Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Felonious: An Amsterdam man told deputies an individual known to him fired several shots at a car he was riding in on Wolf Run near Bergholz, Wednesday. Deputies said the man and his mother were passengers in a vehicle operated by a friend who pulled into the passing lane to get around an SUV with its flashers on when the individual on the tractor looked back at them, then pulled a gun out and “shot at them two or three times.” The man said they ducked, but he and the driver watched their assailant in the mirror “holding and pointing the gun at us as he fired the last shot.”

Texting: A Hammondsville resident said his late wife’s mother is harassing him and his children, Wednesday. He said the woman has been telling his children he doesn’t love them and is putting them in harm’s way, and that she’d texted one child that, “I thought you were smarter than what you really are.”

Thief: A resident of Township Road 382, Steubenville, discovered her back door had been pried open while she was away from home, Wednesday. The homeowner reported the intruder pilfered a laundry basket and 75-100 pounds of beef, pork chops, bacon and sausage from her freezer. She told deputies it’s the second time it’s happened

Stolen: A BMX bicycle was stolen from a residence on Barbara Avenue, Island Creek Township, Steubenville, Wednesday.

Steubenville police

Followed: A man and woman walking near the intersection of Fifth and Franklin streets reported two people in a silver Ford Mustang followed them, making several passes on the block before the passenger got out of the car and began “yelling and acting belligerent” as he approached them, Thursday.

Batty: An Oakmont Avenue resident told police she needed help removing a possible bat from her residence, Thursday. Upon arrival, they said she directed them to her living room where a small round creature was on the floor. Officers said the item turned out to be a decorative rock, which they tossed in the trash.

Stiffed: A Scioto Drive resident said she ordered an $81 door decoration but never received it, Wednesday. The original charge was removed from her account, but it was reinstated after the seller reported delivering the disputed item. Homeowner said surveillance footage showed the seller never delivered the merchandise, but the seller’s husband told them he would be “coming over to their house to settle this dispute in a different way.”

Disturbing: A woman who appeared to be under the influence of drugs caused a disturbance in the 1400 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, Thursday.

Alerted: Police responded when callers alerted them to a child left in a hot vehicle parked at Franciscan Square, Wednesday.

Nicked: A McDowell Avenue resident spotted two suspicious dings in the siding next to two upstairs windows, Wednesday. Police recovered two spent bullets.

Noticed: Notices of violation were sent to owners of properties at 1407 Euclid, grass; 1305 Jefferson, grass; 2646 Alavredo Boulevard, grass; 732 Buena Vista, grass; 723 N. Sixth, trash; and 1324 Arlington, grass.

Toronto police

Arrested: David Price, 40, 1311 Josephine St., Toronto, menacing and weapon under disability, Wednesday.


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