Real Estate Transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Mill Run Rental Properties LLC and others to Wilham Hoyt and others, lot 375, Labelleview.

David Rosenberger (deceased) to Cynthia Rosenberger, metes, Knox Township.

Tina Rosenberger to Cynthia Rosenberger, 1.29 acres, Knox Township.

Carla Corona to Carla and Leonard Corona III, 49.36 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Russell Zifzal (deceased) to Timothy Zifzal, 1.124 acres, Smithfield Township.

Peggy Pizek to Thomas and Amanda Burchfield, lot 6, Seven Oaks.

Charlotte Mistak to Cody Collette, lot 5, Edward Jones Farm Subdivision.

Margaret Hood to Terry and Rebecca Ltynski, 1.578 acres, Brush Creek Township (survivorship).

Homer Hilty (deceased) to Judith Hilty, 0.19 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Mark Whitaker (deceased) to Aimee Whitaker, 0.308 acre, Steubenville Township.

Paul Bilchak (deceased) to Mark Bilchak, 0.553 acre, Knox Township.

James and Katherine McDonald to State of Ohio, lots 9-10, Rodger’s First.

Hancock County Savings Bank to Taylor Cain, 0.574 acre, Salem Township.

James Bucci to James and Susan Bucci, lot 10, Brady proposed (survivorship).

Diane and Wayne McCraken to George Lollathin Jr., lot 23, Watson & Thomasson’s Second.

James Chanoski to Shirley Sawko, 0.386 acre, Smithfield Township.

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Andrew and Amanda Krupinski, metes, Smithfield Township.

James and Susan Bucci to Nickolas Fornsaglio, lot 18, Spahn’s Third.

Cheryl Bartholomew to Tyler Grafton, 25 acres, Island Creek Township.

Thomas and Peggy Bower to Leland Bainbridge, 0.234 acre, Cross Creek Township.

MVP Bakery LLC to Cedar One Investments LLC, lot 23, Glendwell.

Richmond Mill Inc. to C. William Industries Limited, lot 60, Marie Dale.

Lisa DiCarlantonio (deceased) to Walter DiCarlantonio, part lot 172 and lots 173, County Club Estates.

US Bank to Alan Investments III LLC, lot 240 and part lot 239, Labelleview Plan.

Charles Antonacci (deceased) to Eric Antonacci, 0.38 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Deutsche Bank to Chris Heilman, lot 10, Ridgeland.

Edgar and Wanda Tucker to Jeffrey and Tracy Vitek, metes, Smithfield Township.

Lisa and Stephen Beaver to Wayne Kirk, metes, Mount Pleasant Township.

Gerald Cornish Jr. to Douglas and Lisa Snodgrass, 2 acres, Island Creek Township.

Tamela Younkins to Thomas Younkins Jr., 5.507 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Susan Sands to Paul Faulkner, 5.507 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Carol Snyder to Paul Faulkner, 5.507 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Louis Dulesky to Mary Dulesky, lot 3, Hammond Brothers.

US Bank to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, lots 10-11, Medcalf’s.

James and Andrea Allender to Patrick Ruble and Ashley Schaub, 5.054 acres, Warren Township.

Robert Cook to Jason Ely, lot 287, Buena Vista Heights.

Mario and Penny Panepucci Jr. to Board of Jefferson County Commissioners, 0.0165 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to James and Sharran Wayt, part lot 10, Dorian Heights.

Fannie Mae to Richard Deluca, lot 14, Grandview Estates.

Judith Rauch (deceased) to Robert Rauch, 1.605 acres, Smithfield Township.


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