Real estate transfers

The following real estate transfers were recorded in Jefferson County:

Gretchen and Brian Yanssens to Matthew Lee, lot 80, Spahn’s.

Mark Runyon and others to Ashley Owings and Jeremy Owings, 66.114 acres, Island Creek Township.

Paul Conner to Edward Conner and others, 6.0548 acres, Island Creek Township.

Diana Taggart to Albert Caraway Jr. and Cynthia Caraway, part lot 34, Mount Pleasant.

Rodney Taggart to Albert Caraway Jr. and Cynthia Caraway, part lot 34, Mount Pleasant.

AdamsFirst LLC to Trevor and Ystwyth Hanlin, lot 35, Buena Vista Heights (survivorship).

Edna Smith (deceased) to Digery Priest Trust, lots 86 and 88, Mount Pleasant Original.

Digery Priest Trust to Elizabeth Mack, lots 86 and 88, Mount Pleasant Original.

Matthew Parise to Baby-Boyz BBQ LLC, lot 11, DJ Clarks.

Melissa and Lonnie Robinson to Jerame and Elayna Armstead, lots 41 and 42, Knoxville (survivorship).

Barry Skinner to Irving Bodine Jr., lot 15, Robertson’s Second.

Clay-Brye Forrester and Emily Nelson to Justin and Debra Sofio, 5.2 acres, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Honey Jar Properties LLC to HCS of Merchants Isle LLC, part lot 221, Steubenville Original.

HCS of Merchants LLC to Ambrose Brewing LLC, part lot 221, Steubenville Original.

Mark Stacy and Joan Stacy to Louis Heisler, lot 92, Hollywood.

Sandra Wells to Lacy Conley, lot 40, Green’s Second.

Linda Martin (deceased) to Dale Martin, lots 7 and 8, Lee Heights.

Mary Hawkins (deceased) to Robin Hawkins and Jill McGrath, .774 acres, Island Creek Township.

Floyd Martin (deceased) to Susan Monigold, .6394 acre, Salem Township.

Andrew and Nancy Yoder to Raymond and Kathryn Miller, 9.966 acres, Ross Township.

Kevin Taliani to Samuel and Kera Taliani, lot 32, EvanMaria Estates (survivorship).

Rodger Clutter (deceased) to Mark Clutter, lot 5, Banfield.

William Simmons (deceased) to Pamela Simmons, metes, Wayne Township.

James Crabtree and Timothy Carradine and Gwuinifer Carradine, part lot 20, Steubenville Original.

Elbert and Kathy Shultz to Kelly Burnette, .63 acre, Island Creek Township.

RTM Property Solutions LLC to Latia Wright, lots 21 and 22, Hineman and Cummin’s, .018 acre, Steubenville Township.

Bernice and Delmar Eugeni to Hometown Property Management LLC, metes, Steubenville Township.

Floyd Martin (deceased) to Randall Martin, .577 acre, Knox Township.

George Taibi (deceased) to Gina Judy, lot 48, Hillcrest.

Joann Valuska (deceased) to Edward Valuska, lot 44, Green Acres.

William and Erin Flesher to Thomas Jones Jr., .4915 acre, Smithfield Township, part lot 38, Kitheart and Cole.

Valhalla Management Inc to Fifth Street LLC, lot 27, Ross Second.

Paul Shepherd and Catherine Shepherd to Joseph and Laura Werner, part lot 359, LaBelleview (survivorship).

Katherine Kauffman to William and Titilayo Norris, part lot 24, Popular Springs (survivorship).

Adele Properties LLC to John and Morgan Dulisse, lot 5, Murphy’s Replat of Green Acres (survivorship).

Dale and Maria Campbell to Carol Wood Revocable Trust, lot 280 and part lot 279, Medilla.

Eric Lawson to Kennth Bandi, .212 acre, Warren Township.

Fred Stingle and others to Frank Savarese III, lot 94, AC Jones.

Mary Kovalski (deceased) to Janette Kovalski, 2.57 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Lori Flowers and Robert Jefferson to JD Asset Mgt LLC, lot 24, Eastview.

Glory and Samuel Woods to Davon and Patricia Guy, lot 279, Carrell and Kell’s.

Sharon Worwa to Michelle and Christopher Atwood, 2.663 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Betty Woods (deceased) to Robert Woods and Edward Woods, part lot 63, Green Acres.

Robert Woods and others to Justin Viers and Mary Harris, part lot 63, Green Acres (survivorship).

Thomas Fante to Karen Fante, lot 115, Country Club Hills.

Ronald Omaits (deceased) to Robert Verhovec, 22.1 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Llaucuf Trust to Bobbi Penque, 1.788 acres, Island Creek Township.

PTO Ventures LLC to Mainland Properties LLC, lot 1, Pleasant Heights.

Misty Pagett to Jace and Monica VanSteenburg, lot 39, Hillcrest (survivorship).

Cody and Edna Rose to Carl and Rhea Hooper, .499 acre, Brush Creek Township (survivorship).

Patricia Clark to Eddie Henderson Properties LLC, lots 5 and 6, Edward McIlvains First.

Mark Booth to Carmen and Jaime DeStefano, lot 56 and part lot 57, Beechwood (survivorship).

Jefferson County Sheriff and Dennis Davis to Enzo Trust, lot 51, St. John Heights.

Janet Cope to Timothy Ohalek Jr., metes, Island Creek Township.

Shawn Porreca and others to Rockit Properties IV LLC, lot 353, Wells Addition.

William Delaney (deceased) and Billie Delaney (deceased) to Linda Delaney, lot 146, Becker Highlands.


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