Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Greig Black and Melissa Black to Jonathan Edmond, 2 acres, Saline Township.

Barbara Black to Jonathan Edmond, 4 acres, Saline Township.

Jimmie and Cindi Bruce to Kevin and Andrea Strosnider, 5.166 acres, Salem Township (survivorship).

Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp. to Mount Zion Baptist Church, pat outlots 16 and 20, Original Steubenville.

John McCoy Jr. to 1st LLC, part lots 102-103, Labelle.

Tony and Pauline Verhovic Jr. to Linda Merritt, 0.23 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Carol Oklok to David and Tracy Wendt, lot 3, Woodland Park Estates (survivorship).

Zimnox Coal Co. to Justin and Caitlyn Eddy, 0.139 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

Paul McKeegan and others to Dwayne Pielean, metes, Warren Township.

Charles and Rebecca McKeegan to Dwayne Pielean, lots 17-18 and part lot 19, Aikens’; and 2.947 acres, Warren Township.

John and Rita Riley Jr. to Eddie Henderson Properties LLC, metes, Knox Township.

Richard Reiter (deceased) to Janice Reiter, 1.894 acres, Wayne Township.

Robert and Sara Zastudil to Daniel Grant, lot 50, Original Knoxville.

Fort Steuben Mall Realty Holding LLC to Wesbanco Bank Inc., 0.7775 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Ryan Simpson to Michel and Sharon Tice, 4.135 acres, Salem Township.

Bruner Land Co. to James Dilley Jr., 11.6949 acres, Knox Township.

Roxann and Mark Kelly to JMR Rental Property LLC, 6.35637 acres, Knox Township.

Robin Boggess (deceased) to Ronald Boggess, part lots 43-44, Original Amsterdam.

Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp. to Ohio Department of Transportation, 0.665 acre, Steubenville Township.

Progressive C. Stores LLC to Richmond Investment Group LLC, lots 8-10, Shelly’s.

PJ Capital LLC to Urban Mission Ministries Inc., part outlot 8 and 12, Original Steubenville; part lot 6, Anderson & Donaldson; and lot 10, McLaughlin Second.

Kristy and Jason Keffer to Preston Ziegler, 1.74377 acres, Island Creek Township.

Jason and Carmella Vein to Zachary and Stacie Melesky, lot 67, Dixon Heights (survivorship).

Michael and Cathryn Kusic to Randall and Debra Noftz, 6.872 acres, Wayne Township (survivorship).

James Fanda Sr. and James Fanda II to Eric Kausky, lots 15-18, Whittens & Reynards.

Jerry Ferguson and others to Terry Keyes Jr., 0.1581 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Lisa Payovich to John Flack, metes, Springfield Township.

Charles Rawson (deceased) to Jeremiah Hinerman, lot 40, Parkdale.

Shawn and Valerie Irwin to Christine Sommers, lot 2, RB Stewart’s Heirs First.

Thomas and Janice Gardner to Tara Cottis and Thomas Gardner Jr., lot 90, Crestview Manor.

Craig Smith (deceased) to Dolores Smith, 1.976 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Frederick Leone and John Leone to John Leone and LeeAnna Leone, lots 69-70, Lincoln Terrace (survivorship).

Rita Costantini and others to Patricia Carroll, lot 46, Lawson Estates.

Velma Winland (deceased) to Marjorie Winland, lot 40, Simmons & Fosters.

Steubenville First Church of the Nazarene to Calvary Community Missionary Baptist Church, part lot 49, Simmons & F0sters.

Catherine Olivetti to Clarence and Ashley Mitchell Jr., part lot 36 and lot 37, Beverly Hills Seventh (survivorship).

Janet and Hussameldin Elsanabarry to Joseph and Leah Bressler, 0.1352 acre, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

Andrew and Joanna Bonjour to Morgan Starr and Matthew Cowser, lots 40-41, Beverly Hills Seventh; and part lot 13, Sunrise Manor (survivorship).

Dian Jang (deceased) to Mei Li, lot 108, Saltsman Fourth.

Shirley Greaves to Thomas Jones Jr. and Judith Jones, lot 22, Original Dillonvale (survivorship).

Eugene Jackson Jr. to Eugene Jackson Jr. and Stephanie Porco, lot 23, Original Dillonvale (survivorship).

William Richards to Carol and Kenneth Frye, lot 114, Upland Park.

Vincent Ryan III (deceased) to Johanna Ryan, part lot 19, Green Acres.

James Crawley and others to Dorren Perdue, lot 80, Labelle Land Co.

Juanita Panebianco to JD Home Mortgage LLC, part lots 4-6, AJ Martin’s.

Roger and Katrina Kayser to James Howell, 6.2129 acres, Knox Township.

Jeremiah and Talina Hinerman to Travis Fray, 0.6 acre, Knox Township.

Lisa and Mark Kasper to Anthony Smith and Payton Dixon, lot 4, Breezewood Manor.

Michael and Mary McVey to William Grant, lot 134, Country Club Hills.

Leroy and Chelsea McCourt to Isaac Walters, metes, Springfield Township.

David and Janet Foley to Kyle Dorsey, lot 31, Unionport.

Robin Snider-Flohr, trustee, to Tyler Campbell, metes, Wayne Township.

Breann Everhart to Ellen Everhart, part lots 13-15, Parr’s Second.

Lauren and Kyle Kull to Michael and Emily Swaykus III, lot 45, Overlook Hills.


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