The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Valerie Rossi to James Rossi, part lot 43, Beall & Steele Addition.

James and Connie Miller to Eric Miller, 110 acres, Springfield Township.

Laura Summers and Donald Whitehead to Midfirst Bank, lot 7, Lincoln Heights.

Robert and Sandra Santicola to Christopher and Crystal Hatcher, lot 2, Murphy’s (survivorship).

Matthew Hanlin (deceased) to Celestia Hanlin, lot 11, Schneider’s.

Dan Falasca to Richard and Necole Hritz Jr., lot 22, Spahn’s Third.

Misty Bitgood to Brian Bitgood, lot 145, Bergholz.

Nathan Watkins to Christian Watkins, 0.33 acre, Knox Township.

Pauline Campbell to Roy Jarman, lot 8, Charlestown.

Ryan Ellis to Melissa Simoncic, 1.135 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Lois Hamilton (deceased) to David and Patricia Toth, metes, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Curry Family Revocable Living Trust to Ohio Department of Transportation, part lots 2-3, Seaton First.

James Talbot (deceased) to Ruth Talbot, 3.628 acres, Springfield Township.

Carolyn Devore to Ronald and Debra Devore Jr., lot 1, Circle Park Eastview (survivorship).

Eddy and Robin Beranek to Andy and Kristin Beranek Sr., lot 71, Watson & Thomasson Fifth (survivorship).

Eddy and Robin Beranek to Adam and Heather Beranek, lot 73, Watson & Thomasson Fifth (survivorship).

Becky Steiner to Chad Steiner, 100 acres, Smithfield Township; and metes, Mount Pleasant Township.

Thomas Oiler Sr. (deceased) to Virginia Oiler, metes, Wayne Township.

Tammy Boka to Cionni Properties LLC, 5.0222 acres, Wells Township.

Hunthavens LLC to Milton and Vickie Newsom, lot 98, Sunset Gardens No. 2 (survivorship).

Archie and Raylene Francis to Linda DeSanto, lots 22-23, Linduff Estate.

Thomas Brennan to Valerie Ragusa, lot 192, Lincoln Heights.

Caleb Shepard to Laura Shepard, lot 6, Original New Alexandria.

Christopher and Crystal Hatcher to Diane Whitaker, lot 249, Buena Vista Heights.

Thomas Spragge to David Martin, metes, Brush Creek Township.

Lawrence and Cheryl Barrett to Jeremy and Randi Barrett, 9.43 acres, Ross Township (survivorship).

Black Diamond Minerals & Gas LLC to Michael and Beverly Arajakis Sr., 12.176 acres, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

John Tubaugh (deceased) to Nancy Tubaugh, lots 83-90, Helmick’s.

Nancy Tubaugh to Archie and Delores Smuck, lots 83-90, Helmick’s.

Crystal Ault to Matthew and Colleen Shepherd, part lot 12, Ross Second (survivorship).

Robert Bucklew to David McGuire, metes, Island Creek Township; and lots 118, 69 and 117, Sunset Lake.

Shirley Hayes to Zachary and Kaitlyn Hennis, lot 63, Overlook Hills (survivorship).

JR Home Management LLC to Allen and Shirley Kinyo, lot 5, Country Club Village (survivorship).

Bedway Land & Minerals Co. to Adena Hunting & Fishing Club, 10.26 acres, Smithfield Township.

Phyllis Starr to Strike Force East LLC, lot 7-8, Hunters First.

Mary Underwood to Charles Bowman, part lot 35, Hiland Estates.

John and Sharon McNab to 2600 Sunset Properties LLC, 0.3228 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Primo and Marian DiCarlo to Addison Keller, lot 33, Lagrange Original.

Jerjan Rentals Inc. to Jefferson County Land Reuitilization Corp., part lot 1, Pleasant Heights Improvement.

Sandra Nicholson and Tonnie Fomenko to William Burns, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Allen and Shirley Kinyo to Jamie Reducha, lot 45, Belvedere.

Joshua and Karlie Bielski to Jacob Hoffman, 1.5 acre, Island Creek Township.

Fredrick Fugate to Anthony Thorne, part lot 136, Labelle View.

Constantine and Lisa Kirlangittis to Zachary Collins and Dakota Collins, lot 5, Garden Acres (survivorship).

Betty Bozman (deceased) to Sally Pelmeri, lot 168, Altamont.

Carolyn McKean (deceased) to William McKean Sr., 120.49 acres, Island Creek Township.

Dennis Nelson to Dennis and Danielle Nelson, metes, Warren Township.

Robert and Marlene McDonald to Robert and Nicole McDonald Jr., lots 188-119, Robert Clark’s Second (survivorship).

Lloyd Moore (deceased) to Gwendolyn Moore, lot 123, Spaulding Second.

David and Stephanie Brenat to Ian Anderson, lot 52, Steubenville Pottery Co. First.

DSV SPV 3 LLC to Alan Investments III LLC, lot 240 and part lot 239, Labelle View.

John and Rita Riley Jr. to Platinum Real Estate Investments LLC, lots 16-18, Banfield Improvement; and lots 11-13, Volmer’s Second.

Fannie Mae to Capstone Development Group LLC, lots 44-45, Forest View.

DK Property Holdings LLC to Douglas Ward, lot 2, Ekey’s Third.

Jean Bay (deceased) to Patricia Hodges, lot 16, Martin Andrew’s.

Helen Grimm (deceased) to Gary Grimm, lots 8-9 and part lot 7, Tilbert Estates.

Rosaria Scaffidi (deceased) to Charles Scaffidi, 0.119 acre, Steubenville Township.

Cheryl Taylor to Robert Champion, 41.244 acres, Springfield Township.

Stanley Lesinski (deceased) to James Lesinski, lot 30, Brentwood Estates.

Michael DeAngelo (deceased) to Elghalia DeAngelo, part lot 41, Wagner & McEldowney’s.

Nancy Malin and others to Richard Kokiko, 1.63 acres, Smithfield Township.

Barbara Bills (deceased) to Mari Jo Young, lot 24 and part lot 25, Moon Valley Estates.

Fred and Mari Jo Young to James and Sarah Houser, 0.23 acre, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Shawn and Valerie Irwin to Kelly Williams and Joni Kabana, lot F, George Myer’s (survivorship).

Judy Manfred and Michael Banovsky to Petrella Enterprises, part lot 28, Beall & Steele’s.

Skyline Farms Inc. to Meghan and Travis Taylor, 41.5 acres, Wayne Township (survivorship).

Charles Griffith and others to Carl Ramsey and Chassidy Loutfi, part lots 3-4, Hilsinger’s First (survivorship).

Dorothy Vudrogovic (deceased) to Martha Kamerer, lot 3, Eastview.