Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Glenn Horne to Adele Properties LLC, lot 3, Winterdale.

Ryan Sauvain to Lawrence and Deborah Roush Sr., lot 45, Parr’s Second (survivorship).

Lucille Biggio to Stephen and Stephanie Deperte, lot 26, Country Club Village (survivorship).

Mary Lesjak to Andrew Lesjak, lot 534, Labelleview.

Edward Essig (deceased) to James and Johna Saltsman, lot 30, Alexander Manor (survivorship).

Pizza Hut of America LLC to Steubenville RE LLC, 0.695 acre, Steubenville Township.

Jason Holt to Federal National Mortgage Association, lots 14 and 16 and part lots 45, 47 and 49, Annapolis; and metes, Salem Township.

Carl and Jennifer Wagner to William and Lindsay Leake Jr., 11 acres, Brush Creek Township (survivorship).

Evelyn Flohr (deceased) to Robert Flohr, metes, Wayne Township.

John Geddis and others to Tammy Jaworski, 0.225 acre, Island Creek Township.

Jennifer and Anthony Parissi III to Matthew Walker, lot 233, Manhattan.

Susan Bruno (deceased) to John Bruno and Janet Gratzmiller, 7,500 square feet, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Family of Jacopa Association to Diocese of Steubenville, lot 1, Labelleview.

Robert Scheel (deceased) to Patricia Scheel, part lot 7, Lake Park.

Huntington National Bank to Michael Berry, part lot 287, Labelleview.

Ronald and Debra Devore Jr. to Carolyn Devore, lot 1, Circle Park Eastview.

Elizabeth Evanosky Irrevocable Trust to Michael Cutshaver, metes, Springfield Township.

Nova Crago to Kristopher Manser, metes, Springfield Township.

Lawrence and Lisa Perrone to Knoxville Real Estate Holdings LLC, metes, Knox Township.

Lance R. Tilton and Bethany Tilton to Lance R. Tilton and Carrie Tilton, part lot 15, Sunshine Park proposed (survivorship).

Rose McKnight to Michael Zullo, lot 114, Becker Highlands.

John Chase to JP Morgan Chase Bank, metes, Knox Township.

John and Frances Kincaid to Aaron and Amy Newman, lot 15, Lawson Estates (survivorship).

Margaret Buchanan, trustee, to Buchanan Properties LLC, metes, Wayne Township.

David and Alice Buchanan to Buchanan Properties LLC, 142.95 acres, Wayne Township.

Robert Stowers (deceased) to Mary Stowers, 2 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Joseph and Regina Pino to Gary Hill and Hope Golden-Hill, lot 214, Manhattan (survivorship).

Kimberly and Howard Ross to Vincent and Ruby Blasinsky, lot 43, Altamont (survivorship).

Joseph and Michelle Ighnat to Jacob and Nicolette Forrester, lot 80, Ekey’s Third (survivorship).

Montana Skinner to Karen Skinner, part lots 20-22, Wilrose Terrace.

Michael Abdalla Jr. to Michael and Johnna Abdalla Jr., metes, Knox Township (survivorship).

Bickerstaff Property Management LLC to Maria Bickerstaff, lot 633-634, Labelleview.

Chance Glover and others to Kyle Paice, metes, Salem Township.

Rachael and Brian Meier to Linda DeSanto, part lot 261, Labelleview.

Robert Caputo Jr. and others to Ted and Kathleen Duncan, lot 25, Brentwood Estates (survivorship).

James and Glenna DeBacco to Christopher Hubbard and Laken Shriver, lot 44, Eastview (survivorship).

Nancy Pudder to Paul Strovilas, lot 2, Banfield Improvement.

James and Dena Jackson to Dena Jackson, lot 10, Marsha Manor.

Jesse Merino (deceased) to Patricia Merino, part lot 1, Cable & McKinney’s; and part lot 19 and lot 20, Manley & Garrett’s Second.

David Virtue to Cheryl Parks, 0.205 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Marjorie Montonini to David and Kathryn Simmons, outlot 6, Daton’s.

Weldon Enterprises Inc. to FEX Real Estate Holdings LLC, lot 1, Peeler’s First.

Marion Ronevich (deceased) to Sandra Ronevich, lots 42-43, Original Unionport.

Raymond and Jessica Dankert to Gabriel Alexander, lots 6 and 11 and part lot 5, Anthony Clark’s.

Dale Callahan to Emma and Jacob Baugher IV, lot 54 and part lot 53, Ross Park (survivorship).

Nedra Boggs to Kirk and Trinka Schevlin, lot 28, Forest View.

Louise McLain (deceased) to Brian and Kerry Nemeth, 6.896 acres, Springfield Township (survivorship).

Fannie Mae to Hughes Development Co. LLC, 0.153 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.


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