Weirton Medical Center

Benjamin Boyles Jr. and Brandy Boyles, of New Cumberland, boy, Dec. 3

Chad and Kayla Becca, of Mingo Junction, girl, Dec. 4

Mackinzie Waggoner and William Dewess, of Toronto, twins boy and girl, Dec. 6

Chelsie Davidson, of Weirton, girl, Dec. 7

Mr. and Mrs. Jake Joyce, of Georgetown, boy, Dec. 13

Kacy Allen and Spenser Sninchak, of Toronto, boy, Dec. 14

Stacy Rowan and Justin LeRoy, of Bergholz, girl, Dec. 14

David and Allison Quillen, of Hopedale, twin boys, Dec. 18

Haley McFarland and Dennis Burkett, of Steubenville, boy, Dec. 18

Taylor Hoyle and Joey Cohick, of Mingo Junction, girl, Dec. 18

Imunique Terry, of Mingo Junction, twin girls, Dec. 18

Cody and Courtney Colvin, of Weirton, boy, Dec. 19

Kimberly Jennings and David Barthnek, of Weirton, boy, Dec. 20

Danielle Moran and Nathan Himmelrick, of Weirton, girl, Dec. 21

Kristen Cornell and Bryan Vallise, of Burgettstown, girl, Dec. 22

Kayla Bailey and Ryan Hemsley, of Colliers, girl, Dec. 23

Elizabeth Crowe and D.J. Thomas, of Weirton, girl, Dec. 26

Tiffany Jackson, of Weirton, boy, Dec. 26

Theadosia Salerno and Ronald Banks, of Oakdale, boy, Dec. 28


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