The following cases were cleared, court costs added, in Steubenville Municipal court with Judge John Mascio presiding:

Michaelis M. Forster Jr., 26, 3126 state Route 213, Steubenville, sexual imposition, amended to assault, 15 days in jail; Ronald J. Grimes, 39, Bulger, Pa., probation violation, attempted drug abuse, falsification, 15 days in jail; Natasha D. Lester, 34, 1307 Jefferson St., receiving stolen property, attempted drug abuse, 180 days in jail suspended, 50 hours community service, driving with license suspended for OVI, 10 days house arrest, $250, faulty exhaust, $50;

Nicole L. Barnett, 35, 834 Rosswell Ave., expired license, $50, stop sign, $50; Linda M. Milano, 61, 3929 Stratford Blvd., unsafe vehicle, $50; Eddie J. Murphy, 26, Lake City, Fla., falsification, 60 days in jail;

George G. Kokos Jr., 41, 109 Holly Ave., Mingo Junction, speeding, $35; Kelly J. McConnell, 35, 530 Union Ave., failure to reinstate license, $150, speeding, $90, no seat belt, $30; Herman E. Pinnell, 43, 314 Montwell Drive, Mingo Junction, falsification, three days in jail;

Denna L. Clark, 47, 1727 township Road 163, Rayland, attempted drug abuse, one day in jail, $200l William E. Clark, 46, 1727 township Road 163, Rayland, attempted drug abuse, one day in jail, $200; Maleah D. Fletcher, 28, 3115 West St., Weirton, expired license, $100; Brock J. Fuller Jr., 29, 161 Nessely St., Empire, domestic violence, amended to disorderly conduct, 11 days in jail; Brock J. Fuller Sr., 49, 449 Westwood Drive, domestic violence, amended to disorderly conduct, three days in jail, $200;

Matthew H. Goff, 32, 328 Terrace Ave., aggravated menacing, to complete diversion program, two days in jail; Spotswood H. Green, 26, 125 Reichart Ave., Wintersville, failure to control, $50; Brian E. Heeter Sr., 49, 1323 Maryland Ave., probation violation, domestic violence, amended to disorderly conduct, 30 days in jail; Emalene D. Manley, 32, 1227 Wellesley Ave., suspended license, $200;

Nykee M. Mayo, 22, 19 Gullet Lane, Weirton, suspended license, $250, no plate light, $25, no seat belt, $30; Denise R. Rawson, 41, 205 Grace St., Mingo Junction, petit theft, dismissed upon completion of diversion program; Gary L. Rawson, 52, 205 Grace St., Mingo Junction, drug possession, petit theft, case dismissed upon completion of diversion program; She’Zjan Wallace, 30, 213 Christopher Ave., Wintersville, criminal trespass, dismissed; Robert L. Allison, 39, Georgetown, Pa., drug abuse instrument, three days in jail, $100; Ronnie L. Delatorre, 33, 530 Linden Ave., petit theft, 60 days in jail; Justin S. Hazelip, 32, Apartment 3A, 416 S. Fifth St., petit theft, 15 days in jail; and William E. Vandyke, 25, 102 Steuben St., Brilliant, suspended license, one day in jail, $300.

Joseph E. Kersey Jr., 38, Toronto, attempted drug abuse, seven days in jail; Melissa J. Kersey, 37, 467 S. Fifth St., theft of a motor vehicle, amended to authorized use of motor vehicle, two days in jail, 50 hours community service; Joseph L. Miller, 43, no fixed address, probation violation, criminal mischief, 30 days in jail;

Michelle L. Weaver, 37, 17662 state Route 152, Toronto, attempted drug abuse, drug paraphernalia, eight days in jail, suspended license, $200, no turn signal, $50; Gary M. Yarosz, 33, 240 James Way, Toronto, two counts suspended license, obstruction of justice, eight days in jail, 30 hours community service; Christian T. Frazier, 18, Steubenville, probation violation, three days in jail, 17 hours community service, marijuana possession, $100;

Walter L. Kitchen, 54, 1303B Oak Grove Ave., hit-skip, 10 days in jail, $1,000, failure to reinstate license $200, failure to control, costs; Charmaine L. Lester, 39, 328 S. Fifth St., receiving stolen property, 10 days in jail, 50 hours community service;

Isaac F. Ocelus, 27, 305 Lorraine Drive, Weirton, petit theft, to complete diversion program, six hours community service; Kenneth L. Payne, 42, 600 Garrett Ave., failure to reinstate license, $250, defective mechanism, $50, no license, $150; Justin W. Chesla, 38, Jewett, probation violation, 15 days in jail; Lawrence R. Hicks, 30, 463 S. Fourth St., criminal trespass, one day in jail, 10 hours community service; and Brian D. Jones, 27, 1416 Ridge Ave., two counts suspended license, five days in jail.