Police reports

Steubenville police

Meth stolen: A resident at JFK Apartments told police his neighbor was robbed of “meth and cash,” Tuesday. The caller said three suspected thieves — a white male, a black male and a white female — fled south on Sixth Street. Police identified one of the subjects from security footage.

Bad decision: Courtney E. Pipo, 20, 815 N. Sixth St., Apt. 917, Steubenville, was booked into the Jefferson County jail on charges of OVI, falsification and tampering with evidence. Police allege Pipo was driving recklessly, and said when they pulled her over her eyes were bloodshot and glassy. Two cans of Seagram’s spiked alcoholic beverages were found in the center console, but she claimed they were a passenger’s. Pipo, who police said initially identified herself as her sister, denied having anything to drink, but when she was unable to complete the roadside tests for impairment she told them she’d smoked marijuana. When a trooper with the Ohio State Highway Patrol came to the police station and administered a urine test, Pipo said dropped the sample into the toilet, resulting in the tampering charge. Pipo also was cited for a stop sign violation and DUS.

Faceoff: Police found two vehicles at a standstill in the 400 block of Union Avenue and both drivers and a passenger in the street, “arguing and yelling,” Monday. One of the drivers said she was trying to get through the street and the other vehicle was parked in the roadway, blocking her from getting through. She said she tried to ask the other driver to move “when the woman began to cuss her out.” The other driver said she’d turned onto Union and saw the other car coming towards her but didn’t have enough room to pull over and motioned the other car to back up so she could pull to the side but a passenger in the woman’s car got out and allegedly “began yelling racial slurs and cursing her out.” The officer had to warn both parties to stop cursing and arguing numerous times before he ordered them all back into their cars and supervised the removal effort.

Time to go: Police were called when a woman refused to get out of a man’s car in the 600 block of North Fourth Street, Monday. The woman told police she and the man had argued so she told him to drop her off there, but then changed her mind and didn’t want to get out. Police told her it was time to get out of the man’s car, so she gathered her belongings and went in her building.

Wrong place: A man causing a disturbance in the parking lot at Rural King in the Tri-State Plaza told officers he was protesting a problem he had with Columbiana County sheriff’s department, Monday. Police didn’t say why he was protesting in Jefferson County. He was told to take his protest to public property.

Mishap: Linda K. Burkey, no age listed, Toronto, failure to control. Burkey told police another driver was following her too closely on University Boulevard so she steered toward the middle of the roadway and accidentally drove over the median and a street sign, ruining two tires and lightly damaging the front drivers side fender.


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