Real Estate Transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Donna Karas (deceased) to Douglas Karas, lot 16, Fraziers Addition.

Margaret Swick (deceased) to Lida Mayhew, lot 2, William Myers First.

Carol Chappell and Jeff Whiteman to Chappell Estates LLC, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Bruce and Kate Chappell to Chappell Estates LLC, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Ronald and Mary Chappell to Chappell Estates LLC, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Gary and Marilyn Chappell to Chappell Estates LLC, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Paul and Gwendolyn Blackburn to Benjamin and Melody Larkins, 0.96 acre, Salem Township (survivorship).

James Moore (deceased) to Ruth Moore, lot 10, Original Empire.

Best Value Properties LLC to Georgia Kulin, part lot 47, Original Amsterdam.

Alan Ashcroft to Donald Schaub, 5.3008 acres, Knox Township.

B. Joann Osburn to Joshua and Marie Everhart, 0.631 acre, Wayne Township (survivorship).

Josephine Wszeborowski to Jeffrey Knuthsen, 1 acre, Island Creek Township.

Jackie Holmes (deceased) to Roy Holmes, metes, Springfield Township.

Robert Cavanaugh to Antonio Magnone, lot 165, Buena Vista Heights.

PHH Mortgage Corp. to Petrella Enterprises LLC, part lot 22, Waggoner & McEldowney’s.

Sandra and Edward Sambucco to Joseph Kubat, 0.5 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

James Hilderbrand (deceased) to Tasha Hilderbrand, 1 acre, Steubenville Township; and 2.092 acres, Island Creek Township.

Brian and Barbara Hatch to David and Ricardo Young, part los 27, 29, 38 and 40, Original Smithfield (survivorship).

Lucilla Crawford to Carl Horvat, part lot 10, Kithcart & Cole’s First.

LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Victoria Morgan, 5.001 acres, Salem Township.

V Mortgage REO 2 LLC to JD Home Mortgage LLC, lot 12, Green Valley Estates No. 1.

Robert Allen to Sandra Allen, lots 24-25, Jefferson Heights.

James and Betty Robbins to V. June McGinnis, lots 1-2, Crestview Manor.

Real Estate Transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Junior Payano to Good Home Rentals LLC, lot 68, Hillcrest; part lots 56 and 65, Simmons & Foster.

Joseph Ludwig (deceased) to Teresa Ludwig, 1 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Sharon Kostecki (deceased) to Melissa and Joshua Milas, lot 104, Banfield Improvement.

Tami Calhoun to Willis Calhoun, 18.4278 acres, Island Creek Township.

William and Yvonne Larkins to Ryan Larkins, 0.5 acre, Salem Township.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Douglas Ward, part lot 63, Clark’s First.

Genpro LLC to Nancy Boczkiewicz, Unit 22, Mission Point Condo.

Granatir Family Irrevocable Trust to Greg and Donna Beebe, 33.337 acres, Wayne Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to US Bank, 0.931 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Leonard and Kathleen Tharp Jr. to Jeffrey and Stella Brown, part lot 11, Simmons & Foster (survivorship).

Conrad and Ruth Watts to Harold Simmons, 0.64 acre, Steubenville Township.

Rocky Comisso (deceased) to Theresa Comisso and Kasey Comisso, lot 34 and part lot 35, Gray’s Second; lot 579, Labelleview; 0.285 acre, Island Creek Township; pat lot 6, Drapers; lot 69, Henry’s Second; and 0.071 acre, Steubenville Township.

Clara Kessler (deceased) to Cynthia and Conrad Dobson, lot 43, Westwood Estates.

Mikkel and Christine Perlosky to Anthony and Ruth Hooper, 5,000 square feet, Steubenville Township.

Sheila and James Mirabella to Roger and Hazel Swigert, part lots 9-10, Pleasant Heights (survivorship).

Real Estate Transfers

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

David Clarke to Eric Hartline, lot 19, McFerran Second.

Gaines Family Trust to Karen Gaines, 0.737 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Jack Phillips (deceased) to Doris Phillips, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Douglas and Carol Cornish to Nadine Hager, 0.407 acre, Salem Township.

Helen Vadjina to Burke Sullivan, lot 54, Dixon Heights Subdivision.

Elaine Phelps to Christopher Robinson, lot 3, Green Valley Estates No. 1.

First National Bank of Pennsylvania to Lawrence and Carol Laneve, lot 136, Sunset Gardens No. 2.

Harold Saver to Tina Lucas, lot 3, Grandview Estates No. 2.

Betty Chuma to Michael and Mona Mistovich, 0.6888 acre, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Ronald and Janet Johnson to J. Curtis and Julie Artman, lot 39, Tera Manor; and 0.0958 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

J. Curtis and Julie Artman to Franciscan Sisters Third Order Regular of Penance of the Sorrowful Mother, 4.7 acres, Island Creek Township.

Vladimir and Constance Repella to Jimmie and Cindi Bruce, 5.166 acres, Salem Township (survivorship).

Edith Lenigar (deceased) to Robert Lenigar Sr., 11.149 acres, Salem Township; and 1.54 acres, Springfield Township.

Joyce Snyder (deceased) to Lora Kruise, lot 62, Glen Robbins Lower Allotment.

Orlando Lollini to Michael and Tonya Shaffer, lot 99, Medilla (survivorship).

Mary and John Panjuscek to Greg Belon and Brittany Fetty, lot 46, Newtown (survivorship).

Judith Burns (deceased) to Rick Burns and Cheryl Wilson, lot 13, Spahn’s Third.

Rick Burns and others to Kenyon McAllister, lot 13, Spahn’s Third.

Hidden Valley Ranch LLC to Nancy Teeters, 5.04 acres, Springfield Township.

Bruner Land Co. Inc. to Hollow Rock Camp Meeting Association Inc., 0.2973 acre, Knox Township.

Tasha Hilderbrand to SDS of Ohio LLC, lots 1-2, Sunset Terrace.

Karen Steigerwald to Pete and Nona Steigerwald, part lot 14, Lincoln Terrace (survivorship).

Dustin and Amanda Coffman to Cynthia Torian, lot 325, Buena Vista.

Carol Yaich and others to Kellie Barker, 0.923 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Gary Bartrug (deceased) to Donna Bartrug, metes, Smithfield Township.

Stella Malisiak (deceased) to David Malisiak and others, lot 30, Heil’s First.

Joan Tindor to Richard and Ashley Daugherty, lot 7, Woodview (survivorship).

Auditor of Jefferson County to Neferitti Trust, part lots 45-46, Findley Gardens.

Charlene Isleman to Reed and Kristy Johnson, part lot 10, Ollum’s Second (survivorship).

Adele Properties LLC to Where The Wind Blows LLC, lot 116, Sunset Gardens No. 2.

Wells Fargo Bank to Robert Adams, lot 9, Adam Peeler’s Second.

Sharon Kinemond to James Kinemond Jr., 0.27 acre, Cross Creek Township; lot 35, Winterdale; lot 21, Brentwood Estates; and part lot 39 and lot 68, Green Acres.

James Kinemond Jr. to Sharon Kinemond, lots 22-23, Rolling Acres; and lot 10, Swickard’s Third.

Beverly Wilson to Dawn Driscoll, lot 62, Forest View.

Shirley Prosko (deceased) to Andrew Prosko Jr., part lots 9-10, Ekey’s.

David and Debra Kaplan to Kevin and Martha Duff, part lot 199, Labelleview Land (survivorship).

Marie and Timothy Barker to Lisa McCabe, part lot 30 and lot 31, Stewart Heirs Third.

Frank and Nadine McEwen Jr. to Toronto Properties LLC, part lot 112, Robert Clark’s Second.

Featheringham Enterprises LLC to Roger Lowe, lots 16-17, North Hill.

Dorothy Driscoll (deceased) to John Driscoll Jr., lot 34, Tera Manor.

Carletta Williams to Bernard Mettenberger III, part lot 5, Pleasant Heights Improvement Poplar Springs.

William Morris (deceased) to Charlotte Morris, metes, Steubenville Township.

GMAC Mortgage LLC to Housing & Urban Development, lot 95, Overlook Hills.

Real Estate Transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Lisa Bottegal (deceased) to Victor Bottegal, part lot 56, Dorian Heights; and 0.616 acre, Island Creek Township.

Robert Smith (deceased) to Loretta and Robert Smith, metes, Warren Township.

Loretta and Robert Smith to Loretta Smith and William Winland Jr., metes, Warren Township.

Jason and Tammy Jaworski to Tammy Jaworski, part lot 1, Hannah Ollum’s.

Chad and Melisa Deters to Chad Deters, lot 85, Upland Park.

James and Alice Spicer to James Spicer, 9.008 acres, Knox Township.

Chad and Melissa Deters to Melissa Deters, lot 86, Upland Park First Allotment.

James and Alice Spicer to James Spicer, 9.014 acres, Knox Township.

Elizabeth Richey (deceased) to Edward Richey, lot 83, John Spahn’s.

Edward Richey to Margaret Lohr and Jonathan Yates, lot 83, John Spahn’s.

Victoria Holman to David and Annaliesse Sanders, 0.4765 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Ronald Kleineke to Brittany and Charles Jacob, 1.217 acres, Steubenville Township.

Margaret Wilson (deceased) to David Smith and Peggy Ceci, lot 13, Brookview.

Glenn and Joanne Scott to Loretta Scott, lot 20, Meadowbrook Manor.

Laurie Koehler and others to Lacee and Robert Sobleski, metes, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

Joseph Hamilton to Amy and Jose Davis, lot 37, Lawson Estates (survivorship).

Housing & Urban Development to Jacqueline Windshiemer, lots 73 and 75, Original Mount Pleasant.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to J. Corbin DiMeglio, 0.5 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Toronto City Schools Board of Education to City of Toronto., 2.214 acres, Island Creek Township.

Mark and Krista Hanrahan to Scott and Rebecca Lewis Jr., lots 36-37, Country Club Estates.

Nick Falcioni to Linda Falcioni, metes, Warren Township.

Viola Yaremcho (deceased) to Mike Yaremcho, lots 7-10, Brooks Place proposed; and lot 247 and part lot 246, Upland Park Second Allotment.

Mike Yaremcho (deceased) to Michaelene Yaremcho and others, lots 7-10, Brooks Place proposed; and lot 247 and part lot 246, Upland Park Second Allotment.

Tony and Laura Yaremcho (deceased) to Michaelene Yaremcho, lots 7-10, Brooks Place proposed; and lot 247 and part lot 246, Upland Park Second Allotment.

Jerry and Linda Staskey to Michaelene Yaremcho, lots 7-10, Brooks Place proposed; and lot 247 and part lot 246, Upland Park Second Allotment.

Fannie Mae to Julia Modarelli, lot 1, Spring Gardens.

J. Bradley and Laura Seitler to John Hans, 30.21 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Shirley Barnett (deceased) to Patricia Barnett and Lynn Connor, lot 19, Speaker Estates.

Todd and Rebecca Miller to Erin Weaver, lot 61 and part lot 62, Original Bloomingdale.

Jeremy Miller to Melissa Miller, lot 31, Longvue.

David Baldwin (deceased) to David and Gretchen Baldwin, 4.91 acres, Knox Township.

James Scarpone to Brian Scarpone, lot 3, Avalon Estates.

Fannie Mae to Milo Sanders, lots 12-15, Altamont Second.

Robert and Debora Juresko to John Juresko, 0.77 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Richard and Vickie Moore to Donald and Michael Moore, 2.5197 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Barbara Burns (deceased) to Nancy Lapinski and others, 1.06 acre, Island Creek Township.

Martin Kaplan to Daniel and Nadia Kramer, part lot 54, Simmons & Foster (survivorship.)

Michael and Tina Witers to David and Leigh Sabo Sr., 0.4083 acre, Warren Township.

Carla and David Kendall to Henry McGraw (deceased), 3.9984 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Henry McGraw (deceased) to Carla Kendall, 1.7533 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Carla and David Kendall to Gary and Emily Devore JR., 1.7533 acres, Cross Creek Township (survivorship.)

Karen Motto and Tammy Morelli to James Morelli, 0.1767 acre, Warren Township.

Real Estate Transfers

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

Timothy and Rachelle Quigg to Lori Montgomery, 0.83 acre, Saline Township.

James Kuhn (deceased) to Sherry Kuhn and others, 0.8027 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Donna Swartz to Margaret O’Tool, 46.0582, Knox Township.

Beverly Haverfield to Donald and Sean Young, lots 30-31 and part lot 5, Riviera (survivorship).

Donald and Dianna Vandeborne to Robert and Jodi Shoemaker, lot 1, Morningside Woods (survivorship).

John and Kimberly Fornsaglio to Shayne Icuss, lot 156, Beverly Hills.

Bonnie Fiddler to Julius and Jodee Verhovec Jr., 3.0285 acres, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

Bruce Ervin (deceased) to Barbara Ervin, lot 3, Hilsinger’s First.

Brian and Michelle Timmons to Matthew Bailey, lot 70, Becker Highlands.

Kathleen Kotellos to Chad Ensell, lot 18, Frazier’s.

Devin Parsons to Paul and Dana Brown, 1.0528 acres, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

Harold Sponholtz and others to Matthew and Rachelle Smithbauer, 1.2971 acres, Warren Township (survivorship).

William and Marlene Bolon to James and Kelsey Voithofer, metes, Mount Pleasant Township (survivorship).

Sheila Vasich and others to Eila Vasich, lot 54, Ekey’s Third.

Herbert Steiner to Gary Rosenlieb, 1.16 acres, Island Creek Township.

Fannie Mae to Proberties LLC, lot 105, Labelleview.

Wells Fargo Bank to William Welsh, lot 41, Carnegie Court.

David and Abby Molesky to Brain and Michelle Timmons, lot 39, Country Club Hills (survivorship).

Amanda and James Cooper to JROD Properties LLC, lot 12, Carnegie Court.

Jane Howarth to June Howarth, lot 108, Westwood Estates.

Raymond Martinez (deceased) to Melaina and Joseph Grimm, lot 86, Lincoln Heights (survivorship).

Anthony and Amanda Sable to James and Matti Grove, lot 4, Original Mount Pleasant (survivorship).

Frank DiGeorge to Judith DiGeorge, 0.48 acre, Steubenville Township.

James and Deloris Quinn to William Renforth Sr., 0.1136 acre, Wells Township.

Michael and Laura Sronce to Eli and Melissa Trimmer, metes, Island Creek Township.

Center of Hope Friendship Room to C. William Industries Limited, lot 635, Labelleview.

James and Katherine Kocisko to Brian and Brook Goddard, 20 acre, Salem Township (survivorship).

Antonio Magnone to Lake Front Properties LLC, part lots 9-10, Linduff.

Citi Mortgage Inc. to Housing & Urban Development, part lot 10, Dorian Heights.

Fredric Zerla and others to Joseph Greaves, lot 9 and part lot 8, W&LE Coal Mining Co. Addition.

Joseph and Kathleen Corabi to Jeannette Barberia, part lot 14, Pleasant Heights.

Lindsay Varner Jr. to Diane Meeks, lots 3 and 17, Lewis Subdivision.

Fannie Mae to Jason Fetty, lots 10-11, Banfield.

Burdell Brandle to Rose Brandle, 1.05 acres, Island Creek Township.

Christopher and Amy Leoni to Gary and Leitha Vinka, lot 50, Highland City (survivorship).

Robert and Cynthia Sagrilla to William and Nancy Fish, metes, Knox Township.