New equipment enhances carpentry program at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School

ADDITION — The carpentry program at the Jefferson County Joint Vocational School has added cutting-edge equipment. Showing off the Laguna Smartshop M CNC router is instructor Steve Orwick. (Contributed photo)

BLOOMINGDALE — Jefferson County Joint Vocational School’s carpentry program has some new cutting-edge equipment on hand to further enhance students’ skills and give them another advantage in the work force.

The school acquired a Laguna Smartshop M CNC router for nearly $38,000 and the machine arrived last month. Instructor Steve Orwick said power mechanics, carpentry and electrical staff and students installed the router and students have been training on the machine to complete projects.

The computerized system can transfer designs into wood to create three-dimensional signs, cabinets and other constructs.

“It holds a 4-feet-by-8-feet sheet of material,” he explained. “You put in coordinates on a computer program, save it to a flash drive and place the drive into the computer on the machine.”

The router uses Microsoft-based software and creates designs into the wood or other material with precision. So far, his 23 juniors and seniors have created clock faces and plan to do more projects. Local tradesman Kevin Pasiuk has volunteered his time to train the classes and Orwick hopes to utilize his services in the future.

Orwick added that the Ohio Carpenters’ Joint Apprenticeship and Training Program in Ridgefield has a more enhanced version of the equipment on-site to train its students, plus many companies use routers during production. By preparing his students at the JVS, he said they can carve a successful future on their own.

“Any of my students who go through the carpentry apprenticeship–and I’ve had a few–will get trained on it. It’s a great training opportunity for our carpentry students and I want them to take advantage of it.”


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