Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

JD Home Management LLC to James East, lot 160, Overlook Hills.

Augustine Homes Limited to Robert and Angel Murphy, part lot 10, Simmons & Foster (survivorship).

Laycee and Patrick Hammer to Hayley Argentine, lot 85, Joshua Moores Subdivision.

Christopher and Ashley Rudnick to Marissa Herrlein and Daniel Sempkowksi, 0.1033 acre, Warren Township (survivorship).

Ruth Krvel to Karen Edmond, part lot 4, Morgan & McBane’s.

Charles and Nancy Tilton to Lee Tilton, 0.56 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp. to Francis Martin, 0.097 acre, Knox Township.

Joseph and Melissa Board to James and Amy Jo Patterson, 2.6549 acres, Saline Township (survivorship).

William and Angela Schneider to Jefferson County Historical Society, lot 17, Salmon & Mooney’s First.

Gary and Evelyn Sayre to Salvador Brambilla, lot 255, Labelle.

Edward and Traci Featheringham to Edward Featheringham, part lots 2-3, Longview Park.

Patricia Laizure (deceased) to Linda Mickley, lots 15-16, Cunningham Place.

Brian and Tammy Byrley to James Hilton, 0.34 acre, Salem Township.

Susan and William Graham to Thomas McGuire, lot 85, Lake Park.

Susan Reese Living Trust to Justin Adkins, 0.15 acre, Knox Township.

Jack Fairclough (deceased) to Charlotte Fairclough, lot 2, Long & Cunningham.

Robert LaCross (deceased) to Robin Kaplun, metes and metes, Wells-Warren Township.

John Moody (deceased) to Dale & James Properties LLC, lot 33, Wrenn Wood Estates.

Theresa Humpe to Regina Elliott, lot 236, Buena Vista Heights.

Anthony Renzelli to Larry Renzelli, lot 120, Buena Vista Heights.

Deborah and John Petrozzi to Pamela and Don Cutri, lot 13, Speaker’s.

John and Debra Dumisinecz to David and Susan Graham, lot 150, Country Club Hills (survivorship).

Diane Milliken to Victoria Williams and Christopher Vaughn, lot 28, George Yurjevic’s Addition (survivorship).

Marti Smye and Lisa Madden to Anthony Dangelo, 1 acre, Brush Creek Township.

Henry Cohen and others to Antonio Magnone, lot 111, Original Steubenville.

Peter Polimeni to Patricia Polimeni, lot 27, Ross Park.

Catherine Spencer to John and Debra Dumisinecz, Unit 13, Mission Point Condos (survivorship).

Karen and Craig Polen to Kyle Prevot, lot 4, Maplewood Estates Plan No. 1

Taylor Carson to Taylor Carson and Trong Do, lot 64 and part lot 65, Country Club Estates (survivorship).

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to EXR LLC, lot 10, Original Empire.

Joseph Quattrone (deceased) to Paul Quattrone and others, lot 114, Revised Plan John Spahn’s First.

Gary and Roberta Moffat to Tyler Svihla and Heather Mixter, 0.974 acre, Springfield Township.


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