Real estate transfers

The following real estate transfers were recorded in Jefferson County:

Cathers Family Trust to Matthew Mader, lots 99 and 100, Helmick’s.

Michael Evangelho to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., lot 28, Simmons and Foster’s.

Zach Hawrot and others to HK Management LLC, part lot 547, LaBelleView.

Lawrence and Lisa Mayle to Magnate Holdings LLC, lot 189, Ross Park.

Darla Bennett and others to Terry Pethel Jr., 6.681 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

JoAnn Molnar to Devin Ferguson, lot 34, Karen Place.

Timothy Copeland to Jeffrey and Mihaela Caniff, lot 4, Tera Manor.

Ruby Haught Irrevocable Trust to Anthony Grafton, 30.982 acres, Knox Township

Robert Keyser to Tyler Vannest, 1.02 acres, Steubenville Township

Arthur Brothers III to Hector Cantu and Aglavena Rodroguez, .218 acre, Cross Creek Township.

James Kafka and Christina deBondt to Ascent Utica Minerals LLC, 1.02 acres, Smithfield Township.

DPJ Rentals LLC to Wells Township Haunted House Inc., lot 36, Lupton and Hill’s.

Theresa Demko (deceased) to Regina and Jesus Leija, lot 129, Saltsman’s.

Elaine Panyi and others to Joseph Pethel, part lot 13, Pleasant Heights.

Virginia Robinson to Clifford Robinson Jr., lot 20 and part lot 21, Askowitz.

Violet and David Robinson to John Bish and Jessica Bish, .462 acre, Mount Pleasant Township (survivorship).

Sherry Martin (deceased) to Dane Martin and Carley Martin, metes, Wayne Township.

Renee Pasquarella and others to Annette Pasquarella, part lots 481 and 482, Dickinson’s.

Annette Pasquarella to Joseph and Olga Pasquarella Living Trust, part lots 481 and 482, Dickinson’s.

Richard Stemkowski and Janet Kiaski to Wayne Stidd and Brett Merryman, lot 185, part lots 187 and 189, French’s.

Ralph Patterson (deceased) to Patricia Edwards, lots 4 and 5, James Nicholson.

Rocco Crispino Jr. (deceased) to David Crispino and others, .713 acre, Steubenville Township.

Harry Stonebraker (deceased) to Carol Stonebraker, .007 acre, Springfield Township.

Russell O’Dell (deceased) to Patricia O’Dell, metes, Steubenville Township, lot 4, Mary Ann Place.

Guerino Tiziani (deceased) to Lisa Tiziani, .25 acre, Springfield Township.

Montserrat Freidrich to Brian and Sharon Carroll, 103.226 acres, Salem Township (survivorship).

Richard Dietch to Paul Oiler Jr., lot 144, Butte’s Beverly Hills.

Rose Tedeschi (deceased) to Sernna Properties LLC, lot 45, Hollywood.

James and Karen Aleksiejczyk (deceased) to Christopher Floto, 10.448 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Shirley Threatt to Ginger Ugle, lot 13, Dorrance.

Daniel and Heather Ramsey to Travis Gosha and Mandy Gosha, 1.39 acres, Island Creek Township.

Dan and Laura Daily to Kyle Reid Investments LLC, lot 14, WH Rodgers.

Schloss Revocable Trust to Franciscan University of Steubenville, lot 1, Brady Estates.

Jefferson Metropolitan Housing Authority to Michael Cowan and Eboni Jones, lot 415, LaBelleView.

Jack Byers Jr. and others to Kayleigh Westbrook, metes, Knox Township.

Handy Thorn to Saundra Rue, lot 61, Silver Stream Knolls.

Cunningham Family Revocable Living Trust to Charles Ernest Gorrell and Zachary Vankirk, 24.85 acres, Springfield Township.

David Kiggins (deceased) to Equity annd Help Inc, .35 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Deborah Andrejczyk and Kathleen Kurucz to B and D LLC, 5.63 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Larry Greene to Bradley and Colleen Greene, 1.3259 acres, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

Larry Greene to Joni Greene, .2102 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

Mary Romska (deceased) to Suzanne Leenders and Kent Romska, metes, Knox Township.

Deborah Caniff (deceased) to Bernice Coulter and others, part lot 55, Robert Clark’s.

Margaret Eyler (deceased) to Shirley Shepard and others, metes, Wayne Township.

Bryan Desanto to Carole Jordan and Charles Jordan Sr., lots 23 and 28, Belmont Heights (survivorship).

Lori and Thomas DeFallo to Arthur Brothers III, lot 5, Millvale, .193 acre, Island Creek Township.

Carolyn C. Thompson (deceased) to Tiffany Emery and Trent Thompson, lot 66, ParkDale.

Flora Street to Lisa Smith, 1 acre, Salem Township.

Kenneth and Patricia Rose to Boss Up Management LTD., lots 3 and 4, Saltsman’s.

Megan and Dennis Lohr to Joseph Greer, lot 144, JA Langfitt’s.

Robert Hughs to Erik Hughs, part lot 71, Robert Clark’s.

Kohl Liddick to Dustin and Alexis Davis, lot 79, Hillsborough.

Eric Abdalla to America Freedom Enterprises, 3.4 acres, Salem Township.

Joseph and Laurie Marshall to Laura Mullen and Adam Kenawell, part lot 10 and lot 11, Banfield.

Duly Pafcoff to Rhiannon Poppe, lot 32, Original Dillonvale.

Ashley Thompson to Charles Thompson Jr., metes, Wayne Township.

Hollywood Center Inc. to Diocese of Steubenville, part lot 4, Stanton Heights.

Hollywood Center Inc. to Steubenville City School Board of Education, lots 2 and 3 and part lot 4, Stanton Heights.

Mark and Tiffany Kelly to Sernna Properties LLC, part lot 68, Robert Clark’s.

Thomas and Pamela Nutter to Melissa and Daniel Hanlin, lot 150, Saltsman’s (survivorship).

Ruth Morris to Scott Tingler and Martha Shust, lot 3, BN Linduff Estates.

John and Debra Steele to Robert and Michelle Dinger, lot 37, Richmond Original (survivorship).

Andrew and Carlie Jolly to Ashley Thompson, 1.05 acres, Wayne Township.

Mathew and Colleen Shepherd to Peter Rosachi IV, part lots 603 and 604, Labelle View.

William Harris (deceased) to Valarie Bowling and William Harris, metes in Ross and Steubenville Townships, 81.15 acres in Salem Township.

Leslie Buzalka and others to Winesburg Enterprises LTD, 134.31 acres, Ross Township.

Warren Trust to Remm Rentals LLC, lot 57, Tiltonsville Original.

Joseph and Lindsay Pulver to Shawn Mathess, lot 186, Country Club Estates.

Richard and Carla Grabits to Christian and Jocelyn Snyder, lot 90, David Spauldings (survivorship).

Marshall Tempest and Rachel Hibbs to Cody Melsop, metes, Smithfield Township.

Colonial Arms Apartments LLC to Cincinnati Capital Partners 432 LLC, 3 acres, Cross Creek Township, lot 91, Dixon Heights.

770 Brady LLC to Cincinnati Capital Partners 432 LLC, part lots 1 and 2 and lot 3, Simmons and Fosters.

Hazel and Frank Feist to Georgette Brownlee, part lot 5, H.H. Smith’s.

Michael Gump and Iris Gump to Kyle and Kimberly Gump, 43.87982 acres, Ross Township.

Ina Miller to William and Karen Doyle, .136 acre, Island Creek Township.

Ronald and Kathy Stinard to Joseph and Lindsay Pulver, lot 78, Longvue (survivorship).

DCZR LLC to Juan and Gloria Melchor, lot 29, John Spahan’s (survivorship).

Elizabeth Kuntz to Sharon Cook, lot 3, Hilz.

Dean and Daisy Dimon to HCS of Merchants Isle LLC, .277 acre, Steubenville Township.

Floyd Forshey (deceased) to Justin Turnbull, metes in Steubenville and Cross Creek Townships.

John and Cheryl Carroll Jr. to Robert and Stephanie Evans, lot 14, Bowers.

Ernest Mgyar Irrevocable Trust to Joseph and Allison Vergona, lot 8, Tera Manor (survivorship).

Darrel and Kathi Eastham to Justin Fullerton, lot 102, Westwood Estates.


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