Toronto storefront gets a facelift

AWARDED — The Toronto Coalition for Revitalization awarded Don’s Appliances in Toronto a $750 grant to help redo the outside of its storefront on North Fourth Street. Members of the community, the committee, local government and the store employees gathered outside the store to celebrate the upgrades.

TORONTO — Don’s Appliance has been a Gem City business for more than 50 years.

Owners Tim Spicer and his mother, Emma Spicer, said they originally rented the storefront at 302 N. Fourth St., but have since purchased the building and decided to give it a facelift.

“We needed to brighten it up,” Emma Spicer said. “We have this lovely community garden across the street and needed to keep up.”

Tim Spicer said when they learned the Toronto Coalition for Revitalization was offering a $750 grant to spruce up the curb appeal of businesses in the city, it was all the motivation he needed.

“It was a good incentive to get started,” he said.

The Spicers say they used the money to help with the costs of scraping, painting and repairing the woodwork outside the building and put down new outdoor carpet.

“It didn’t cover everything, but it helped,” Emma Spicer said.

Mayor John Parker said the grant helps remind people of all the city has to offer.

“It shows that small businesses are coming back to Toronto,” he said. “The storefronts are mostly full, and when the storefronts are full it puts pride back in the community. It says stay local and patronize our businesses. This is small town America.”

Don’s Appliances was started by Don Spicer, the father of Tim and husband of Emma, as part-time job to make a little extra money. It has since grown into a major business in the area, selling new and used appliances and offering in-home repairs and maintenance.

“There are not many places that still work in homes,” Tim Spicer said.


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