Police reports

Steubenville police

Tracked: Nyzaire King, 22, 808 Franklin Ave., Steubenville, was charged with weapons under disability, tampering with evidence and improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle, Sunday. Police said they spotted King’s car at Ross and Seventh streets with an expired plate, and when they tried to pull him over two passengers got out and started running north along the railroad tracks. A rifle was found on the ground next to his vehicle so King, who was driving, was taken into custody. Police said a small group of people surrounded the cruiser and a juvenile also ended up in custody when he continued to scream profanities at officers even after being warned to stop. King also was cited for expired license plates and no operator’s license.

Alarming: Police were alerted to the potential for violence in the 600 block of South Street Street “due to rival gang tensions,” Sunday. Police patrolled and said they maintained a presence in that area until all subjects left.

Didn’t listen: Roy Norris, 42, 326 Lawson Ave., Steubenville, fireworks violation. Police had received numerous complaints of fireworks being set off in the Lawson Avenue vicinity, and as they patrolled spotted a group setting them off in the 300 block. Police warned the homeowner that, once the violation is spotted, they are “at a minimum” expected to address the issue. Officers allege Norris told them several times that once they left he would “light off the remainder…before cleaning up,” so they issued him a citation and confiscated the fireworks in plain view, which involved two loose mortars.

Partied hard: A man found sleeping on the step behind Fort Steuben Apartments told police he was “highly intoxicated,” Monday. They gave him a ride home.

Didn’t ask: A Ridge Avenue resident told police Monday a woman took his car two days ago without his permission, and when he finally located her she told him it was in Youngstown. He said he’d let the woman use his bathroom and didn’t know her name.

What’s the point: An Oakgrove Avenue woman said friends of her ex-boyfriend have been sending her harassing text messages, accusing her of stealing his ear buds, Sunday.

Cited: Samuel A. Pelegreen, 61, 512 Frederick St., Follansbee, expired registration;

Lost and found: A Welday Avenue resident told police someone entered his garage Saturday and stole his Ryobi weed eater. Later, an individual notified him that it was at a property in the 100 block of Cunningham Lane. The homeowner wouldn’t tell police how it got there.

Robbed: A Main Street resident said his safe was stolen, Monday. He said it had about $1,000 in cash plus some photo albums, and believes a person who was in his home when he last opened it took it.

Some friend: A Clinton Street woman told police a friend whose last name she doesn’t know stolen $40 from her and won’t give it back Monday. She said the woman got the money from her Cash App account but she’s not sure how.

Nothing found: A caller reported hearing six shots fired in the south end of town, but after checking the area Saturday police said they couldn’t find evidence to support it.

Lost: A Toronto woman said she lost her wallet Saturday, possibly at Shoe Sensation. In addition to her debit, credit card and Social Security cards for herself, her husband and child, she said it had between $200 and $300 in cash.

Stolen: A Ridge Avenue resident said someone stole her SSI benefit card and spent about $120 at Maryland Market without her knowledge, Saturday. She said there was only one other person in her house at the time of the theft.

Charged: Devin T. Barnes, 33, 544 Woodland Ave., Steubenville, bench warrant, Friday; Anna Clark, 34, 646 Prospect Ave., Steubenville, failure to appear and possession of drug paraphernalia, Friday; Nyzairi Thompson-King, 22, 808 Franklin Ave., Steubenville, weapons under disability, Sunday.

Code issues: Notices of violation were sent to the owners/occupants of properties at 610 Pine St., 616 Pine St., 624 Pine St., 1396 Euclid Ave., 1117 Park St., 1111 Park St., 1110 Park St., 1306 Belleview Blvd., 313 Belleview Blvd., 311 Belleview Blvd., 745 Brady Ave., all for high grass/weeds.

Cited: Collin J. Morgan, 24, 506 S. Fifth St., Steubenville, improper backing;

Booked: Ian Kolman, 27, 1326 Oakgrove Avenue, Steubenville, failure to appear, possession of drug abuse instruments, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of drugs and falsification, Sunday.

Jefferson County sheriff

Fraud victim: A Springfield Township resident said someone fraudulently made a $100 purchase at Sam’s Club and tried to put through a $4,000 charge at a university store after she applied for student loan forgiveness online, July 1. She said she had second thoughts about the website after she gave all her personal information and called customer service to cancel, and the company refunded the $898 they were going to charge her, but after that she noticed the fradulent activity on her card. Deputies advised her to cancel the card and keep a close watch on her other accounts as well as her credit report since she gave them her personal information making it easy for someone to open an account in her name.

Helpful neighbor: A Valley Drive resident reported a nuisance fire and claimed it was from an outdoor meth lab, Sunday. Deputies investigated and located the resident who had a small fire in his back yard. The man showed them his garage to verify he didn’t have a meth lab on his property.

No supervision: Two toddlers were seen running down the middle of state Route 150 in Mount Pleasant Township, Sunday. The caller said the kids, aged 2 and 3, had caused traffic to stop.

Mistaken: Garage owners on Gambill Road said a man drove up in his white pickup and began screaming obscenities at them, Friday. He claimed he owned the property and told them to leave, continuing to scream obscenities. He continued to be disruptive until one of the actual property owners reached for his gun and phone to call 911. They said the man was white, bald and appearing to be in his 50s, wearing a white T-shirt.

Can’t get along: Deputies were called twice to a Rayland location because a couple was fighting, Saturday. The two were celebrating the husband’s birthday and had been drinking, but the wife was crying because he was talking on Facebook to a woman in England. She said she didn’t want to let him leave for fear he wouldn’t come back, so he climbed out a window. Neighbors confronted him when they saw him climbing out the window, fearing he’d hurt his wife and was trying to flee before police arrived. She said she has trust issues and began the fight. Later, deputies had to return because the couple kept drinking and fighting. The biological father of the wife’s child arrived to take custody of her, but ended up being arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Booked: Jeremy Mihalick, 41, Rochester, Pa., failure to appear, Saturday; Ryan Gordon, 29, 200 Willshire Blvd., Steubenville, four warrants for failure to appear, Saturday; Raymond Burnett III, 50, Gladys Avenue, Mingo Junction, failure to appear, Sunday; Kimberly Dirkes, 34, 711 Market St., Apt. E, Steubenville, failure to appear and OVI, Sunday.

Bergholz police

Booked: Kody Vinka, 30, 888 Washington St., Bergholz, parole violation, Friday; Christine Bendnelll, 34, 621 6th St., Bergholz, probation violation, Saturday; Sara Stinespring, 33, 88 Township Road 282, Steubenville, warrant for failure to appear, Saturday.

Ohio State Highway Patrol

Booked: Ricardo Smith, Cleveland, receiving stolen property and weapons under disability, Sunday.


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