The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

CAL Rentals LLC to C. William Industries Limited, lots 248 and 243 and part lot 256, Labelle; and part lots 9-10, Pleasant Heights.

Cedar Rocks LLc to C. William Industries Limited, part lots 221 and 94, Labelle; part lots 6-7, Pleasant Heights; and lot 70 and part lot 71, Simmons & Foster.

Joseph and Tiffany Luckino to C. William Industries Limited, lot 19, Frank Murphy’s Second; and part lot 16, Pleasant Heights.

Diocese of Steubenville to Jeffrey and Marsha Propopakis, 0.2209 acre, Springfield Township.

Terry Hill (deceased) to Carol Hill, 0.26 acre, Smithfield Township.

Gerald Carter (deceased) to James Cassidy, lot 25, Rolling Acres.

Aaron Dickey to Heather Dickey, lot 44, Barron’s Sunrise Terrace No. 1.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to USE Construction LLC, part lot 92, Labelle.

Robert and Brenda Quinn to Donald and Elizabeth Quinn, lots 53-54, Riverview Terrace; and metes, Cross Creek Township.

Otilia Asuncion to Ryan and Chelsey Marrow, lot 44, Country Club Hills (survivorship).

Petrola Family Real Estate LLC to Zito Parakaleo LLC, part lots 177-178, Original Steubenville.

Donald and Jacqueline Rossi Jr. to Antonio Magnone, lot 12 and part lot 13, Dike & Wilson.

Robert Owen to Eddie Henderson Properties LLC, lot 8, Banfield Improvement.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. USE Construction LLC, part lot 63, Labelle.

Frederick Schneider to Richard Schneider, 4.769 acres, Salem Township.

Fernwood Terrace Apartments LLC to 200 Fernwood LLC, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Ralph and Betty Stinard to Betty Stinard, 1.004 acres, Island Creek Township.

Mingo 3 LLC to Mark Pierro, lot 36, Potter & Sherrard First.

Bryan Desanto to HR Professional Holdings LLC, part lots347-348, Labelle.

Camilla Melville and others to Meghan Bauman, metes, Island Creek Township.

Meghan Bauman to Platinum Real Estate Investments LLC, lot 11, Banfield.

Stanley Kubicz and others to Kevin and Nikki Geho, 24.378 acres, Mount Pleasant Township (survivorship).

Vincent Ryan III (deceased) to Johanna Ryan, 0.782 acre, Knox Township.

Nicholas Vergis (deceased) to Donna Vergis, part lot 53, West Park.

Celeste Sgalla (deceased) to Peter Sgalla, lots 130-131, Walkers Second.

Peter Sgalla (deceased) to Peter Sgalla III, lots 130-131, Walkers Second.

Valerie Casper (deceased) to James Casper Jr., lots 293-296, Upland Park Second.

Ronald Young and others to Nickolas Davis and Sarah Davis, 0.179 acre, Warren Township (survivorship).

David Ankrom (deceased) to Jodi Miller, metes, Smithfield Township; 4.0772 acres, Wells-Warren Township; and lots 1-18, Purviance; and metes, Smithfield Township.

John Kolesar (deceased) to John and Barbara Kolesar, metes, Springfield Township.

Barbara Kolesar to John Kolesar, metes, Springfield Township.

Helen Kolesar to John Kolesar, metes, Springfield Township.

Gary and Marnette Severance to Shaun and Valene Irwin, lot 3, McCauslen (survivorship).

Judith and Robert Toothman to Gerald Hays Jr., lots 56-57, Simmons & Foster.

Michele and Brent Balogh to Norman Cronin, 6.7609 acres, Ross Township.

Joseph and Elizabeth Cutri to Rocco and Annie Cutri, lot 13, Mary Ann Place (survivorship).

Andrea Nation to Michael and Monica Hollen, lots 23-24, Ekey’s Third (survivorship).

William Burchfield and others to Jeffery Bernard Jr., lot 92, John Spahn;s First.

Mary Jean Daniels to Mark and Hannah Morris II, 1.01 acres, Salem Township (survivorship).

William and Aubrey Nurczyk to Lloyd and Jill Shoemaker III, lots 269-270 and part lot 271, Country Club Estates (survivorship).