The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Bonita Stewart (deceased) to Natalie Boyle and Lindsey Stewart, lot 156, Overlook Hills.

Philip Icuss III to Jasen Ryan, part lot 170, Buena Vista Heights.

Sherry Jackson and others to Sean Lash, lot 23, Brentwood Estates.

Karen Cooper and others to William Speaker, metes, Island Creek Township.

CF Bank to JD Home Management LLC, lot 35, Overlook Hills.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to JD Home Management, lot 293, Manhattan.

Jonathan and Rebecca Sanford to William and Margaret Staniszewski, lot 257 and part lot 256, Buena Vista Heights (survivorship).

Steven and Heather Thomas to Ian Whittington and Amber Littler, lots 146-147, Beverly Hills (survivorship).

Cory and Julia Keeder to Jeffrey and Trena Moyer, 7.265 acres, Springfield Township (survivorship).

Virginia and Thomas Glenn to Marcus and Alysanna Rawson, 16.969 acres, Ross Township (survivorship).

JD Home Management LLC to Anthony Parissi, lots 51-52, Longview.

Georgia Jordan to Nico Treglia, lot 52, Glendwell.

Claudia Norris (deceased) to Joseph Werner and others, lot 155, Altamont.

Cynthia Williamson and others to Victoria Porter, lot 155, Altamont.

John and Deanna Borsch to Danielle Anderson, lot 5, St. John’s Heights.

Jacob Boughan to Terry Barcus, 1.083 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Christopher and Lacey Boughan to Terry Barcus, 1.355 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Ohio Edison Co. to Shelly & Sands Inc., lots 59-64, Original Warrenton.

Matthew Thibault to Christopher Randolph, 1.642 acres, Salem Township.

Richard and Mary Ann Andersen to Shane Parker, lots 19-21, Lewis Subdivision.

Kenneth Carter (deceased) to Susan Carter, metes, Salem Township.

Edward Kachur (deceased) to Joyce Kachur, lot 12, Plummer Haynes Subdivision.

Linda and Francis Caputo to Deborah Thompson and Roy Blackburn, metes, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

Diocese of Steubenville to Anthony Mining Co., part lot 19, Longview.

Frank and Catherine Kosikowski to CitiMortgage Inc., lot 31, Karen Place.

Daniel Doyle to Heather and Steven Thomas, part tract 12, Buena Vista Heights.

Rose Covo to Edward Zombek, 0.62 acre, Island Creek Township.

Saalih Muhammad to Black Face 5 LLC, part lot 165, Pleasant Heights Addition.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Paul Shepherd, lot 53, Labelle View.

Shirley Heskett to Charles Duvall, 1.579 acres, Warren Township.

Aaron and Julia Hunt to Lynda Keenan and Michael Bell, 0.492 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Edwin and Shari Williamson to Shirley Adamski, lot 46, Forest View.

Gary Menhorn (deceased) to Sandra Menhorn, metes, Smithfield Township.

Anthony DeSarro (deceased) to Florence DeSarro, lot 21, Westwood Estates.

Jeannette Krupinski (deceased) to John Krupinski, lots 8-9, Walkers Second.

Patricia Howard (deceased) to Walter Howard, lot 534, Labelleview Land Co,

Roger Gazzola (deceased) to Doris Gazzola, lot 21, Kithcart & Cole Second.

Doris Gazzola to Lisa Sebring and R. Craig Gazzola, lot 21, Kithcart & Cole Second.

Chester Makuch (deceased) to Kimberlee Vince and others, 13,590 square feet, Smithfield Township.

Brandi and Brian Turner to Jennifer Overton, lot 95, McLaughlin’s Heirs First.

Uphill Property Investment LLC to Dylan and Casey Czoka, lot 3, John Cominotti’s proposed first.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, 1.012 acres, Knox Township.

Christine Barrett to George and Deana Brown, lot 12, Barone’s Allotment 1 (survivorship).

Joan Becher to Michael Becher, part lots 97, 89 and 16 and lot 18, Smithfield.

Ricardo Marsili (deceased) to Gina Spears, 1 acre, Smithfield.

US Bank to Zteem VJM Investments LLC, 1.001 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Peter Barilla (deceased) to Cheryl Porter, lot 176, Becker Highlands.

Virginia Minch (deceased) to Janine Minch and others, lot 50, Murphy’s Second.

American Advisors Group to Van Flesher, 2.078 acres, Steubenville Township.

Geary and Karen Bates to Billie Jo and Paul Haught Jr., lots 17-19, Fernwood Estates No. 2 (survivorship).

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Fannie Mae, 0.8 acre, Knox Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Lance Wargo, part lot 19, James Myers First.

Walk Kubat to Susan Kubat, lot 43, Belvedere.

Donald Adkins (deceased) to Everette Adkins and others, 8.77 acres, Ross Township.

US Bank to John and Mary Thelen, 1.41 acres, Salem Township.

Kirsten and Daniel Fisher to Savannah Robertson, lot 19, Beechwood.

Jevin Leggett to Jonah Haught, 1 acre, Knox Township.

Rick and Barbara Ogden Sr. to James and Stephanie Dailey, lot 85, Lower Allotment Glenn Robbins (survivorship).

Harvey Hilderbrand (deceased) to Janice Ramsey and others, 2 acres, Island Creek Township.

Marka Minch to Sarah Minch, lot 15, Sunrise Terrace No. 1.

Annette Grand and Dino Magazzeni to Carla Lawrence, lot 20, Jefferson Heights.

Tomasso and Monica Velerio to Kristen and Daniel Fisher, lot 90, Revised John Spahn’s First.

James Carter Jr. (deceased) to Sharon Scholl, 5.0288 acres, Island Creek Township.

Mica McFadden to Greg McFadden, lot 69, Green Acres.

Dawn Powell to Mary Thomas, lot 75, Ross Park Realty.

Fannie Mae to Jermaine Kelley, lots 66-67, John Spahn’s First.

Rodney and Carol Rush to Christopher Nickoson, 1 acre, Island Creek Township.

George Gossage (deceased) to Deborah Bailey and others, metes, Knox Township.

Joann Shepherd (deceased) to Eric Stoddart, lot 35, Edward’s proposed.

Columbia Gas Of Ohio Inc. to Holy Resurrection Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church, lot 27, Grandview.

Michael and Gwendolyn Sullivan to Donald Musacchio and Kathleen Coupland Musaccio, lot 114, Labelle View (survivorship).

Lyle and Ronda Tipton to Ronald Brown, metes, Smithfield Township.

Jasper Dallas and others to George and Norma Pernick, metes, Warren Township.

Debra White (deceased) to Charles White, 74.067 acres, Knox Township.

Harry Cooper (deceased) to Tanya Cooper, metes, Knox Township.

Deborah Fabian to Lacey and Sirena Dokes, lot 44, Becker Highlands.

Robert Jordan (deceased) to Sherri Gault, lot 113, Ross Park.

Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp. to Mark Baker, lot 25, North Hill.

Marjorie Baer and others to Carol and Jan Benroth, 0.057 acre, Springfield Township (survivorship).

Fred and Marie Polen III to Nicholas and Marie Ayers, 15.588 acres, Ross Township (survivorship).

Fred and Marie Polen III to Samuel and Deanna Polen, metes, Ross Township (survivorship).

William Myers (deceased) to Clara Myers, metes, Springfield Township.

Ralph and Margaret Wise to Linda Wise, lots 14, 15, 28 and part lot 29, Lewis.

Kathryn Easterday to Lauren Gilmore, lot 53, Riviera Tract.

William East to Judy Manfred and Michael Banovsky, 0.435 acre, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

Gerald Thomas Jr. to Nicole Slonaker, art lots 10-12, AJ Martin’s.

Dorothy Julian (deceased) to Mark Julian and Rick Julian, lot 515 and part lot 516, Labelleview.

Patrick Howell to Diane Walker, metes, Salem Township.

Walter and Jean Plewniak (both deceased) to Lisa Plewniak, 0.833 acre, Smithfield Township; and lot 1, Lupton & Patterson.

Marlene Dunn to Rocky and Amanda Sheppard, lot 23, Crestview No. 2 (survivorship).

William and Tina Mehl to Turner Lee LLC, 47.049 acres, Warren Township.

Cheyenne Realty Inc. to Daniel and Rachel Bean, lot 26, Beechwood (survivorship).

Carla Lawrence and Dino Magazzeni to Annette Grant, lot 65, Buena Vista Heights.

Jody Taylor to Larry Pownall, 0.2755 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Avery Miller (deceased) to Cheryl Miller, 1 acre, Salem Township.

William Marker Jr. (deceased) to Kayla Marker and Autumn Marker, lot 9, Riviera Tract Beverly Hills.

Alaina Palmer and Ryel Tedrow to Howard Peterson III, part lot 40, Labelle View.

Keith and Melinda Miller to Austin Martin, lots 12-13, George Myer’s unrecorded.