L.T. Wright knife makes magazine cover

WINTERSVILLE – A local business is in the national spotlight for an “heroic” effort.

L.T. Wright Handcrafted Knives in Wintersville will have its specially designed H.E.R.O. knife featured on the December cover of Blade Magazine’s special annual military issue.

Blade Magazine is a national publication devoted to reviewing and showcasing knives and knifemakers.

H.E.R.O. is an acronym for Helping Everyone Reach the Outdoors, according to L.T. Wright, owner of the Warren Lane small business that makes a variety of knives used for outdoor activities or collecting.

Wright designed the knife that enables users with a limited grip, caused by an injury or loss of digits, for example, to still use it safely and effectively.

“The bungee cord can be looped around the hook and used to create tension across the fingers,” Wright explained. “This makes the grip on the knife much more secure. Many of our U.S. military veterans and first

responders experience issues with grip or have lost digits. This knife will enable them to have a good grip on this knife to be used while hunting, hiking, camping or other outdoor pursuits,” he said.

Wright credits the knife’s development as being a team effort at his business that has 11 employees.

Wright started making knives as a hobby, honing his skill and ultimately beginning to sell knives at knife shows. The hobby blossomed into a full-time business with a brisk website-based business.

The business makes knives for use in hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, everyday carry and bushcraft. The company also makes kydex sheaths and systems to hold the knives as well as fire steels to use for starting a fire.

The employees also process orders, provide customer service, ship products and run the website and social media pages.

Wright explained how the business came to develop the special knife.

“We were asked by an organization to design a knife that would help individuals who were injured get back into hunting and other outdoor sports,” Wright explained. “These individuals had trouble with grip because of injuries. We designed it with the strap that can be tightened to allow them to grip the knife safely, so now someone with limited grip or who has lost a finger can hold onto the knife better,” he said.

“We enjoy giving back to the community and finding ways to help our returning soldiers get back into the activities they enjoy. We were honored to be given the opportunity to help injured servicemen and women who have given so much to help us stay free,” he said, noting employee Mike Henninger came up with the knife’s name.

Jessica Elias, the business’ creative director, said the company was notified about the knife being featured in an article, but not on the cover, too.

“That was a wonderful surprise. We found out about a week ago when a friend sent us a photo of the cover,” Elias said.

And that, Wright added, is something extra special.

“To be on the cover of the world’s No. 1 knife publication is a complete honor,” Wright said. “As a young knifemaker starting out, you have dreams of being on the cover of Blade. It is amazing that it has happened, and we are so thankful. We are a small company here in Ohio with 11 employees. Getting this amount of attention will be huge for us. We are really looking forward to seeing what this can do for us moving forward,” he said.

“I am so proud of our LTWK team here. Thanks to the whole team for making this happen,” Wright said.

For information visit www.blademag.com and www.ltwrightknives.com.