Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Deborah Thompson to Patrick Geary, metes, Steubenville Township.

Elizabeth Eisnaugle and others to Billy and Odessa O’Quin, 1 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Joseph and Diane Matthews to Itama Development Association, lots 28, 29, 44 and 45 and part lot 43, Original Brilliant.

Joseph Jackman (deceased) to James Jackman and others, metes, Salem Township; and 32.06 acres, Island Creek Township.

Ralph Stinard Jr. and others to Robson and Lindsay Santos, lot 218, Country Club Estates (survivorship).

Raymond and Linda Wise to David and Alexis Smith, part lot 157 and lot 158, Walker Second (survivorship).

Jason Baker to John and Abigail Andriano, lot 33, Ekey’s Third (survivorship).

Rose Anticole to Helen Casto, lot 38, Buena Vista Heights.

Mary Putnam (deceased) to Sheryl Maple, 1.423695 acres, Salem Township.

Paul and Kathleen DiStefano to George Crim II, lot 11, Murphy First.

Wesley Morgan to Steubenville Board of Education, part lots 7-8, Salmon & Mooney’s Second.

Jefferson County Historical Association to Steubenville Board of Education, lots 1, 2 and 5, Salmon & Money’s Second.

Jennifer Duck to Kevin Duck and Jennifer Duck, lot 90, Highland City (survivorship).

Elwin Saiter and others to John Schultz and Cynthia Schultz, metes, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

Flora Cooper to Paul Cooper, lots 48-49, Moores.

Carol Vandine to James and Jennifer Simms Jr., metes, Wayne Township (survivorship).

Joseph Vendetta to Timothy and Jessica O’Dell, lot 7, Circle Park (survivorship).

Ann Shorac to David and Christine Zatta, lots 2-3, Dougherty No. 1 (survivorship).

Jefferson County Educational Service Center to Jefferson County Port Authority, part lot 1, Jefferson County Industrial Park.

Jefferson County Port Authority to Jefferson County Commissioners, part lot 1, Jefferson County Industrial Park.

Michael and Emily McManus to Dennis and Nancy Moore, lot 221, Manhattan Subdivision (survivorship).

Steven Nowalk to Tye Levi and Rachael June, lot 79, Sunset Gardens (survivorship).

Dawn Powell to Bradley and Kaycee, lot 33, Marie Estates (survivorship).

Joseph DeCesare and others to Christopher Danko, lot 39, Swickards Third.

Tommy Mills Sr., trustee, to Brian Swickard, 2.494 acres, Island Creek Township.

Stephen and Sheryl Hughes to Steven and Cindy Lawver, 1.0055 acres, Cross Creek Township.

One Way United Charitable Trust to Peak Ohio Properties LLC, lot 6, William Seaton First Addition.

Bradley and Kaydee Piko to Theresa Humpe, lot 68, Brentwood Estates Second.

Robert and Jeanetta Martinez to Anna VanKirk, lot 37, Brentwood Estates Second.

Mary Armstrong to Scott and Shelley Armstrong, 83.773 acres, Warren Township (survivorship).

Adela Properties LLC to Brandon and Tonica Crawford, part lot 44, Labelle Land Co. (survivorship).

Wells Township to Brilliant Water and Sewer District, lot 17 and part of lot 18, Lagrange.

Jefferson County Land Reuitilization Corp. to Wells Township Haunted House, part lot 41, Original Brilliant.

Jerome Soloman (deceased) to Joseph Solomon, lot 86, Walton Acres No. 2; and 4,485 square feet, Knox Township.

John Liberatore (deceased) to Eleanor Liberatore, lot 7, Circle Park.

Jennifer Sarlo (deceased) to Robin Chambers and Abby Chambers, 0.851 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Sheriff of Jefferson County to JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Corp., lot 32, Kithcart & Coles First; and lot 17, WL Medill Subdivision.

Juanita Barcus (deceased) to Bernice Eugeni and Robert Barcus, metes, Steubenville Township.

Sean and Raeann Daly to John and Gloria Purro, 6.094 acres, Wayne Township.

Harold and Jingyun Bailey Jr. to Thomas Babella, lot 16, Pleasant Heights Improvement.

Eugene and Teresa Sipos to Helen Sipos and Delores Titus, 14.79 acres, Wayne Township (survivorship).

Jonna Miller to Anthony Aldridge, 0.34 acre, Knox Township.

James and Marie Crawley to Da’Ton Feaster and Leslie Shaffer, lots 218-219, Manhattan Subdivision (survivorship).

Kevin and Lisa McConnell to Bryan and Katie Mills, part lots 8-9, John Spahn’s First (survivorship).

Shirley Carpenter to Sue Cutri and Sheryl Carpenter, metes, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

John and Maureen Zareski to R. Douglas Owen, 0.29 acre, Knox Township.

Scott Cowher to Kevin and Lisa Burch, lot 125, Becker Highlands (survivorship).

Jack Neale (deceased) to Barry Neale, 0.534 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

Sylvia Mihalko (deceased) to John Mihalko, lot 97, Country Club Estates.

Richard and Amber Crawford to Garrett Trenary, part lot 68 and 141, Original Irondale.

Rickey and Trina Ferguson to Joseph Paolisso and Joanna Cecil, 1 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Terry Shean (deceased) to Scott Shean, metes, Ross Township.

Scott Shean to Nicole Rohrer, metes, Ross Township.