Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Tyler Sviha to Heather Mixter, 1.156 acres, Springfield Township.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Jennifer Blackwelder, lot 13, Hendrickson Tract unrecorded.

Erik and Angalena Takach to Devin Carothers, part lots 12 and 14, Original Smithfield.

Erik Hughes to US Bank, part lot 92, Labelle View.

Robert and Joyce Besece to Scott Murie and others, 162.18 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Bertha Wick (deceased) to William and Cynthia Davis, 0.4134 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

Ed and Christina Chambers to Second Baptist Church of Steubenville, part lots 483-484, Dickinson’s.

Amelia Fisher to Richard and Jane Antonucci, part lot 2 and lot 3, Beverly Hills Seventh (survivorship).

Powdered Foods to Edenculture, metes and metes, Island Creek Township; and lots 23, 36, 38-47, 49, 79 and 83-85, Ridgeland.

Paula Thomas to Nickolas Stuewe, lot 30, Pleasant Hills Improvement.

Kathleen Madigan to Burke Sullivan, lot 8, John Spahn’s Second.

Rita Dukes to Robert and Nicole McDonald, lot 39, Carnegie Court (survivorship).

David and Alexis Gaines to Imperio Enterprises LLC, part lot 298, Labelle Land.

Carol Flynn to Richard and Jane Antonucci, part lot 2 and lot 3, Beverly Hills Seventh (survivorship).

Gabriel and Aysha Fisher to Richard and Jane Antonucci, part lot 2 and lot 3, Beverly Hills Seventh (survivorship).

Maria Fisher to Richard and Jane Antonucci, part lot 2 and lot 3, Beverly Hills Seventh (survivorship).

David and Winifred Stone to Joshua Carney, metes, Springfield Township.

ARC IRA Trust No. 1 to Darren and Angela Stewart, lot 8, Parr’s Second.

Charles Pace to Charles Pace and Paula Willison, metes, Salem Township.

Erin and Lisa Jarvis to E&L Propertys LLC, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Gregory and Michelle Whitehurst to Brandon Cunningham, lot 39, Steubenville Pottery First.

Gary and Kim Beebe to Richard and Keely Sickles, 0.403 acre, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Galen Wade to Karen and Ronald Bird, lot 55, Forest View (survivorship).

James Robinson (deceased) to Jerri Robinson, metes, Warren Township.

Lawrence Murray Jr. to Terry Ruckman, lot 1, Gerke’s.

Mary Jo and Stephen Parello to Alyssa Glasure, part lots 31-32, Potters & Sherrard’s First.

Terrence Saho Jr. and Olha Klanisada to Nancy Tucker, lot 8, Isaac Lewis Addition.

Joseph Paolisso and Joanna Cecil to Joseph Paolisso, 1 acre, Island Creek Township.

Minnie Merick (deceased) to E. Jane Voganec and others, metes, Steubenville Township.

Raymond Schoonmaker (deceased) to Donna Schoonmaker, part lot 8, Stewart Heir’s.

Jefferson County Commissioners to Jefferson County Port Authority, 4.8362 acres, Island Creek Township.

Denise Bevins to Jefferson County Land Reutilization, part lot 31, Original Amsterdam.

Connie Pflugh to George Pflugh, 0.369 acre, Island Creek Township.

Stella Bender (deceased) to Mary Duckworth and others, lot 157, Ross Park Realty.

Mary Duckworth and others to Maxanna Brooks, lot 157, Ross Park Realty.

CR 2018 LLC to Canella Capital LLC, part lot s103-104, Lincoln Terrace.

Korie Cronin to Dana and Diana Ohalek, lots 8-9, Sunny Acres (survivorship).

Roy and Robin Michalo to Roy Michalo, metes, Mount Pleasant Township; and lots 9-14, Walker’s.

Robert and Margaret Maier to Sherry and David Mitchell, 12.05 acres, Knox Township (survivorship).

Sylvia Livingston to Brian Livingston, 0.5 acre, Salem Township.

Glenna Yocum (deceased) to Gretchen Abner, lots 88-89, Banfield unrecorded; lot 35 and part lot 34, Carnegie Court; and lot 10, Banfield Improvement Co. Revised.

Jefferson County Land Reutilitzation Corp. to Edwin Morris, 0.089 acre, Steubenville Township.


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