Real Estate Transfers

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

Marybeth Baxley to William Baxley Jr., metes, Salem Township.

RTM Property Solutions LLC to Evon Abron, part lot 5, Wells & Wells.

Samuel and Linda Beckett to Richard Brousseau, part lot 3, Hannah Allom First.

Harry and Marykatherine Bestland to Shawn Latynski, 1 acre, Brush Creek Township.

Hillyer Group LLC to Bill Peeler and Adam Peeler, 1.4031 acres, Steubenville Township.

Vincent Morelli Jr. (deceased) to Mildred Morelli, 0.344 acre, Island Creek Township.

Ruth Mularcik (deceased) to Tracey Westfall and others, 0.118 acre, Wells Township; metes, Steubenville Township; metes, Cross Creek Township; lots 23 and 25-28, Original New Alexandria; lot 11 and part lot 12, Rickey & Urguhart; lot 503, Labelleview; lots 8-10, Manley & Garrett’s Third; part lot 24, Pleasant Heights Poplar Springs; lot 11, Pleasant Heights; lots 11 and 16 and part lot 32, FA&JC Wells; lots 93 and 119, Ross Park; part lot 12 and lot 13, Ross Second; lots 6 and 8-9 and 24-26, Moore & Wickersham; lot 1, Manley & Garretts First; lot 10 and part lot 11, Eliott’s Second; and lot s38-40 and 43-47, Schawalda Heights.

Richard and Dayna Bonecutter to Petrella Enterprises LLC, part lot35 and lots 36-37, Becker Highlands.

Harold and Mary Lemasters to Roger and Alyssa Fisher, lots 39-40, Alban proposed (survivorship).

Edward and Esther Hudson to Austin Cable and Dawn Bailey-Cable, lot 9, Lake Austin Development No. 1 (survivorship).

Patrick Macedonia and others to Marci and Michael Verdon, part lots 4-5, Dike & Wilson’s.

Pard Plus LLC to 523 North Fourth Street LLC, part lots 4-5, Dike & Wilson’s.

Daniel and Mary Beth Paoloemilio to Christopher Hunnicutt, lot 35, Skyview.

Genpro LLC to Warren McGeiver, Unit 15, Mission Point Condo.

Charlene Francis to Heidi Vincenzo, part lot 107, Irondale.

Dianna Malkiewicz to Joseph and Rosemary Zelek, 0.257 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Vera Paulowski (deceased) to Ave Perrino and others, lots 197 and 199, Manhattan.

Fannie Mae to John Humpe IV, lot 11, Belvedere.

Daniel and Loretta Miller to Cale and Mary Kirk, 2.863 acres, Salem Township (survivorship).

Robert Yeater to Beth Kovach, 20.03 acres, Salem Township.

David and Caroline Savastone to James and Michelle Jenkins, 0.217 acre, Knox Township (survivorship).

Robert Hanlin (deceased) to Pamela Henry and others, metes, Island Creek Township.

Robert Hanlin (deceased) to Shane Hanlin, 2.311 acres, Island Creek Township.

Jacqueline Holmes (deceased) to Roy Holmes and others, 41.015 acres, Springfield Township.

Regis and Marianne Belback to Sean and Jessica Lally, 1.029 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Bryan Marcino and Chad Marcino, metes, Island Creek Township.

Henry McGraw (deceased) to Siltstone Resources LLC, 3.9984 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Timothy and Sharon McGraw to Siltstone Resources LLC, 3.9984 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Karma Evanosky and others to Robert Whitmore and Chelsea Thornton, lots 16-17, Cattrell Third.

Charles and Toni Blake to Richard and Signa Findlay Sr., lot 75, Glendwell (survivorship).

Branch Banking & Trust Co. to Scott Dressell and Vance Posey, lot 18, Holdship’s First (survivorship).

Vicki Owens to Shirley Landess, part lot 23, JJ Crawford’s.

Norma Alton to Gary Bodo, 3.329 acres, Knox Township.

Mark Elson (deceased) to M. Patricia Elson, lot 91, Westwood Estates.

Aubrey Trayvick Jr. to Sarah Trayvick, part lot 4, Pleasant Heights Improvement Co.

Shirley Lamantia to William Lamantia Jr., lot 13, Brentwood Estates.

Gilbert and Babara Thermes to Gil Thermes Fence Co. Inc., metes, Island Creek Township.

Gil Thermes Fence Co. Inc. to Veredian Development Group Inc., metes, Island Creek Township.

Jeffrey and Kimberly Criss to Frank and Christy Gibas III, lot 27, Country Club Hills.