Real estate transfers

The following real estate transfers were recorded in Jefferson County:

Dana and Amy Nichols to John Crawford Jr, and Melissa Crawford, lot 7, Deandale Land Co. First.

Bernard Dobranetski (deceased) to Kimberly Grimm and James Dobranetski, metes, Warren Township.

Paul Ferry (deceased) to Eleanor Ferry, 1.5 acres, Brush Creek Township.

Eleanor Ferry to Ruth Frampton and others, 1.5 acres, Brush Creek Township.

Bruner Land Co. Inc. to Anthony and Hannah Ventilburg, 1.1352 aces, Knox Township (survivorship). William Simmons (deceased) to Pamela Simmons, .0339 acre, Wayne Township.

James Provenzano (deceased) to Angela Provenzano, lot 49 and part lot 50, Moon Valley Estates.

F. Howard Pierce (deceased) to Dorothy Pierce, metes, Steubenville Township.

Joseph Foglio (deceased) to Norma Foglio, metes, Island Creek Township, part outlot 2, Jefferson Saltsman’s Sixth.

David and Marilyn LaRue to Cassidy Neely, lot 45, Deborah Manor.

Daneen and William Engleman and others to Jamie and Autumn Kropka, lot 8, E.H. Ekey’s (survivorship).

Andrena Snyder to Eddie Henderson Properties LLC, lots 13 and 14, William Myers Second.

Amanda Lopushansky to Corey Piergallini, lots 21 and 22, John W. Risher’s.

Terrence and Dianna Smith to Fair Land LLC, part lot 43, LaBelle View Land Co.

Matthew and Colleen Shepherd to Petrelle Enterprises LLC, part lot 49, Simmons and Fosters.

Andrew Mick to Nikoli Sutton, lot 4, Banfield Improv Co.

Erica Wallace to Wayne Wallace, lot 19, Banfield Improv Co.

Alana Wood to Ted Wood, metes, Salem Township.

Ted Wood to Alana Wood, metes, Salem Township.

Willie Harris (deceased) to Doris Harris, lot 1, Sunset Hills, part lot 55, Labelleview Lands Co, part lot 23, Justin G Morris First.

Mary Young to Geroge Luther Young Sr. Estate, part lot 3, Board of Education Addition.

Ronald Conaway (deceased) to Erie Conaway and Jonathan Conaway, metes, Wayne Township.

Terry Hosfelt (deceased) to Donna Hosfelt, lots 127 and 128, Steubenville Original.

Ida Haynes to Alec Haynes, metes, Island Creek Township.

Lester and Edna Troyer to Michael Huey, lots 123 and 126, Lower Allot Glen Robbins.

Larry Greene (deceased) to Brad Greene, 45.222478 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Katherine and Carl Mossor to Valerie Ewing, .27 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Nunzio Orsini (deceased) and Vincenza Orsini (deceased) to Antoinette Orsini, lot 15, Banfield Improv Co. Reno Saccoccia and others to Donna Burchfield, lot 114, Hollywood.

Ohio Motor Group Properties LLC to Fire Marshall State of Ohio, lots 5 and 6, part lots 1-4, 7, Stokey’s First, part lots 27-20, Stokey’s Second, part lots 2, 4 and 6, lots 3 and 5, Ross’ Second.

Lance Wargo to Rebecca and Blair Palamara, .178 acre, Island Creek Township.

Lester Zapor to David Vigovic and Francis Brown, lot 79, John Spahn’s Third (survivorship).

Ralph and Carrie Barker to Jeffrey Kurpil and Megan Kurpil, .683 acre, Wayne Township (survivorship).

Jerry Bartug (deceased) to Rhonda Myers, part lots 4 and 5, William B. McLaughlin’s.


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