Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

David Long and others to Allison Jones, 0.084767 acre, Smithfield Township; and lot 1, Stars First.

Michael Flint (deceased) to Jacob Boughan, 2.013 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Brian and Doris Mavromatis to First National Trust Co., lot 63, Country Club Hills.

Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp. to Roland and Jill Reid, metes, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp. to Joseph Brokaw, part lot 8, Original Adena.

Alfonse Zapolnik (deceased) to Kristen Mathias, lot 20, Speaker’s Estates.

Donna Nalley to Richard and Kristin Cernansky, lot 232, Country Club Estates (survivorship).

Carol Weber to Matthew and Rita Maurer, 0.537 acre, Springfield Township (survivorship).

Ralph Moore to Ryan and Amber Straker, lot 13, Green VAlley Estates No. 1; and 0.08443 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Stephen and Ann Craig to Kristine and James Rodriguez, part lots 173-174, Labelle (survivorship).

Marie Ferrise to Shawn Porreca, part lot 2, Pleasant Heights.

Phillip Buono (deceased) to Richard Buono and Phyllis Bee, lots 55-56, Joshua Moore’s

Deborah Dunlevy to Sherman Russell, 0.115 acre, Knox Township.

Wells Township Haunted House Inc. to Zachariah and John Kinda, lot 67, Riverview Terrace (survivorship).

Auditor of Jefferson County to Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp., lots 319-320, Vier’s Second.

Maxine Moser (deceased) to Howard Moser, lots 41-46, Holdship’s Second.

Nina Tingler (deceased) to Cindy Lapish, 47.24 acres, Springfield Township.

James Marquis (deceased) to Alice Marquis, 0.33 acre, Island Creek Township.

Alice Marquis to Christine Marquis, 0.33 acre, Island Creek Township; and 5.137 acres, Salem Township.

Walter I. Morehead (deceased) to Walter D. Morehead and Darcy Sanderson, lot 12, Original Mount Pleasant.

Walter Morehead and others to Bobi Jo Doty, lot 12, Original Mount Pleasant.

Pauline Morehead (deceased) to Bobi Jo Doty, lot 12, Original Mount Pleasant.

Russell and Michaela Larsen to Jarrod Jackfert, lot 108, Medilla.

Jade and Natalie Swiger to George Lollathin, 0.2522 acre, Steubenville Township.

Shawn and Valerie Irwin to Christine Sommers, lot 3, RB Stewart’s First.

Patricia Guskea to Huntington National Bank, lot 168, Overlook Hills.

Joseph N. Scugoza (deceased) to Joseph G. Scugoza and Barbara Scugoza, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Victor Long (deceased) to Vickie Whinnery and Pamela White, 1.0111 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Erik and Megan Potkoski to Ronald and Linda Kovalski, 0.9974 acre, Mount Pleasant Township (survivorship).

Ethan and Jordan Tice to Kelsey Hardesty, lots 2-5, Overlook Hills.

Valene Whitman to Brenton Whitman, metes, Smithfield Township; and 6.2392 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

David and Sally D’Anniballe to Marianne Clouston, lot 22, Sunset Hill Plan.

Lois Johnston (deceased) to William Johnston, metes, Knox Township.

William Johnston to Vanessa Johnston and Robert Davies, metes, Knox Township (survivorship).

Anthony and Meriah Fleming to Cathy Fleming, 1.006 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Morgan Starr to Adam Starr, metes, Knox Township.

Greg and Tammy Cesario to Joshua Cesario, 5.3702 acres, Smithfield Township.

Thomas Vergis to Thomas Vergis and Raven Wright, lot 55, McConnell’s (survivorship).

Robert Eastham to Carrie Shane, 0.08 acre, Warren Township.

Barbara Huff (deceased) to Jay Oberholtzer, lot 49, Belvedere.

Richard and Mary Ann Giovannone to Michael Giovannone, lot 19, Buena Vista Heights.

Constance Moorhead to Christopher Moorhead, lot 234, Buena Vista Heights.

213 US Route 250 LLC to Adena Health Realty LLC, 5.968 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Robert Armour and others to Nathan Watkins and Christian Watkins, 0.165 acre, Knox Township.

USE Construction LLC to Helen Edwards, part lot 481, Labelleview.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Bank of New York Mellon, 1.484 acres, Wayne Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Fannie Mae, 1.618 acres, Wayne Township.

Ruth Bodo (deceased) to Laura Hjaltelin, 0.637 acre, Island Creek Township.

Aimee and Robert Vein to Jefferson Landmark Inc., 0.3428 acre, Wayne Township.

Rocco and Frances Cutri to Justin Ridinger, lots 9-10, Draper’s.

Village of Amsterdam to Jefferson County Commissioners, lot 8, AC Cunningham’s; and metes, Springfield Township.

Theodore Cooper (deceased) to Cindy Cooper, 1 acre, Knox Township.

Mary Shane (deceased) to James Alcock, lot 58, Mellwood Acres.

James and Peggy Alcock to Joshua and Erin Dennis, lot 58, Mellwood Acres (survivorship).

Epicenter of Steubenville Inc. to Crown City Holdings LLC, lot 4 and part lot 3, WH &AW Mooney’s; and 0.25 acre, Steubenville Township.

Patrick and Ashlee Stine to US Bank, lot 13, Wilkinson & Stewart’s First.

William and Tiffany Calandros to Carrington Mortgage Services, lot 22, Manhattan.

Albert Linton (deceased) to Lorraine Linton, lots 7-8, Nicholson’s.

MTARPOFF IRA to Daniel and Tracy Duvall, 1 acre, Knox Township (survivorship).

David and Jenna DiCicco to Aubrey McGee, 1.06 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Helena Wallace to Candace Dandrea and others, metes, Knox Township; and part lot 4, Annie Carlyle’s (survivorship).

David Louis Romel (deceased) to Evelyn Romel, lot 106 Becker Highlands.

Jasper Dallas and others to George Pernick, metes, Warren Township.

Craig Bortz to Jordan Bare, lot 2 Sunrise Manor.

Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp. to Village of Yorkville, lot 95 AC Jones.

Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp. to Timothy Frank and others, 0.202 acre Mount Pleasant Township (survivorship); and 0.029 acres Smithfield Township (survivorship).

John L. Elson (deceased) to John A. Elson, 0.545 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Tina Gunsorek (deceased) to Philip Gunsorek and Kayla Heddleson, part lot 4 and 5, Co-op Transit.

Robin Cibulka to Hounds Haven Inc., 1.8658 acres, Smithfield Township.

Christy Straka to Shawn Porreca, lot 17 block A Buttes.

Homebody Properties LLC to South Bend Rentals, lot 66 Simmons and Fosters.

Francis Pasquarella (deceased) to Renee Pasquarella and Roxanne Patterson, part lots 481 and 482 Dickinsons.

Eileen Alloggia to Robert Alloggia Jr. and Troy Alloggia, 5.012 acres, Salem Township.

Gregory Garbacz to Andrew Carman, lot 262 Manhattan (survivorship).

Richard and Linda Bradley to Thomas Vergis, lot 55 McConnells block B.

Paul Haught to Deanna and David Porter, metes, Knox township (survivorship).

Kelly and William Beam to Guy Thomas, lot 12 Beverly Hills.

Cecil Owens Jr. (deceased) to Gregory Owens, 0.9183 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Joseph Gibson Sr. (deceased) to Herman and Kathleen Howell, 70 acres, Ross Township (survivorship)

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to USA Construction LLC, part lot 86, Labelle View.

HSBC Bank USA and others to Go America LLC, part lots 1-3, Joshua Moores.

Herman and Frances Borkoski to Jonathon Borkoski, lot 60, William B. McLaughlins Third.

Bobby Wells (deceased) to Sandra Wells, lot 24 Riverview Terrace and lot 40 Greens Second.

Justin and Danielle Adkins to Adkins Rental Properties LLC, lot 12 Wilkinson and Stewarts First.

Barbara Crites to Matthew Crites, metes, Salem Township.

James Robinson II (deceased) to Rose Robinson, 2 acres, Wayne Township.

Jace Properties LLC to John and Kimberly Logan, part lot 5, Henry Myers.

Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC to Steven Clark, lot 4, Sunrise.

James and Katherine Hostetler to Shaun and Laura Obrien, part lots 378 and 379, Labelle (survivorship).

Robert Mattern Irrevocable Trust to Robert Rice, lots 1 and 2, Mariedale.

Edward Recznik (deceased) to Rita Recznik, 0.84386 acre, Island Creek Township.

Carlos Rivas and others to Salvador Brambila, part lot 20, Robertson’s Second.

Ronald Ivey (deceased) to Tamela Ivey, lot 4, Brandy Estates.

Richard Blancato (deceased) to Joseph Blancato, lots 33-34 and 36-38, Lake Austin First.

Nila Viltro (deceased) to Albert Viltro Jr. and others, 0.298 acre Cross Creek Township.

Joseph Falasca (deceased) to Regina Falasca, lot 23, Wallace Heights.

Estate of Ann Brettell to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, metes, Steubenville Township.

Juanita Zeroski (deceased) to Ted Zeroski and others, metes, Mount Pleasant Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Charles Spencer, lot 19, Valley View.

Lisa and David Hinerman to Gary Martin Jr. and Jennifer Lancaster, lot 101, McKee’s Third (survivorship).

Harriet Marangoni to Caleb Smith, lot 7, Fernwood Estates Second.

Richard Stewart (deceased) to Denise Stewart, 0.73 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp. to Todd Zimish, part lots 187 and 234-235, Pleasant Heights.


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