The following cases were cleared, court costs added, in Steubenville Municipal court with Judge John Mascio presiding:

Gina R. Owings, 42, 241 N. 15th St., Weirton, drug abuse instrument, drug paraphernalia, two days in jail, $250, expired license, $100, failure to yield, $100.

Creshawn C. Tyler, 24, 450 S. Sixth St., obstructing official business, 30 days in jail suspended; Saber C. Higgs, 20, Lot 26, 401 Labelle St., Brilliant, no license, one day in jail; Michael G. Huggins Jr., 39, 808 Daniels St., Toronto, petit theft, one day in jail, $150; Corey Eller, 43, Dallas, W.Va., red light, $25; Kiera L. Wires, 36, Apartment 12, 2401 Charles St., Wellsburg, petit theft, drug possession, suspended license, five days in jail, two counts expired plates, $150;

Jessica R. Fowler, 37, 330 Fairway St., Weirton, failure to display plates, $25; Tyler R. Hunter, 21, 79 Park St., Wellsburg, carrying concealed weapon, one day in jail, $500; Albert P. McLeod III, 47, 810 N. Sixth St., suspended license, no turn signal, dismissed due to lack of appearance of officer; and Kellie Miller, 39, 473 county Road 46, Toronto, failure to display plates, dismissed due to evidentiary reasons.

Harold H. Smith Jr., 57, 128 Grandview Ave., Mingo Junction, no seat belt, $30.

Jeanette L. Wade, 58, Apartment 17, 200 Fernwood Road, Wintersville, petit theft, 10 days in jail suspended, $200; Ronnie L. Whetsell, 67, 1405 Hukill St., Brilliant, speeding, $90; Ronald Baker, 21, 1502 Foster Place, furnishing false information, one day in jail;

Karla A. Lowe, 46, 152 Nessley Ave., Empire, no license, $100, failure to display plates, $50; Mary Alice M. Treadway, 28, Apartment 3, 3044 Elm St., Weirton, criminal trespass, 30 days in jail suspended, six hours community service; Christina M. Weigner, 47, Clarksburg, W.Va., marijuana drug paraphernalia, $50; Israel A. Cassella, 41, 507 N. 12th St., Weirton, drug paraphernalia, one day in jail, $250; Jamie R. Currie, 35, 205 New Alexandria Road, Brilliant, suspended license, $300; John Kopras, 55, 631 Lincoln Ave., disorderly conduct, one day in jail, $100;

Jade A. Glatzer, 18, 1208 Howard St., Toronto, marijuana possession, dismissed upon completion of diversion program; Calista Henderson, 20, 1247 Sinclair Ave., petit theft, possession of drugs, drug paraphernalia, six days in jail, 50 hours community service.

Charles A. Flinn, 23, Lot 40, 1588 state Route 43, Richmond, no license, $100, no seat belt, $30; Robert D. Miller Jr., 41, Lot 5, 110 Fernwood Ave., Follansbee, improper turn, $25; Dakota T. Swearingen, 19, 366 township Road 227, Richmond, speeding, $35; Rick A. Fisher, 28, 2006 Allison Road, Chester, violation of no contact order, five days in jail; Glenn A. Howard, 56, 180 N. Fourth St., petit theft, three days in jail, 10 hours community service; Bobby L. Lancaster, 57, 181 Shirley Circle, petit theft, two days in jail; Frank Wilson, 49, 301 High St., Brilliant, suspended license, $200;

Fred D. Burton Jr., 34, 205 Walker Road, Follansbee, probation violation, attempted drug abuse, 10 days in jail; Alexis J. Hobbs, 18, Maumee, intoxication, underage consumption, to complete diversion program, six hours community service; James P. Jones, 35, 549 Sealock Ave., speeding, $35; Kayleigh M. Lancaster, 22, 36 Delta Lane, Colliers, attempted drug abuse, marijuana possession, to complete diversion program, $250; Alison N. McEwen, 20, 98 township Road 500, Brilliant, petit theft, to complete diversion program, 18 hours community service; Shirley R. Russell, 41, 507 Lincoln Blvd., petit theft, 50 hours community service, drug possession, dismissed; David P. Straka, 31, 713 Trenton St., Toronto, drug possession, one day in jail, $250, drug paraphernalia, $50, suspended license, $200;

Joshua A. Barnhart, 20, Apartment 5, 132 Highland Hills, Follansbee, intoxication, $100; Johnny L. Lewis, 40, 600 Garrett Ave., suspended license, 10 days in jail, speeding, $50; Michael J. Pethtel, 30, 1667 county Road 56, Toronto, second offense driving with license suspended for OVI, false information, 30 days in jail; Cheyanne S. Smith, 26, 129 Susan Drive, Wintersville, suspended license, dismissed; Tayonna J. Wade, 22, 202 Sarah Blvd., Toronto, expired license, $100; Quarnailla K. Gee, 22, 1501 Oregon Ave., resisting arrest, obstructing official business, one day in jail, 18 hours community service; and Kaija A. Tiihonen, 22, 475 S. Fifth St., underage consumption , falsification and petit theft, five days in jail.

Dennis M. Burkett, 49. 340 Orchard Place, Wintersville, attempted drug abuse, two days in jail, $150; Raven L. Harris, 30, 1316 Oregon Ave., suspended license, 18 hours community service; Jordan C. Hilliard, 20, 179 Long Road, Rayland, marijuana possession, dismissed upon completion of diversion program, failure to display plates, $50; Tracy J. McGowan, 38, 279 Cunningham Lane, criminal trespass, three days in jail suspended, six hours community service, suspended license, $200; Darryl R. Pesta Jr., 28, 403 Union Ave., failure to control, $25; Grant E. Scott, 55, 1727 state Route 152, Toronto, defective mechanism, dismissed; Woodrow Thomas Jr., 53, 740 Kendall Ave., dog at large, $100; Delshawn P. Woods, 26, 318 Virginia Ave., marijuana possession, $100; Anthony C. Blancato, 46, Steubenville, disorderly conduct, five days in jail; Anna M. Clark, 31, 646 Prospect Ave., disorderly conduct, five days in jail;

Torrance Lyda, 26, 362 Terrace Ave., marijuana possession, $50, suspended license, $100, excessive window tint, $25; William R. Montgomery, 28, 1344 Oak Grove Ave., expired license, $150, unsafe vehicle, $100; and Anthony J. Stasiulewicz, 32, 133 El Villa Way, violation of protection order, five days in jail.