The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Kasey Mossor and others to Terry Pinkerton, 0.381 acre, Island Creek Township.

Frederick Morgan (deceased) to Victoria Morgan, lots 28-30, Butte’s Beverly Hills Seventh.

Victoria Morgan to Mary Kolling, lots 28-30, Butte’s Beverly Hills Seventh.

Jefferson County Land Reutilizataion Corp. to Jason and Kelly Watkins, lot 18, Watson & Thomasson Second (survivorship).

James and Darlene Sadler to Darlene Sadler, lots 45-46, Altamont.

Housing & Urban Development to Lane and Lacey Sharpe, 1.668 acres, Knox Township (survivorship).

Dennis Peterson (deceased) top Noreen Peterson, lot 10, Alexander Manor.

Conley Marcum Sr. to Conley and Bethany Marcum Jr., lots 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 45 and 47, Middleburg.

Marlene Dunn to Steubenville City School Board, part lots 420-421, Ross First.

Robert and Marlene McDonald to Robert and Nicole McDonald II, part lot 173, Robert Clark’s Third (survivorship).

Clearvue Capital Corp. to RonBob Rentals LLC, lot 13, Westwood Estates.

Daniel Everhart to Zachery Renforth, lots 36-37, McNeals Heirs.

Howard and Anne Peterson to HR Professional Holdings LLC, part lot 40, Labelleview.

Vivian and Stephen Luzar to Vivian Luzar and John Carroll II, 2 acres, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

Ruth Burley to Vivian Luzar, 2 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Louann and Billy Hodges to Vivian Luzar and John Carroll II, 2 acres, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

Kellie and Laurentill Calita to Vivian Luzar and John Carroll II, 2 acres, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

Leonard and Colleen Clower to Vivian Luzar, 2 acre, Well-Warren Township.

Advantage RE LLC to Huntington National Bank, part lot 287, Labelleview.

Lawrence Roush to Laurie and William Cunningham, lot 6, John Barrett’s Addition (survivorship).

Charles Simpson and others to Joel and Ashley Robertson Jr., lots 16-17, Banfield Improvement (survivorship).

Mercedes Calderie Irrevocable Trust to John Brown Jr. and Kelly Dayton, lot 40, Forest View (survivorship).

Deborah Elias to Bozich Properties LLC, 2.4703 acres, Island Creek Township.

Barbara Molinaro to Paul and Christine Molinaro, metes, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

June Crago to Robert and Kelly Lamantia, metes, Salem Township (survivorship).

Helen Pesta to Todd Scott, lot 53, Frank Murphy’s Second.

Charles and Jennifer Maxwell to Ronald and Mary Reece, 0.753 acre, Warren Township (survivorship).

Todd Puch and others to Geno Morelli & Sons Inc., 56.581 acres, Smithfield Township.

CR 2018 LLC to Walter Peitrowski, lots 8 and 10, Long & Cunningham Second.

David Reece Sr. to Devon Bragg, part lot 92, Joshua Moore’s.

Todd and Tina Piergallini to Scott and Kim Kinyo, 2.2173 acres, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

Lloyd Moore (deceased) to Gwendolyn Moore, 0.142 acre, Wells Township.

Nathan and Kortney Slussar to John Reed III, lot 261, Dixon Heights No. 2.

Anthony Mining Co. to Wintersville Equities LLC, metes, Cross Creek Township; and lots 20-24 and part lot 19, Longview Park.

James Figurski Sr. (deceased) to Frances Figurski, 0.6275 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Bertha Davis (deceased) to Norina Oldham, lot 2, Manley & Garrett’s Third.

Amy Jo Humpe to Kenneth Humpe, 1.25 acres, Island Creek Township.

Jamie Holtz to Shawn Holtz, lot 16, Brentwood Estates.

Marjorie Parker to David Baker and Jaileen Baker, 0.164 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Deanna Wells to Allen Waldman, metes, Smithfield Township.


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