Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

William and Susan Thomas to Zackary and Victoria Puckett, 2.661 acres, Brush Creek Township (survivorship).

Robert Vinburg (deceased) to Joyce Vinburg, 1.11 acres, Wayne Township.

William Means Jr. (deceased) to Stephanie Means, lot 67, Ridgeland.

David and Angela Major Jr. to Vanessa Moyer, lot 46, Labelleview.

Juanita Lewis to Philip and Pamela Granatir, metes, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Melissa Destefano to William Meyer, 0.221 acre, Knox Township.

Mildred Fidak (deceased) to Theodore Fidak, lot 155, Beechwood No. 2.

Arieh Ordronneau and Sunni Ordronneau to Joshua and Brooke Miller, lot 18, Hillcrest (survivorship).

Raymond Orwick (deceased) to Stephen and Karen Orwick, 12,075 square feet, Wayne Township.

Edward Haynes Jr. (deceased) to Jacqueline Haynes, lot 113, Lincoln Heights.

Ann Gossett (deceased) to Roger Gossett, part lot 85, Labelleview.

John and Christine Bracone to Mary Kaffana, lot 103, Altamont.

Jessica and James Conrad Jr. to William and Barbara Roberts, part lot 68, Joshua Moore’s (survivorship).

Stephanie Rath to Glenn and Rebecca Ploof, part lot 125, Beechwood No. 2.

Glenn and Rebecca Ploof to Stephanie Rath, part lot 124, Beechwood No. 2.

Stephanie Rath to Kelly Wilson, part lots 123-125, Beechwood No. 2.

Bradford Thompson to Cynthia Vidas, Unit 4319, Steeple Chase.

Michael and Ronnette Quinn to Andrew Reed and Kayla Fair, lots 17-19, Jefferson Heights (survivorship).

D&D Property Rentals LLC to Cody and Julie Newport, part lot 12, Beall & Steele’s (survivorship).

Walter Howard and others to Ashley Meadows, lot 534, Labelleview Land Co.

Auditor of Jefferson County to M. Edward Strupe, 0.326 acre, Smithfield Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to HSBC Bank and others, part lots 1-3, Joshua Moore’s.

Antonio Pietrangelo to Angie Brown, lot 94, Glen Robbins; and 0.864 acre, Warren Township.

Cameron and Brittany Mayberry to DB Legacy Rentals LLC, part lots 17-18, Original Amsterdam.

US Bank to Pennie Scarpone, lot 9, Brentwood.

Justin and Caitlyn Eddy to Joshua Newell, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Charles Pearce (deceased) to Charlene Pearce, lots 1 and 21-22, Zinn Scharlott’s.

Charlene Pearce to Kristy Levocz, lots 1 and 21-22, Zinn Scharlott’s.

Natalie Arnold Trust to Terri Bartnicki, 0.1 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

William Crothers Sr. (deceased) to William Mathieu and William Crothers Jr., lot 2, Brentwood Estates.

John Driscoll Jr. to James and Jessica Conrad Jr., lot 34, Tera Manor (survivorship).

Joshua and Nikki Lee to Candace McFall, 0.14 acre, Springfield Township.

James Langlots (deceased) to Scott Langlots and Randy Langlots, part tract 25, Buena Vista Heights.

Scott Langlots to Lillian Ferguson, part tract 25, Buena Vista Heights.

R Way Transport Inc. to Jefferson Belmont Regional Solid Waste Authority, 4.7128 acres, Island Creek Township.

George and Patricia Milosevich to Jesus and Lily Morales, lot 50, Dixon Heights (survivorship).

Kelly Argentine (deceased) to Lawrence Argentine, metes, Springfield Township.

Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp. to Alex Grendel, lot 33, FA & JC Wells.

William and Angela Schnieders to Julie and Cody Newport, part lot 193, Labelleview (survivorship).

DB Legacy Rentals LLC to Kelley Mizell and Randall Tudor, 3,977 square feet, Knox Township (survivorship).

Ethel Tanley (deceased) to Connie Carpenter, lot 5 and part lot 3, Morgan & McBane.

Connie and Roger Carpenter to Robert and Connie Tanley, lot 5 and part lot 3, Mogran & McBane (survivorship).

Evelyn Brewer and others to Paulette Coss, 0.654 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

Sandra Ronevich to Lisa Keller, lots 40-43, Unionport.

Maureen Talbott to Crystal Brown, 1 acre, Smithfield Township.

Sherry Jackson and others to James and Sherry Jackson, lot 24, Brentwood Estates (survivorship).

1420 Ridge LLC to C. William Street LLC, lots 7-9 and part lot 6, North Hill Plan.

Stacey Kaine to Paige Morgan, lot 19, John Spahn’s Third.

First Cedar Investments Limited to C. William Pottery LLC, 0.93 acre, Island Creek Township.

Rosemary Respicio to Daniel and Michelle Means, metes, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Teresa and Leonard Tate to John Geddis III to Russell Hunt, lot 24, Carnegie Court.

Paul Quattrone and others to Zachary Coldebella, lot 114, John Spahn’s First.

Mary Anderson, trustee, to Dylan King, part lot 24 and lot 25, Walton Acres.

Mary Mahfood to Rana Mahfood, lot 6, Alexander Manor.

Thomas and Sherry Simone to Carl and Yvonne Simone, 3.3963 acres, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Loretta Cox (deceased) to William Stonebraker, lot 54, Parkdale.

William Stonebraker to Barbara Hatcher, lot 54, Parkdale.

United Front to Black Face 5 LLC, lot 483, Labelleview.

Theodore and Fern Vukelic Jr. to Brittany Williamson, metes, Island Creek Township.

Samuel Shorac Jr. to Justin and Paige Pinkerton, lot 69, Glendwell (survivorship).

Leona Fleming (deceased) to Amy Jean Beilis and Dinah Redpath, lot 85, Alexander Manor.

Mildred Morelli (deceased) to Gina Valuska and others, 0.344 acre, Island Creek Township.

Dorothy Brehm (deceased) to Terri Stokley, part lots 31 and 33 and lot 32, Ross Park Realty.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to US Bank, metes, Cross Creek Township; and metes, Steubenville Township.

Joseph and Kathleen Corabi to Bridget and Jeffrey Rohde, 3.157 acres, Island Creek Township.

Blaine and Bonnie Freeman to James Rudder, 0.47 acre, Knox Township.

Carrie and David Connor to Danny Weaver, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Christopher and Veronica Wendt to Annette LiBrandi and Roberta Schwartz, 0.293905 acre, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Joel and Jennie Bernstein to Sean and Susan Kirk, lot 9, Brady Estates No. 1 (survivorship).

Michelle Rader to Larry Middleton, part lot 92, Joshua Moore’s.

Michelle Rader to Larry Middleton, part lot 92, Joshua Moore’s.

Margaret Wright (deceased) to Earl Wright, part outlot 2, Linduff Estates.

City of Toronto to Ohio Department of Natural Resources, part lot 1, RB Stewart Heir’s First.

Evelyn Snyder to James Whipkey, lot 8, Stokes unrecorded.

Roland Shafer to Rich Shafer, metes, Knox Township.

James and Brenda Anderson to Amy Springer, lot 6, Stewart’s Heirs First.

James and Brenda Anderson to Roberta Hill, lot M, George Meyers.

Lillian Ferguson to Thomas DeVore, part tract 25, Buena Vista Heights.

Dian Jiang (deceased) to Mei Ling, lot 108, Saltsman Fourth.

Paul Crago (deceased) to Betty Crago, lot 12, Lincoln Heights.

Barbara Zimnox to John Abram Jr., lot 79, Dixon Heights.

April Cornelius to Cynthia Smearman, lot 114, Riverview Terrace.

Justin Brinley to SCPB Inc., lot 45 and part lot 44, Manley & Garrett’s Third.

Lucinda Bickerstaff to Van Flesher Sr., 0.912 acre, Steubenville Township.

Jeremiah Knox to Jeremiah and Jennifer Knox, metes, Knox Township (survivorship).

Dennis and Joan Hazelton to Mark and Renae Hazelton, 4.206 acres, Mount Pleasant Township (survivorship).

Richard Priatt II to Henry Montgomery, part lot 153, Saltsman’s Seventh.

Stephanie and Thomas Hutter to Preston and Chelsea Berdine, lot 54, Swickard’s Second (survivorship).


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