Weirton Medical Center

Courtney and Joe Petrovich, of Weirton, boy, Sept. 3

Kayla Terry and Corey Darrah, of Mingo Junction, girl, Sept. 6

Brandy Reed and Andrew Mosser, of Toronto, girl, Sept. 6

Kayla and Ricky Solomon, of Follansbee, girl, Sept. 7

Ann Campbell and Brennan Stover, of Wintersville, girl, Sept. 11

Shawn and Sabrina Simmons, of Steubenville, boy, Sept. 12

Devyn Fries and James Crouse, of Wellsburg, girl, Sept. 12

Page Page and Ryan Wolfe, of Oakdale, Pa., boy, Sept. 13

Hazel Baker and Austin Urso, of Amsterdam, boy, Sept. 13

Kylea Brewer and John Wherry, of Toronto, boy, Sept. 13

Amber and Hans Fisher, of Beech Bottom, girl, Sept. 15

Mr. and Mrs. Pizzoferato, of Mingo Junction, boy, Sept. 17

Cassandra DeShantz and Bobby Mader, of Langeloth, girl, Sept. 17

Destiny Howder and Daniel Saunders Jr., of Toronto, girl, Sept. 18

Emily Sepik and Kody Fram, of Steubenville, girl, Sept. 18

Ashley Moore and Joshuah Moore, of Follansbee, boy, Sept. 19

Miranda and Dalton LaCava, of Hopedale, boy, Sept. 20

Kristina Wood and Adam Huber, of Weirton, girl, Sept. 20

Alison Woods and Michael Schneider, of Wellsburg, girl, Sept. 20

Sydney Cain and Travis Landis, of Weirton, girl, Sept. 21

Amanda Blackburn and Josh Quick, of Weirton, boy, Sept. 23

Whitney Tomeucci and Lance Lunbery, of Toronto, boy, Sept. 23

Harold and Brittany Copper, of Steubenville, boy, Sept. 26

Brandon and Robyn Vandine, of Mingo Junction, boy, Sept. 26

Natasha Higgs and Austin Noviski, of Mingo Junction, boy, Sept. 27

Amanda Aftanas and Brandon Yost, of Weirton, boy, Sept. 27

Kimberly Howe-George, of East Liverpool, boy, Sept. 28

Isaiah and Destiny Hanlin, of Toronto, girl, Sept. 28

Noelle and Jared Koos, of Bloomingdale, girl, Sept. 28

Nancy and Jon Rodman, of Weirton, boy, Sept. 28

Melanie Keiski and Melvin Robinson, of Steubenville, boy, Sept. 29

Tashema Harris, of Steubenville, girl, Sept. 30


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