Real Estate Transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Joshua Richardson to Emily and Richard Antill, metes, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Susan Buckham to Tiffany and Shawn Beckwith, lot 6, Banfield Improvement.

Scott Burge and others to Jeffrey Caniff Jr., lots 12-13, Crestview Manor.

Karen Berisford to Terry Wayand, 0.1697 acre, Smithfield Township.

Carolyn Barrett (deceased) to Dustin Byers, 0.564 acre, Cross Creek Township.

James Ingram and others to Eric Jack, metes, Warren Township.

Beth Boyd to Trevor Custer, 19.776 acres, Springfield Township.

Douglas and Carol Cornish to John and Joann Roth, lot 18, Karen Place.

Margaret Dunlap (deceased) to Linda Barach, lot 8, Findley’s; part lot 2, Hannah Ollum’s First.

Linda and Michael Barasch to T Bubble LLC, lot 8, Findley’s.

Victoria Porter to Joseph Porter, lot 7, Eastview.

Mary and George Bradley to William and Shannon Bowen III, 0.26 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Theodore Kopcha (deceased) to Mary Phillippi, lot 12, Vukelic No. 1.

William and Sarah Dematte (both deceased) to Patricia Vanbeneden, metes, Warren Township.

Toronto Homes LLC to Robert and Patricia Straka, lot C, Goucher & McFadden.

Wilma Crawford to Lois Crawford, 158.75 acres, Salem Township.

Jerry and Sue Lanham to George and Roberta Washel, part lots 1-2, Drennen.

Pauline Lowe to Charles Lowe, 0.5834 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

James Male Jr. (deceased) to Mary Male, lot 152, Beechwood No. 2.

Toronto Homes LLC to Robert and Patricia Straka, lots 2-3, Banfield Improvement.

Matthew Wilson and Bridgett O’Brien to Carlos and Louetta Ovalle, lot 318, Labelleview Land Co.

Cynthia and Presley Bartlett to Sean Humpe, lot 58, Parr’s Second.

Lloyd and Anna Wells to Rover Pipeline LLC, 1.012 acres, Knox Township.

Johnny and Patricia Treadway to Kathy Gibbons, lot 4, Original Mingo.

Carole Kirkendall to Mark Tiberio, lot 9, Tera Manor.

Mary Myers to Carol Myers, lot 14, Speaker’s Second; lots 3-4, Franlins First; and lots 12-14, Willrose Terrace.

George Eddy III (deceased) to Denise Eddy, metes, Wayne Township.

Fannie Mae to Frank Redmond, lot 57, Overlook Hills.

Paul and Angelia Miller to Robert and Lee Glasure, 10.611 acres, Salem Township.

Bayview Loan Service LLC to Gerald and Dana Stiltner, lot 24, Original Mingo.

Sheriff of Harrison County to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 0.212 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Keith and Bobbie Leasure to Brandon Harkins, metes, Smithfield Township.

Carol Bartok to Nancy Greaves, metes, Mount Pleasant Township.

Mary Kunzler (deceased) to John Kunzler, lot 163, Buena Vista Heights.

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, 0.91 acre, Knox Township.

Stephen Powell (deceased) to Dawn Powell, lot 75, Ross Park Realty.

Doris Diberardino (deceased) to Floyd Diberardino, lots 2 and 19, Eastview.

Sandra Coletti to Melana Kamins, 5.915 acres, Wayne Township.

Steven Dulesky (deceased) to Geraldine Dulesky, 1.478 acres, Warren Township.

Sherrie Rogers to Amy Carothers, 2.5 acres, Ross Township.