Capital Recovery Systems reaches milestone

COLUMBUS — Capital Recovery Systems Inc., a full-service receivables management and debt collection agency serving the local government sector, has reached the $250 million collection milestone for its Ohio government clients.

“We are quite proud of reaching this milestone,” said Dennis Johnson, vice president of the firm that has a call center in Steubenville. “When our senior management team got together recently, our director of sales, Phil Cornell, reminded us all that we went over the $250 million mark about midway through February. This milestone is not only big for our organization, but for citizens and taxpayers in hundreds of Ohio counties, municipalities and villages.”

Johnson said CRS has returned huge sums of revenue to local governments at no cost to the taxpayer, their legislative authorities or from local court budgets all due to an Ohio statute that allows courts to add the cost of collection to the defendant.

“That statute is a great example of our Legislature working with local governments to give them the tools to generate revenue without raising taxes, fees and court costs,” Johnson said. “Many of our clients have told us that the additional money recovered by CRS has saved jobs, kept court costs down and, in some cases, was the difference in upgrading and building new facilities. We hear stories all the time about how local governments are struggling to meet their budgets, and we frequently see cuts to critical government functions like police departments and community programs. Using outside debt collection is not always the popular thing to do, but it shows our clients’ dedication to keeping costs down in order to best serve their community.”

CRS was founded in 1997 and also has a call center in Columbus. The focus of the company is on the collection of government debt, and more specifically, collecting outstanding fines and costs for courts, as well as delinquent taxes.

The company has more than 500 government clients in 15 states across the country.


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