Police reports

Jefferson County Sheriff

Lay off it: An anonymous caller Sunday told deputies a distraught woman showed up at his home telling him her daughter ran away, her boyfriend threw her and her belongings out of his house so she’d slashed tires on two of his vehicles and left, and still had the knife in her hand when she talked to the caller and walked away from his home. Deputies couldn’t locate the woman but they spoke to her boyfriend, who said she’d been drinking and she “goes nuts” when she drinks anything. He said she’d gotten into an argument with her teenage daughter and took it out on him and left home on foot. He said her daughter took refuge with a family member, and his girlfriend was eventually located with her father.

Tempers flare: A caller reported three or four people at the basketball courts in Yorkville “screaming and yelling” at each other and said they appeared to be about to fight, Saturday. While deputies were en route he called back to tell them the group had separated but one man appeared to be highly intoxicated and said he was concerned for that man’s well-being. Deputies couldn’t locate him.

Burning rubber: A caller reported someone burning tires in the 3500 block of Wilson Avenue in Mingo Junction, but deputies said it turned out to be someone burning the insulation and rubber coating off copper wire. The homeowner said he and his girlfriend were moving in and clearing out items in the garage, and he told deputies he could make more money at the recycling center if the coating was removed when he took it in. He was told to put the fire out and warned not to do it again.

Gestures: A Wintersville resident said he was walking with his daughter when another man made a threatening gesture, lifting his hand toward his neck and running his finger across his throat, Sunday.

From bad to worse: A Toronto area man was bit by one of his dogs, and afterward the property owner and a neighbor both claimed they were assaulted, Saturday. The property owner said she was notified the two dogs had started to fight and the man tried to break it up and in the process was badly bitten, so she came to the property to check on him. She said people she did not know came over and started an altercation, “yelling about how they need to control their dogs because she has kids next door,” and claimed the woman hit her in the head and pulled her hair. She didn’t have any visible injuries, deputies said. The neighbor claimed it was the property owner who was the aggressor, and said she “simply asked if her children were safe with those dogs around.” She said the property owner attacked her, “so she grabbed her arms to stop her” until her boyfriend broke it up.

Toronto police

Charged: Shyheim M. Kirby-Faulkner, 28, and Krista M. Banks, 19, both of 533 N. Fifth St., both with domestic violence; Nathan Kersey, 19, 914 Euclid Ave., contributing to the delinquency of a minor; Nikol A. Sutton, 24, 700 ½ Ridge Ave., reckless operation and failure to control; Kevin A. Wells, 45, 1001 township Road 428, expired plates, driving while suspended, unsafe vehicle and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia; Kyle S. Stock, 18, 171 Royal Road, failure to obey traffic control device; Zoe E. Clapham, 19, 720 Euclid Ave., failure to assure clear distance; Kiernan Montrey, 36, 15860 state Route 152, driving while suspended; and Asia M. Powell, 28, 4100 Labelle Ave., Weirton, criminal mischief.


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