Police reports

Steubenville police

Arrested: John Antill Jr., 53, 93 Biltmore Ave., Toronto, bench warrant for driving under suspension, Saturday. Antill was also cited for DUS.

Theft: A bluetooth speaker and $17 in cash was stolen from a locker at the City Rescue Mission, Saturday.

Entered: A bedroom in a residence in the 2500 block of Lafayette Avenue was ransacked while the homeowner was away, Saturday. Homeowner said nothing appeared missing.

Troubled: Police intervened in three separate incidents involving a couple residing in the 2200 block of Sunset Boulevard, Saturday. In the first disturbance, the wife, who was attempting to retrieve personal items from the residence, told police her husband forced her to remain in the house for three days against her will and physically assaulted her. The woman had no visible markings, police said, but her husband had old scratchmarks that had healed over. Officers were forced to return to the residence 10 minutes later when the woman returned, claiming her husband had stolen her glasses. She told police the last place she remembered seeing them was on her head and left to check into a hotel for the night. Four hours later the husband allegedly accosted his wife in a local hotel. The husband fled before police arrived.

Disturbance: Police responded to a disturbance on the 600 block of Lincoln Avenue, Tuesday. According to the report, a man at the residence said he was in a verbal argument with a female, who then put a pillow over his face, prompting him to push her away, then she scratched his face. The female told police she did put the pillow over his face, and that he punched her multiple times before she scratched him, according to the report. Neither individual wished to pursue charges.

Jefferson County sheriff

Damaged: A Bloomingdale couple reported porch decorations thrown in their yard and damaged, Monday.

Threat: A Richmond man reported an unknown male pointing a gun at him on April 12. The man said his dog barked at the individual, who pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the dog, according to the report. The man said he then told the individual that the dog would not bite him, and the gun was then pointed at him, according to the report.


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