Real Estate Transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

David and Donna Iachini to Harmonium Project Inc., part lots 20-21, Ross Second.

Leon Camerlengo, trustee, to Tom Garvey, lot 16, Samuel & Tracy proposed.

Juanita and Alan Harding to Juanita Harding, 1.004 acres, Ross Township.

Castle 1016 LLC to Competitive Properties LLC, lot 2, Starr’s First.

Debra and Mark Roe to Edward Wittmer, 0.1324 acre, Wells Township.

Justin and Melinda Newburn to Russell and Carol Taormina, 0.72 acre, Springfield Township (survivorship).

Nick Mavromatis to Connie Mavromatis, part lot 28, Waggoner & McEldowney.

Diane Meeks to Nicholas Davidson, lots 3 and 17, Lewis Addition.

Sandra Burkey to Bryan Burkey, lot 4, Frances Cooper Subdivision.

Antonio and Dawn Scaffidi to Donald Marker II, lots 10-11, Starkdale Manor.

Marc Bjelac and others to Alan Morabeto and others, lot 56, John Spahn Third (survivorship).

Thomas and Sarah Gentile to Regis and Karen Holzworth, 1.255 acres, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Helene Holman to Alan and Brittany Stevens, lot 25, Rodgers Second (survivorship).

Norma and James Ryan to Kerri Connell, lot 15, Winterdale.

Irene Popivchak (deceased) to Kenneth Robinson Jr., and Jacqueline Kollar, part lot 7, McFadden & Goucher.

Thelma Buchmelter (deceased) to John Buchmelter III, part lot 64, Murphy Second.

Theresa Comisso and others to Like A Rock LLC, lot 579, Labelleview; and part lot 6, Draper’s.

Jane Daugherty to Carla Gonzalez, 6.3301 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Charles Bryan and others to Ginny and Kevin Vahalik, 0.486 acre, Salem Township (survivorship).

Jefferson Behavioral Health System to Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County, part lot 3, Hays.

US Bank to Tara and Christopher Trickett, lots 14-15, Harmony.

David and Cindy Ciafardone to Jeffrey Frattini Sr., lot 8, Risher’s.

Tina Riggs-Sherman to Amanda Kirkman, metes, Springfield Township.

Harriet Stevenson (deceased) to Robert Stevenson, part lot 38, Winterdale.

Linda Kotlas to Michael Kotlas and Robert Kotlas, lot 34, Monte-Nere Estates.

Bickerstaff Property Management LLC to Lascelles Powell, lot 1, Yurjevic.

Jeffrey and Karen Garrison to Columbia Gas of Ohio Inc., lot 12, Speaker Heirs.


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