JVS Student is carving niche as entrepreneur

BUSINESSMAN — Cam Garcia, a senior welding student at the Jefferson County Joint Vocational School, is putting his skills to use by opening his own business, Wired Metal Works, at his residence in Toronto. Garcia creates roses, crosses and horseshoe racks for boots from scrap metal and can be contacted through Wired Metal Works on Facebook and Instagram.

BLOOMINGDALE — Jefferson County Joint Educational School student Cam Garcia is putting his welding skills to use by creating his own home-based business.

Garcia, the son of Raul and Mishelle Garcia of Toronto and a senior at Toronto High School, hails from Texas but moved to the Ohio Valley four years ago so his father could work in the oil and gas industry. He began his Wired Metal Works company in his garage last fall and specializes in turning scrap metal into works of art and usable goods.

“I came up with the idea in November,” Garcia said, adding that he purchased used tools and a table to set up shop at his residence. “I bought a welder and started making things out of scrap. I make roses, horseshoe racks for boots and crosses and have been trying to build up more items and sell them.”

He showcases his work on social media such as Facebook and Instagram and has been selling his handmade wares, adding that patrons may retrieve orders at his home or he will meet them for deliveries. Garcia spends a lot of time concentrating on his business and also dabbles in woodworking, adding that he really enjoys the hands-on process.

“It’s really nice. I can work on my own time after school and I work 12 hours straight on Saturdays.”

He said his parents have been very supportive of his endeavor and he hopes to find work after graduation while also continuing operations as an entrepreneur. Garcia noted that his education at JCJVS has been invaluable.

“I am trying to get a steady job so I can buy more items for the business,” he noted “I was considering trucking until I got to the JVS. Everything I learned is perfect and I learn a lot here.”

Welding instructor Todd Parker said he was pleased to see his student begin his unique venture.

“I am super proud of him and really excited that he’s trying to become an entrepreneur, whether it’s a hobby or a career for him,” Parker concluded. “I want to see him do well.”

For information about the business, go online to Wired Metal Works on Facebook and Instagram.


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