Police reports

Steubenville Police

Bizarre: A man climbed in the backseat of a vehicle at the Steubenville marina and refused to leave, Monday. Police said he was soaking wet and appeared frightened, and when they told him to get out of the car he did. They said he was only wearing underwear, his chest was red and he had scrapes all over his body. He said “a couple white males threw him into the river near Pottery Addition.” He told police he hung onto a log and floated down to the marina. Steubenville firefighters transported the man to Trinity West for further evaluation.

Called in: A woman called a local business and told them she was going to rob it, Sunday. The store clerk told police she said she was in the parking lot and even told him what color car she was driving, but after a thorough search police said there was no such vehicle to be found.

Ripped off: A McKee Street resident said a little more than $900 in merchandise had been stolen from her home, Sunday. She said an Oculus virtual reality headset, Beats headphones, a set of Apple Airpods, two pairs of Crocs shoes and a pair of Hey Dude shoes are missing, along with a key to her back door. She said the items went missing July 26, when she left her house unlocked by mistake. She has since changed the locks.

Easy fix: A Water Street resident said a female keeps calling him and texting him and he wants her to stop, Monday. Police told him to block her number.

Police were asked to remove a man from a Rosswell Avenue residence. Once on site they were told he’d run towards the back door, but because it was blocked by a shelf he fled through the basement door. Officers saw him closing the door and told him to show himself, to which he complied though he was hesitant and told them he didn’t want to go back to prison. The women said there was no altercation but they thought he’d taken something and they didn’t want him acting that way in front of their kids. He was allowed to wait on the porch until a family member arrived to take him away. A half hour later, however, callers reported a man in the middle of Rosswell causing a disturbance and determined it was the same man.


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