Real estate transfers

The following real estate transaction were recorded in Jefferson County:

Michelina Carducci to Michelina Carducci and Frank Carducci, lot 12, Green Acres (survivorship).

Manuel and Carol Garcia Jr. to Ashley Bradley, 0.56 acre, Smithfield Township.

Judith Lucas to Christopher and Amy Howell, lot 51, Sunset Gardens (survivorship).

Benjamin Bowers to Ryan and Cherie Ramsey, lot 14, Laurel Hills Estates Plan 1 (survivorship).

Jace and Emily Pearson to Brandy Thorne, 0.62 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Walter Dombroski Jr. to Denise Todoroff and others, metes, Mount Pleasant Township.

Linda and Bryan Zack to Terry and Kylee Kimble, lots 136-137, David Spauldings’s Second (survivorship).

Leona Hoffman to Ryan Durbin, 0.1649 acre, Smithfield Township.

Donald Masters (deceased) to Betty Masters, lot 259, Dixon Heights No. 2.

Ronald Desimone to Anthony and Kelly Desimone, lot 20, Brentwood Estates.

Susan and Neal Probert to Donna Summer Dennis, lot 621, Labelleview Plan of Lots.

Peter Vujanovich (deceased) to Rhea Vujanovich, lot 29, Hilsinger unrecorded; and lot 10, Banfield Improvement.

Jack Fowler LLC to John and Mary Dudley, part lots 118-120, Walker’s Second (survivorship).

Matthew Miller and Brianne Hess to Robert and Michele Johnson, 0.897216 acre, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Castlerock 2017 LLC to Cody and Tiffany Baker, lot 44, Ross Park Realty.

Sisters of Reparation Most Sacred Heart to Aaron and Staci Heldreth, 1.087 acres, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Janie Minor to Wayne Walker, lot 555 and part lots 101, 85 and 86, Labelle; and part lot 197, Pleasant Heights.

US Bank to Brodie Stutzman, part lots 169-170, Labelleview.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to First National Bank, lot 74, Overlook Hills.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to US Bank, part lots 188-190, Pleasant Heights.

Judith Ferry (deceased) to Bridget Lease, lots 1-2, Morgan & Hunters Fifth.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to US Bank, lots 9-10, Saltsman & Goucher’s.

Arthur and Beckie Fowler Jr. to John Geddis III and Jim Elia, lot 4, Banfield Improvement.

US Bank to Donald Thomas, part lot 69, Original Bloomingdale.

Elaine Bilek and others to Short Creek Sportsmans Club, metes, Smithfield Township.

Kathleen Biesiada, trustee, to Short Creek Sportsmans Club, metes, Smithfield Township.

Honradez Investment Group LLC to Paul Bonecutter, lot 3, North Steubenville Subdivision.

Ryan and Cherie Ramsey to Jody Eynon, 1.002486 acres, Salem Township.

Fannie Mae to El Concept LLC, part lot 88, Labelle View.

Wells Fargo Bank to Housing & Urban Development, lot 187, Country Club Estates.


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