Real estate transfers

The following real estate transfers were recorded in Jefferson County:

Kathie Fields (deceased) to Janice Robinson, lot 177, Buena Vista

Jefferson County Auditor and Angela Surgenor to Terrance Richardson, part lots 192 and 193, LaBelleview

Jefferson County Auditor and William Yanda etal to Terrance Richardson, lot 99, Ross Park

Jefferson County Auditor and others to Terrance Richardson, part lot 4, Manley and Garrett’s

Jefferson County Auditor and Valley Ventures Inc. to Terrance Richardson, part lots 215 and 216, Steubenville

Jefferson County Sheriff and Helen Lippert to Stephen Burkey and Kay Burkey, part lot 9, Banfield

Jefferson County Sheriff and Helen Lippert to Stephen Burkey and Kay Burkey, lot 8, Banfield

Michael and Bonnie Dellatorre to Kelsey Weaver, lot 18, Buena Vista Heights

Like A Rock LLC to Vance Vukelic, lot 34 and part lot 35, Gray’s

Kingz Realty LLC to Tracy Phillips, lot 617, LaBelleview

Gary Mowry Jr. to Jeffrey Hughart, .115 acre, Smithfield Township

Jennifer Price to Yolanda Ayala, lots 62 and 63, John Spahn’s

Dolly and James Cichon and others to Faith Morris, .23 acre, Smithfield Township

WSD Properties LLC to Anita Gruszecki Trustee, 59.629 acres, Brush Creek Township

Jackie Richards to Terrance Toson, .11 acre, Steubenville Township

Jefferson County Sheriff and Floyd Hooper to NIVRAM LLC, lot 12, Moore’s

Donna Swartz to Richard and Amber Crawford, 4.0021 acres, Knox Township (survivorship)

Kenneth and Rebecca Perkins to United Way of Jefferson County, lot 3, Dike and Wilson’s

James Crabtree to Jessica Whirlow, .5 acre, Cross Creek Township

Anthony and Kristy Atkins to Sylvia Hoagland, part lots 229 and 230, Buena Vista

James and Jennifer Mills Jr. to Jennifer Mills and Cathy Reighard, 1 acre, Salem Township

Rita and Stephen Gaydosh to Michael Todd, .18 acre, Steubenville Township

Donald and Kasey Mossor Jr. to Brian Shuba, lot 31, Hiland Estates

Nina Tingler (deceased) to Rhonda Martinka, 47.24 acres, Springfield Township

Larry Hatfield (deceased) to Aaron Glover and Korena Glover, metes, Smithfield Township (survivorship)

Jefferson County Sheriff and Third Bar Corporation to Kenneth Smith, part lots 175 and 176, Steubenville Original

Jefferson County Sheriff and Ruth Fecik to Patrick Stine and Ashlee Stine, .086 acre, Knox Township

Jefferson County Sheriff and Travis Weaver to Vanessa Moyer, lot 23 and part lot 22, Beall and Steele’s

Jefferson County Sheriff and Padraic Sikora to Vanessa Moyer, part lot 74, LaBelleView

Jefferson County Sheriff and Robert Featherington to Michael and Rhonda Boone, lot 18, Cattrell’s

Jefferson County Sheriff and Rosie Peterson to Brandon Crawford, part lot 1, Orr’s

Jefferson County Sheriff and Vincent Monti to Brandon Crawford, lot 160, Ross Park

Sherri Rogers to Logan Glenn, 5.04 acres, Springfield Township

James Burkey to Joyce Burkey, .533 acre, Island Creek Township

Margaret O’Tool and others to Aaron King and Gabrielle King, lot 145, Ross Park

Lawrence and Deborah Roush to David Roush and others, lot 7, John Barrett’s

Margaret Chase (deceased) to Charles Chase, 2 acres, Springfield Township

Catherine Posch to Trinity Reserves LLC, lot 13, Hillcrest

Jefferson County Sheriff and others to Sherry Mitchell and David Mitchell, lot 94, Irondale

Assembly of Christians to Israel Harris, lots 163 and 164, Pleasant Heights

James Rice Sr. to Kevin Donley, part lots 274 and 275, Silver Stream Knolls

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Solid Rock Properties LLC, lot 25 and part lot 26, Steubenville Pottery Co.

Richard Herrick Irrevocable Trust to Antonette and Aaron Deller, lot 2, Crestview Manor Estates.

Evelyn Romel (deceased) to Patrick Hernon, lot 106, Becker Highlands.

Steven and Susan Pesta to Frances Morales, .649 acre, Wayne Township.

Patricia Mondin (deceased) to Lisa and Joseph Otto, lot 33, Hollywood.

Jefferson County Sheriff and Allen Box Co. Inc. to Gary Smith, 4.391 acres, Springfield Township.

Jefferson County Sheriff and others to G and M Smith Family LLC, 3 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Bruner Land Co. Inc. to Vernon Mast and others, metes, Wayne Township

Roman Catholic Diocese of Steubenville to Boroski Properties LLC, metes, Warren Township.

Rosella Harris to James and Amy Patterson, metes, Saline Township.

David Lawrence (deceased) to Brenda Reese and Brian Lawrence, metes, Knox Township.

James Burkey (deceased) to Joyce Burkey, .476 acre, Island Creek Township.

Kathryn Taggart (deceased) to Taggart Keystone Trust, lot 16, Waggoner ad McEldowney’s.

Jefferson County Land Revitalization Corp. to Sheldon Purdy, lot 575, LaBelle View.

Stephanie Elverd to Melissa Robinson, lots 41 and 42, Knoxville.

Craig and Tanya Hupp to Harold McMillen III, lot 33, Wilson McKee’s.

Mary Moran (deceased) to Dorothy Moran, .403 acre, Salem Township.

Rose Mary and Alfred Soltesz and others to Justin Virtue, .387 acre, Island Creek Township.

David Hutchinson (deceased) to Frances Hutchison, metes, Springfield Township.


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