Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Bruised: A Jefferson County father allegedly hit his child with a paddle because the child moved away from the ball in the batter’s box during a game and also punched the child in the arm with a closed fist, leaving a bruise, sheriff’s deputies were told. The mother said her husband does not hit the child but then disclosed he had smacked the child on the backside the day before for not watching the sibling and said if he had hit the child with a closed fist she was not aware of it. She said he has laid hands on her in the past and she even filed for a protection order, adding she is “scared of (him) but he has been doing well.” The father denied hitting the child, calling the child “a liar” and said his wife “made that stuff up.”

Booked: Zachary David Elwarner, 35, Carnegie, Pa., improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle, Monday. Elwarnar also was cited for speeding and a seat belt violation at the on-ramp from the Market Street, Brilliant, to state Route 7 northbound, deputies said. Elwarner said he’d forgotten his Allegheny County conceal carry permit, but when they checked with authorities in Pennsylvania, they were told there was no record of one being issued to him, deputies said.

Booked: Charles Lefever, 52, 522 Fifth St., Hopedale, contempt, Monday; James Jones, 44, 206 Main St., Amsterdam, probation violation, Monday; Jaimie Reese 42, also of 206 Main St., Amsterdam, probation violation, Monday.

Steubenville Police

Over the top: A Rent-A-Center employee retrieving a television that a customer in the 800 block of Grandview failed to make payments on said the customer “verbally accosted him and made specific threats to beat him up and even shoot him,” Monday. The customer denied threatening him, but said he was upset with how he was spoken to. He had, however, pawned the TV, which didn’t belong to him. The employee told police he wants to pursue charges against the man. The TV was retrieved from the pawn shop.

In custody: Shane E. Young, 42, 1423 Ridge Ave., Steubenville, charged with petty theft, criminal trespass and probation violation, Monday. Kroger employees reported two fleeing shoplifters had dropped a hand-basket loaded with ground beef when they saw a police cruiser pull into the lot. Police said said surveillance footage “clearly showed (the two men) exit the store with a hand-basket of items without paying.” Young was caught in the parking lot, police said. The other man escaped but has been identified, police said.

Booked: Thomas A. Keith, 29, 762 Brady Ave., Steubenville, domestic violence, Monday.

Cited: Richard P. Trzaskoma, 68, Logan Street, Toronto, failure to yield left turn.

Code issues: Notices of violation were sent to the owner of a vacant property at 347 S. Seventh St., two piles of litter on the side of residence; and to the occupants of properties at 2420 Sunset Blvd., 2811 Sunset Blvd., 916 N. Eighth St., 915 N. Eighth St., 550 Dresden Ave., 100 Sewickley Ave., 2717 Cleveland Ave., 2720 Cleveland Ave., 2722 Cleveland Ave., 2726 Cleveland Ave., 2810 Cleveland Ave., 2814 Cleveland Ave. and 201 Wilshire Blvd., all for high grass/weeds.


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