; Vincent M. Oliver, 31, 382 state Route 151, Mingo Junction, speeding; Saqualia Coleman, 32, 1125 Lawrence Drive, Columbus, driving under suspension; Hakeem C. Herbert, 30, 1096 Claire Ave., Steubenville, no operator’s license; Lacy M. Scott, 28, 740 Highland Ave., Steubenville, failure to control. Scott allegedly told police she swerved to avoid an oncoming car and ran over the curb, striking a tree.


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