Police reports

Weirton police

Trenton Majewski, no age listed, 707 Market St., Steubenville, obstructing an officer, two counts possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, June 28, arrested following an incident on Freedom Way.

Robert Austin, 40, 109 Summit Circle, Weirton, domestic battery, June 30, arrested following a call of domestic battery.

Gene Allen Summers, 49, 3142 Orchard St., Weirton, warrant, destruction of property, June 30, arrested on a warrant following a call of destruction of property.

Christopher Butcher, 35, 44114 Y and O Road, Wellsville, fugitive from justice, Saturday, individual picked up on a warrant.

Dakota Starr, 22, no address listed, Mount Pleasant, fugitive from justice, Sunday, individual picked up on a warrant.

Troy Mieczkowski, 42, 215 Ritchie Ave., Weirton, city warrant, Tuesday, arrested on an outstanding warrant following a disturbance call.

Toronto police

Arrested: Mariah A. Smith, 20, Berea, Ohio, underage consumption, public intoxication, disorderly conduct and trespassing, Saturday.

Arrested: Tamara D. McDonald, 19, Apartment E, 40 Christopher Ave., Wintersville, disorderly conduct, Saturday.

Jefferson County sheriff

Paying the price: A Wintersville woman threw a fit when her lender sent a tow truck to repossess her 2013 Ford pickup, climbing in the driver’s seat and attempting to drive it away, Wednesday. The tow truck operator said the owner wasn’t home and he had cleaned the truck out for her, but as he was strapping it down, she appeared, getting in the truck and attempting to drive away. He said she was “screaming and threatening him and was about to cause damage to both trucks.” Deputies said the woman was “loud, argumentative and refusing to listen” when they arrived on scene, claiming it was illegal to take her truck at 3:30 a.m. though they pointed out it was actually before 1 a.m. She was told she needed to take her concerns up with the bank, not the tow truck driver, but she refused to turn over the keys even after the deputy verified the tow truck driver had the correct vehicle. She finally removed the fictitious plates she had on the vehicle.

Long way home: A Wheeling man decided to walk home after getting into an argument with his wife at Friendship Park, early Tuesday. He tied to flag a woman down in Smithfield for a ride, but she declined, though she did contact the sheriff’s department to voice concern for his safety. His wife also called deputies, saying she’d tried to get him to go home with her but he refused so she went home without him. Deputies took him to the Rayland Park’n Ride, where a taxi picked him up and took him home.

Bad situation: Warring neighbors in Dillonvale continue to battle over mailboxes, Saturday. A woman claimed one neighbor had cut grass across from her house that the township should be cutting just to harass her, and that another was throwing her old mailbox on her property and filling in the hole for her new mail post, also to harass her. The man who cut the grass told deputies the property he mowed belongs to his mother, and while he was mowing it he neither looked at or talked to the woman who was complaining she was being harassed. The other man, who last week said he would give the woman a few days to get her mailbox off his mailpost, said when he was taking it down he noticed it had mail in it and told her to come get it so he would not be accused of stealing her mail. He said she took the mailbox and threw it on his property so he threw it back on her property so he wouldn’t be accused of stepping on her land. He said when she threw it back on his property, he tossed it back again. He told deputies he doesn’t want the woman’s property or trash in his yard.

Blatant: Someone jacked up a disabled car that had been left on the berm on state Route 164 in Springfield township and cut the catalytic converter and wiring harness out, Monday. The owner parked it Friday until she could get a new alternator for it. A friend checked on it Sunday and the vehicle was fine.

Senseless: Vandals broke beer bottles and overturned picnic tables at Aladdin Land, the Bloomingdale Shrine Club, reported June 29.

Troubled: A Richmond man told deputies neighbors were setting off firecrackers with the intent to strike his storage buildings, Monday. Earlier in the day he said they were “on ATVs drunk, flying up and down” a township road.

Steubenville police

No good deed: A city resident told police he was assaulted Tuesday by a couple in the 200 block of South Eighth Street when he asked the man to return a phone he’d let him borrow the night before. He said the man slapped him across the face and the woman hit him multiple times in the face, then took him to the ground where she continued to hit and kick him, eventually grabbing a tree branch and continuing the assault. Police said the man’s lips were bloody and his lower lip was swollen, and blood was dripping from his nose. The man didn’t get his phone back.

Tool Time: A selection of Milwaukee tools were confiscated from a vehicle reported to have been involved in several unsolved retail thefts, Tuesday. The owner of the truck said she lends the vehicle to her son, and both she and the man driving it denied knowledge of the thefts or ownership of the tools, some of which still had store security tags on them. All were confiscated pending confirmation from Rural King that the items were stolen from their inventory.

Targeted: An Arlington Avenue resident said someone kicked in her back door while she was away and ransacked her home, Tuesday. She said several brand new clothing items valued at $455 were stolen. Chairs were knocked over and food strewn throughout the residence, police said. The woman said it’s the second time her home has been hit while she’s been away.

Violence alleged: Brian A. Swigert, 39, 1309 Plum St., Apt. 2, Steubenville, domestic violence, Tuesday. Swigert allegedly pushed a family member to the floor, put his weight on top of her with his forearm against her throat and choked her, leaving visible red marks “on and around her neck.” She said she pinched his arm to get him to loosen his grip, and when he let go she fled the apartment. Swigert locked himself in the residence and refused to come out when police attempted to make contact, but another family member arrived and unlocked the door and he was taken into custody without incident.

Yorkville police

Booked: John Michael Leone, 52, 216 Grant St., Mingo Junction, failure to appear, Wednesday.


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