Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

John and Joyce Frey to Joyce Frey, lot 63, Belvedere.

Vern Wiant (deceased) to Darlene Wiant, 5.427 acres, Ross Township.

Joseph Mason (deceased) to Peggy Mason, part outlot 1, Watson & Thomasson First.

Linda Michalo to Brian and Dessie Phillips, 1.1371 acres, Mount Pleasant Township (survivorship).

Linda Michalo to John and Cynthia Caffana, 1.0099 acres, Mount Pleasant Township (survivorship).

Thomas Duncan (deceased) to Rebecca Duncan, lot 307, Dixon Heights No. 2.

Jessie and Wesley Templeton to Donald and Kasey Mossor Jr., lot 31, Hiland Estates (survivorship).

Kimberlie and Stephen Gressly to Matthew and Janice Townsend, lot 33, Lewis Subdivision (survivorship).

Douglas and Julie Fogle to Anthony and Hannah Vantilburg, 1.0507 acres, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

WGW Investments Limited to MDN Realty Limited, lot 26, Speaker Estates.

Donna Sutton (deceased) to Roland Sutton, 1.479 acres, Steubenville Township.

Kathryn Milligan and others to Larry and Cheryl Carothers, lots 10-11, WP Bates Allotment (survivorship).

Thomas and Roxie Carothers to Larry and Cheryl Carothers, lot 13, WP Bates Allotment; and 0.74 acre, Wayne Township (survivorship).

Matthew Trikones (deceased) to Virginia Trikones, Unit 4321, Steeple Chase.

Virginia Trikones to Carol Oklok, Unit 4321, Steeple Chase.

Timothy and Tammy McCoy to Perry Anderson and Veronica Mimna, 0.2485 acre, Smithfield Township; and part lot 106, Carr’s (survivorship).

KeyBank to Johnna Borden, lot 2, Seaton Second.

Jenna Yeager to Erik Ashmead, lot 48, Parkdale.

Teresa and Michael Givens to Corey Vadasz, part lot 605, Labelle View.

Christopher McAdoo, trustee, to Jason and Rachel Freeland, lots 1-2, Banfield Improvement (survivorship).

Joan Anderson, trustee, to Wells Fargo Bank, lot 29, John Spahn’s Third.

James Clark to Wells Fargo Bank, lots 63-64, Lincoln Terrace.

Barbara Maragos, trustee, to William Maragos, metes, Island Creek Township.

William and Cynthia Maragos to Barbara Maragos, metes, Island Creek Township.

John and Cynthia Milligan to Travis and Meghan Taylor, metes, Wayne Township (survivorship).

Michael Spain to Donald Merritt, lot 7, Brondos proposed.

Bonnie Fiddler to Don Harris, lot 77, Carr’s New Addition.

Richard and Traci Heath to Dave Boston, 1.623 acres, Mount Pleasant Township/

Hannah Hood to Thomas Hood, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Thomas Hood to Hannah Hood, lots 15-16, Matacomet Tribe Red Men No. 152; and 0.147 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Armand Fior (deceased) to Janice Fior and Dale Fior, lots 176-178, Medilla unrecorded.

George LaRue Sr. (deceased) to Kathryn LaRue, lots 27-28, WH Rodgers Second.

Deborah Stevens (deceased) to Charles Stevens III, 0.464 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

David Lloyd (deceased) to Sean Lloyd and Chelsea Lloyd, lot 127, Overlook Hills.

Todd Wells to Linda Gainer, 0.215 acre, Cross Creek Township.

James and Cecila Harris to Jonathan and Katherine Kelley, metes, Mount Pleasant Township.

Rebecca Corso and others to Jason Alazaus, 3.542 acres, Springfield Township.

Matthew Zalenski and Jennifer Buchanan to Matthew Zalenski, lot 50, Westwood Estates.

James Young (deceased) to Connie Young, part lot 4, Henry Carl’s Second.

James Young (deceased) to James Young and Tracey Young, lot 3, Carl’s Second (survivorship).

Connie Young to James Young and Tracey Young, part lot 4 an lot 3, Carl’s Second (survivorship).

Carol and Jan Benroth to David Wade Jr. and Jessica Wade, metes, Springfield Township (survivorship).

Recchie Trust to Virginia Myers, lot 64, Lawson Estates.

Warren and Myrtle Bell (both deceased) to Sandra Easton and others, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Stacie Hensley to Antoinette Alteri, lot 114, Ross Park Realty.

Larry and Kimberly Kiss Jr. to Kimberly Kiss, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Kimberly and Larry Kiss Jr. to Larry Kiss Jr., 29.049 acres, Smithfield Township.

Rebecca Frazier to James Frazier, lots 88-89, Altamont.

G&M Smith Family LLC to Jeffrey Schuetz, 0.98 acre, Steubenville Township.

Hazel Smith to Jay Simon, 6,000 square feet, Steubenville Township.

Edwin Thompson (deceased) to Madonna and Frank Tluchowski, lot 79, Beverly Hills.

Madonna and Frank Tluchowski to Craig and Denise Kelly, lot 79, Beverly Hills (survivorship).


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