Daily Happenings 9-11-20

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Dorothy Mazik, Mingo Junction.

Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Her again: A woman who’d been banned from a Wintersville apartment building had too much to drink, Sunday. Her three companions said she was out of control, so they went inside the building to get away from her. They told deputies they heard glass breaking and discovered she’d broken glass out of a door, cutting her arms. The woman had to be taken to Trinity West for treatment.

Threat: A Wintersville resident said a neighbor threatened to beat him up because of the way he cuts grass, Sunday. The man told deputies his neighbor and a man who was with him threatened him, telling him they don’t care if he calls 911 and said “the cops can’t stop him.”

Tough love: A Yorkville resident told deputies he yelled at his kids because they weren’t doing their chores, Saturday. The man said he’d assigned one child to mow the lawn after an incident with another boy’s bike earlier in the week and was upset it hadn’t been done. Callers had reported a domestic disturbance.

Break-in: Someone took a handful of costume jewelry from a residence in Richmond, Friday. Entry was made through a basement door and window. Access to the remainder of the house was blocked by firewood.

Stabbing: An individual spotted two people deputies had been looking for in relation to a domestic violence incident sleeping at the state Route 213-state Route 7 rest area. Earlier in the day deputies were notified by Weirton police that callers had reported a man stabbing his female companion several times in the shoulder, then fleeing with her toward Jefferson County. A witness later reported seeing the man force her into his car at Amsterdam Park at knife point. Officers from several departments searched for them, finally locating them at the rest stop. As deputies separated the two to interview them, the man allegedly instructed the woman to tell them another man had injured her. The woman had bruises on her face and cuts, and eventually admitted her companion began waving a knife at her because he was off his medication. The woman didn’t want to press charges, but deputies said her companion was taken into custody anyway.

Last laugh: A man who watched someone drive an SUV through his cornfield managed to get pictures of the vehicle and license plate, Tuesday. The farmer said he pulled in behind the offending vehicle and asked the driver why he’d done it, but he left, telling the owner he “didn’t need this” stress.

Disagreement: Callers reported residents at an apartment complex on Two Ridge Road couldn’t get along, Monday. Witnesses said an intoxicated woman emerged from an apartment and stuck her finger in the face of another woman, who responded with her finger, before each pushed the others’ hand out of their face.

Not welcome: A Stratton man said his ex-girlfriend’s father showed up on his doorstep to retrieve her belongings, Wednesday. He said when he pushed the door shut to go get the items, the man flipped it open again and threatened him.

Green thumb: A Dillonvale woman whose husband was allegedly growing marijuana told deputies a neighbor’s guest attacked him, Thursday. The husband claimed the visitor had threatened to steal one of his marijuana plants and set his house on fire, and said he almost ran him down driving away, then reversed to try again but hit a mailbox post. The grower eventually admitted to deputies he was standing inside his fenced in yard, so he wasn’t at risk of being hit. His next-door neighbor told deputies her friend spotted a six-foot tall marijuana plant growing on his property and made a joke, enraging the man who grabbed a crowbar and threatened to hit her friend’s car with it as he drove past. The marijuana plants were seized and the prosecutor has been asked to determine if charges should be filed against the man for cultivating marijuana.

Arrested: Jerrod Crothers, 31, 104 Mountainview Dr., Rayland, possession of drugs, Sunday.

Arrested: Casey Lanham, 18, 265 township Road 367, Amsterdam, failure to appear, Tuesday.

Arrested: James Stewart, 36, no fixed address, domestic violence, Wednesday.

Arrested: Eric Scott, 35, 414 E. Church St., Wintersville, domestic violence, Wednesday.

Steubenville police

Nap time: A man sleeping in a car in the 1200 block of Maryland Avenue prompted a passerby to request a welfare check, Tuesday. The man said he’d moved back to Steubenville after living in the southwest and was working on his residence when he decided to take a break, police said.

Threats: A woman in the 400 block of Dresden said a neighbor’s son threatened to let his dog attack her grandchildren, Tuesday. The woman told police the dog and another owned by the same person seem aggressive and possibly undernourished. The owner of the dogs said the woman’s grandchildren stand in front of her property and taunt the dogs, even though she’s warned them not to.

Ransacked: Someone ransacked a residence in the 800 block of Brady Avenue, Tuesday. The intruder squirted what appeared to be salad dressing on the walls, slashed the sofa with a knife and cut electrical cables, police said. Entry was gained through a window.

Defaced: Racial slurs were spray painted on at least four vehicles parked in the 500 block of Union Avenue, Tuesday and Wednesday. Two vehicles were defaced Tuesday and two more overnight Wednesday, police said. Paint was also found on two other vehicles in the 500 block Wednesday, but the report did not indicate the nature of the damage.

Trapped: A woman in the 600 block of Buena Vista said she reached in a car window to unlock the door so she could retrieve her children’s car seats when her husband closed the window, trapping her arm inside, Tuesday. She said they’d been arguing, and after he released her arm he left the scene. While she was talking to police his parents arrived on scene and began arguing with her, telling her it was her fault. Police said the woman’s arm had markings from the window being closed on it.

Mingo Junction

Charged: Steven L. Hill, 29, 202 First St., domestic violence, Aug. 28.

Charged: Jaylyn Calhoun, 22, 3108 Whitehaven Blvd., Steubenville, domestic violence, Sept. 1.

Charged: Cody Bellum, 24, 324 Fernwood Road, Wintersville, aggravated menacing and improper handling of firearms from a vehicle, Sept. 3.

Charged: Eugene Brown, 29, 105 Steuben St., failure to comply, Sept. 3.

Charged: Ralph M. Manna, 54, 112 Aetna St., making false alarms, Sept. 3.

Charged: Austin R. Morris, 36, 2708 Cleveland Ave., Steubenville, driving while suspended and speeding, Sept. 3.

Cited for speeding: Bobbi J. Galownia, 41, 213 Shamrock Ave.; and Earl Price, 43, Marrero, La.


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